I had the chills, they were going down my neck, making the hairs on my neck stand to attention. There's Ruby, next to him, the one who she loved. I glared silently, until a tap on my arm brought my attention to the person next to me, waiting patiently.

It was Dennis. He had black hair that fell into his blue eyes, so he had to keep flicking out. Dennis wore a pair of jeans, his chest was bare, showing the barest hint of a six-pack. Lucky bastard.

"Ruby still with him?" Dennis asked.

"Yeah," I growled, "She hasn't even looked over here." At this I glanced over, Ruby was flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder while looking up adoringly at him. I glared again.

"Dude, you've got to tell her how you feel." He said.

"No! She doesn't feel the same." I insisted loudly.

Dennis shook his head and sighed, "Fine, have it your way then."

Dennis stared at Lucas, who was still glaring at the guy. He flicked his hair out of his eyes, thinking if Lucas told Ruby how he felt, then he would get rejected and Dennis would comfort him - in a completely platonic friendship kind of way of course.

Dennis observed Lucas' stance, which showed how he felt even if it was on his face. Lucas was pissed, pissed that the football captain got Ruby rather than him, the loyal best friend.

Dennis thought Lucas was hot, with his hair almost reaching his shoulders and his ragged t-shirt, jeans and trainers. His shirt was tight, boasting a fit body and his jeans were just a little tight. Dennis felt himself getting hot and bothered.

He breathed slowly, in out, in out. He concentrated on breathing, rather than Lucas.

Dennis wanted to tell his mate how he felt, but Lucas was obviously straight, straight, straight.

Marley watched the girl in front of him explained how to... put make-up on, he thought it was. But Marley has stopped listening a long time ago. He cautiously stared over her shoulder, nodding to make it look like he was listening, at the emo boy that had appeared from the shop opposite him.

Emo boy was wearing thick eyeliner and black lipstick. He also had a Black Veil Brides hat on his head, completing the emo look. Marley couldn't concentrate on the girl in front of him - she could be talking about how to change a tire on a bike, for all he knew. But he thought he could stare at the emo all day and never get bored.

Marley tugged on his football jumper, hoping that emo boy looked over his way.

Someone was staring at me, I thought distractedly, walking over to my friend - Hannah. She hugged me.

"Hannah, can't breathe." I wheezed, she was squeezing me tight. She let go.

"Thanks," I said, adjusting my hat, "Shall we go?" She nodded, so I grabbed her hand and dragged her past a couple next to Waterstone's. They looked all lovey-dovey. Yuck.

"Where do you want to go?" Hannah asked me.

"What about McDonalds?" I proposed, to which she squealed. Hannah pulled me towards the fast-food joint. I laughed.

Hannah saw Ruby as they walked past and had a total internal meltdown. She looked so hot with her red high heels, mini-skirt and a strappy top on. Hannah thought Ruby was the one for her. She'd had a crush on Ruby since Year 8, when she had come to the conclusion that she was a lesbian.

Hannah almost walked up to her then and confessed her love for the blonde girl. But then why else would Ruby be with Marley unless she was straight?

Ruby was straight, she reminded herself as she ordered her meal from McDonalds.

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