"You know, you're really lucky." I said, passing Logan the joint.

He inhaled some pot before answering, "Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, I'm a basketball star, I have a girlfriend and my Dad supports my basketball. That's good, right?"

"Yeah, but are you happy?" I took the joint back.

"Well... I guess so. I mean, yes my Dad's always pushing me to get a basketball scholarship, and, yes, my girlfriend is a bitch to everyone but me."

We were sitting on the roof of school. The sun was shining. It was a nice day. I was up here skipping 5th period - History. And because I had a joint on me, I wanted to get a little high.

Logan was up here because... I didn't know.

"Why are you up here?" I asked.

"Well..." He exhaled, blowing smoke up towards the sky, "I'm avoiding my class."

"So you, basketball star of the school, are skipping class?" I checked.


I chuckled, "Yep, definitely lucky."

Below us, the world kept going by. Binmen emptied bins; teachers scolded naughty teenagers and teenagers yelled back at the teachers. We observed it all from the roof.

The bell rang. Logan and I looked at each other.

"Well, bye." Logan said. He got up and went down the metal stairs.


Who was that guy on the roof? I wondered, waiting for my girlfriend - Lynnette - by my locker.

He had black hair and... That's all I remember. I didn't know getting stoned wiped your memory.

I spotted Lynette matching down the hall. She wore her cheerleader outfit, the skirt was short, exposing her tanned thighs. Every boy was staring at her as she walked by.

Lynette stopped in front of me and looked up at me with her blue eyes. She was almost two feet shorter than me; I was seven foot five.

"Hey." She said before standing on her tiptoes and kissing me on the cheek.

"Hi Lynette." I smiled.

"How are you?" She asked.

"Fine, I went to basketball practice this morning. You?"

"Ok. You know the nerds think that we're in school to learn? Can you believe that?" She laughed.

I managed a weak chuckle as we walked to class.


I swept my unruly black hair out of my face. I scowled at the sight next to me.

Lynette, the cheerleader girlfriend of Logan, was sitting next to me, chatting and texting through the class. She laughed.

I growled, she was so annoying. She never shuts up. She's always talking. Lynette the cheerleader, everyone loves her. Not me, I hate her.


I'm on the school roof again. Second time in two days.

I leaned against the railing, wondering should I accept my basketball scholarship to the university. If I accepted I'd make my Dad happy; if I declined I'd crush him. But I don't want to play basketball for a living, I want to do something else. I'm not sure what yet, but I really don't want to play basketball.

I sat down on the roof and looked around. The roof was flat. In one corner, there was several plants that the science department used. In the middle of the roof there was the metal steps that led down to the top of the school building.

"Hello." A voice broke into my thoughts.

I sat up and looked at the boy who'd come up here.

"Hello..." I said, his black hair looked familiar for some reason.

"Logan, have you done anything about your girlfriend?"

"How do you know that?" I asked, watching him roll up a joint.

"Well, you told me yesterday. On the roof." He said.

"I did?" I looked at him, now smoking the joint.

"You want some?" He said, offering the joint to me. I took it off him and inhaled slowly.

"You know, you were much keener yesterday." He stated, taking the joint off me.

"I was? Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Martin." The boy said.


I looked at Logan, as in really looked at him. He has short blonde hair that fell over his clear blue eyes. He was the guy who most guys wanted to be and the girls wanted to be with.

"Martin, why did you give me a joint?" Logan asked.

"Because you didn't refuse it." I said.

He looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, "I guess so."

"How's your basketball going? I know you've got a big game coming up."

"Yeah, it's going ok. My Dad wants me to do a basketball scholarship to a uni, but I don't really want to." Logan said, inhaling the smoke and breathing out.

"Do what you want to, don't let anyone else dictate your life." I said, wisely.

"Yeah, you're right." He said, his voice suddenly loud in my ear.

I turned my head and found Logan so close our breaths were mingling. He pressed his lips against mine for a brief moment. And then he was gone.

I heard his footsteps fade down the stairs. I breathed out, exhaling. I finished the joint before going.


Ok, it was the night before my big game. There were going to be scouts at this game. It was the biggest game of my life. So I freaked out.

"Dad. I'm going for a walk." I yelled into the sitting room, swiping a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet in the hall.

"Ok. Be back by eleven. You've got a big game tomorrow." Was his answering shout.

I walked out of my house and turned right, up the road and out into the countryside. It was only half past seven, it wasn't even dark yet. I went down a path that led to a deserted field and in that field there was an empty thatch cottage.

So I was surprised when I found Martin there, in the attic smoking a joint. I hadn't talked to him since the whole kissing thing a week ago.

"Is that all you do?" I asked, sitting down next to him on the straw-covered floor.

"Of course not. I have a job, in the Asda down the road from school, to pay for this." Martin said, passing the joint to me.

"Makes sense." I said, inhaling and then passing the joint back to him.

I uncapped the whiskey and took a slug. That's nice, I thought as it burnt its way down my throat.

"You want some?" I asked Martin.

"Hell yes!" He took it off me and swallowed some, "Ahhh. That's good stuff."

Taking both the joint and the bottle, I answered, "It was my Dad's, I took it to calm myself down."

"Calm yourself down? Oh wait, that big game is tomorrow, isn't it?" Martin said, taking the bottle and drinking some.

"Yeah. I'm terrified. There's gonna be scouts there." I said, smoking the joint.

"Wow. That's big."


I didn't expect Logan to come this morning, during my shift at Asda, but there he was.

"Why are you here?" I asked him, stacking shelves.

He shrugged. He was wearing jeans and a hoodie. His hair was hanging in his eyes, wet because of the rain outside.

"My Dad was stressing me out, talking about the scouts at the basketball game this afternoon. So I thought I'd come here." He said, leaning against the shelves.

"You're in my way," I said, holding a box of shampoo, "Good enough reason. But why here, of all places?"

I continued refilling the shelves, with a developed skill. I'd been doing this job since before I got hooked on pot. Now it's just a way to fuel my pot habit.

"Because I remembered you saying it last night in the shack."

"You remembered?" I was shocked.

He nodded.


I was outside under a shelter, with Martin, smoking a joint.

"You know, when we meet up all we do is talk and smoke joints?" I said, passing the joint to Martin.

"Yeah. But it's a good way to express your feelings, right?" He said, smoking the joint.

"Yeah, I think it is." I agreed.

I leaned against the wall, watching the rain pour down. Next to me, Martin slid down the wall and sat on the pavement. I sat next to him, getting the joint from him. I inhaled it and blew the smoke into the air.

"Really, you shouldn't be getting high the morning before your big basketball game." Martin said.

"Mmm... I guess."


I watched the game from the very back of the seats. I cheered as Logan scored the winning basket.

I slouched outside, hands in my jeans pocket, and waited for Logan to shower and come out. I pulled my jacket collar up, shielding my neck from the bitter wind that was ripping through the car park.

Logan came out. I called him over and offered him a joint to take home.

"No. If I take it my Dad'll find out and I'll be chucked out." He said.

"Ok then." I said, lighting the joint and smoking it.

"Give me some." He held his hand out.

I put the joint in his hand. His fingers traced along my wrist. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I shivered.

I looked around quickly, no-one else was around. I pushed him against the wall behind us. Logan dropped the joint on the tarmac in surprise.

"What are yo-" Logan started to say, but he got cut off by my lips pressed against his.

I kissed him violently. It was teeth clashing and tongues warring for dominance. It was good.

He pulled away and looked at me, "Martin, I have to go, my Dad will get suspicious."

He walked away into the darkness, leaving me alone, with my bleeding lip.


Martin had kissed me and I'd enjoyed it. More than Lynette's kisses, which were always slow and delicate. But Martin's was the complete opposite: rough, bloody and fighting for dominance.

The black-haired, grey-eyed Martin had kissed me and I'd liked it. It was baffling me.

There was more chemistry in that one kiss with Martin than all the kisses combined with Lynette.


I'd kissed Logan and he hadn't rejected me, in fact he seemed to like it.

I walked into school to find Lynette shouting at Logan, he looked sorry. I'm guessing that Logan broke up with her.

Lynette was getting closer to him, screaming in his face. In a brief moment, I saw her right hand twitching. I shoved my way through the crowd that was surrounding them, hoping for a fight.

I got in the middle of them, just as Lynette's hand snaked out and, because I was in the way, smacked me rather than Logan. I grimaced as pain shot through my cheek.

As I walked away, I heard the crowd asking each other who I was and why I took the slap for Logan.

A hand was placed on my shoulder. I turned around. It was Logan.

"Thanks." He said, hand still on my shoulder.

"Uh... It's ok." I said.

"But why did you do it?" Logan asked, looking at me.

We'd come to a stand-still in an empty corridor. I looked at him and tilted my head to the right.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Why did you take the slap for me?" He asked slowly.

"Oh that."

"Yeah, that."

"Well, you're my mate and that's what mates do for each other." I said.

The bell rang loudly, signalling for students to go to class.


Martin's words rang in my ears: "That's what mates do for each other."

None of my other friends would have took a slap for me, making me wonder if they are really my friends. Well, I know one thing: Martin was my friend.

At lunch, I found myself ostracized from my normal group - I was only there because my girlfriend was the leader. So I had to find myself somewhere to sit.

Luckily, Martin was sitting at an empty table at the back of the canteen. Holding my lunch - a cheese sandwich, a chocolate muffin and a 7UP - I went over to him.

"Hey Martin, can I sit with you?" I said, hovering.

He looked up, "Yes. Sit down Logan."

I sat down opposite him, "Thanks."

"It's ok." He replied, opening a packet of cheese and onion crisps.

"When you stopped me from getting slapped, why did no-one know who you are?" I asked, biting into my sandwich.

"I keep to myself."

I was acutely aware of the whispers going on around us, but I ignored them.


"Why are you sitting here?" I asked, curious as to why he wasn't sitting with his normal group.

"Well, because I broke up with Lynette, I'm no longer welcome in their group. Lynette's the leader, you see." He explained.

I could here the mutters around us, but I didn't listen to them.

I saw that Logan had finished his sandwich and 7UP. He only had his muffin left. I wanted a joint.

"Do you want to take that outside?" I asked.

He agreed and we went out of the canteen. We went up the metal stairs, our feet clanging on the metal. We sat on the roof, near the railings.

I lit up a joint and offered Logan one. He accepted it and lit it. We smoked them in a peaceful silence.

Logan broke the silence by saying, "You know, this is peaceful."

I blew smoke towards the fluffy white clouds that were floating through the blue sky. It was a chilly day, you needed a jacket on to be warm.

I had a baseball jacket on, but Logan only had a light shirt on. He looked cold.

"Are you cold?" I asked.

He nodded.

I jumped up and went over to the medium-sized metal box. I took out a large checked blanket and put it over Logan's head. He laughed and pulled me down to a sitting position, putting the blanket over my head.


We were inches apart, I could feel Martin's breath on my lips. I leaned forward and claimed his lips. Unlike our last kiss, this one was passionate and gentle. I licked his lips, they opened, enabling me to slip my tongue in and explore his mouth.

We were both breathing heavily when we broke apart and looked into each others eyes.

"That was... great." Martin breathed.


We surfaced from the blanket, cuddling and warm.

I picked up our joints and passed one to Martin.

"I told my Dad I didn't want to do a basketball scholarship to university. He did not take it well." I said.

"Well, if he chucks you out, you can come and live with me, if you like."

"You live on your own?"

"Yeah, I'm eighteen, so I can by law. I got fed up with my Mum and Dad arguing. They're getting divorced." Martin explained.


I was sitting on Logan's bed, as he emptied his bedroom into boxes. Supposedly I was there to help him, but so far all I was doing was laughing at how many trophies he had stashed away.

"You know, you could help." He said.

"Yeah, yeah, of course." I said, jumping up and starting to fill up a box with trophies.

"You know what's cool?"

"What?" Logan said.

"How you and me sharing a joint just over a week ago led to you moving in with me."

"Yeah, that is pretty cool."

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