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Chapter Twenty-One: Three

In a place deeper than the darkest and furthest corners of the Depths – though it's perhaps impossible for any person to have the ability to imagine such a place – sat a single demon. She was wearing her human face because that way she might be able to feel closer to the new Master. Just thinking about this Master made her foot twitch in happiness; it had been so long since her first Master, and how she missed him so. It was ok though, because unlike all the other Masters before, this new Master would finally be a good one.

"What are you doing here?"

The lonesome demon's eyes snapped up to stare at the person who had paused upon noticing her. A human face she certainly hadn't expected to see down here.

"Castle come eat?" the demon asked her fellow Black Piece, a wicked smile snaking into her crazed features.

Castle put his human hands in his human pockets. "No, sorry Pawn. I'm just here for a little while to talk to Queen."

"Castle go to Master again?"

"Yeah, as soon as I'm done. And I'll stay with her until... it starts."

Sometimes Pawn didn't like talking to Castle; he was much too similar to her first Master and it made her sad. When she was sad, she sometimes didn't want to play games. When she didn't want to play games, she felt guilty.

"Castle like new Master," Pawn nodded, though her statement wasn't exactly directed at any one. Despite this, Castle still smiled ever so slightly and gave a small nod. Yes, talking to Castle made her feel sad. "Pawn like new Master. Pawn want to meet."

"Well you will soon. The White Chess Master has said we'll start in two days."

Pawn spat upon hearing the name. "No Master! Substitute! Pawn dislike Substitute!"

The outburst seemed to throw Castle, for he turned to her properly and walked a little closer. "So, you don't like the Substitute Chess Masters? What about the Masters who picked the White Pieces, do you like them?"

Chewing on her human finger, Pawn peered up at Castle curiously. He was unlike any of the pervious castle pieces; they were all really stupid and focused on protecting the boarders, like they were meant to. This Castle, however, he was something else. It was almost liked he... liked the humans.

"Same," Pawn muttered.


Shaking her head, she disregarded that thought – she might be wrong after all, she'd needed to meet this new Master in person before she decided if they were the same. Instead, she offered the answer to Castle's actual question.

"Pawn like all Masters. White Masters too."

Castle narrowed his eyes. "Pawn... we've been killing Masters off before games for how long?"


"421 years. And... how many Masters have you killed in that time?"

"Pawn no kill Masters. Pawn like all Masters."

"But... we've always killed Masters to stop them from picking creating a Substitute Black Master! It was you who taught me that creating a Substitute Black Master was dangerous!"

"Substitute Black Master bad. Very bad. But Pawn no kill Masters."

Pawn couldn't understand why Castle was so upset about this. She still shivered at the thought of what happened when a Substitute Black Master was created... No, she couldn't think about that. It was too awful. Instead, she focused on Castle's strange reaction. He seemed angry.

"So, you won't kill Masters... but you're ok with making me kill them?"


Castle laughed – but it wasn't like Knight's hearty laughs, it was sharp and short. It was a cold laugh. He opened his mouth to say something but shook his head and began walking away.

"Castle?" Pawn called after him. "Castle kill -35 Master. Castle angry?"

He turned around slowly. Cold demonic eyes set on Pawn's small form. "No. I'm not angry Pawn. I feel guilty. If you like all Masters so much, you shouldn't have made me kill Sullivan. That damn Higgins is right: this game is sick."

That was not a good thing to say.

"NO!" Pawn snarled loudly, making Castle flinch. Yes, even she, the oldest and weakest level Piece still had power. "Game important! Game necessary! No say bad about Game! New Game work. New Master chose Black. Black Pieces win Game! Castle see."

They didn't understand. Castle had only been a Piece for 177 years. Even Queen had only been around for 205. Pawn, however, had been in the same position since the Game begun. She'd watched her first Master fight, and she'd watched him fall. Now, finally, after 500 long and haunting years, Pawn believed they could end this. Why?

Because Castle and the new Master were the same.