The room was dimly lit, large and for the most part bare. Pillars were scattered across it, more for décor than for actual support – though, really, they did a little bit of both. There were two tables, each holding different sorts of objects. Lining one wall, there were different materials and items. Ropes, shackles, leather harnesses. It looked like something out of a BDSM film.

As though to enforce this notion, in the middle of the room where two pillars sat side-by-side, there were two people tied up, completely bare. They looked to be siblings – perhaps even twins, though one was a girl and the other a boy. They were no older than nine-teen, blond haired and blue eyed, hands tied above their heads and legs bound to the pillars, thick cloth gags in their mouths.

Twenty-four-year-old Andrew Mikaelson paced before the two, a small, dark smirk lacing his lips. His eyes admired and studied the two of them, jumping between brother and sister, as he tapped his fingers on the pocket of his jeans.

"Well, well, well. What am I going to do with you two beauties?" He drawled, accent thick but not too thick. He heard the girl give a soft whimper and his grin grew wide, his eyes glinting slightly – oh how he loved that sound. The boy looked at him with defiance flaring in his eyes, which only amused Andrew more.

He turned his eyes on the girl and tilted his head slightly, pursing his lips and thinking for a long moment. Then he stepped closer, listening to the boy beginning to struggle against the ropes tying him down. He glanced at him, chuckling low in his throat.

"Wait your turn, darlin'. Enough time for the both of ya." He drawled, looking back to her. His eyes darkened slightly as he gazed into wide, pleading eyes, and his smirk grew a little more, grew a little twisted.

"No ideas, gorgeous?" He tipped his head and studied her, his fingers running gently over her jaw for a moment. Then he pursed his lips and slowly smirked. Turning from her, he walked over to a tool table and picked up a small, intricately designed dagger, looking from the silver instrument, to the girl again, whose eyes had grown wider, brimming with tears. Her brother struggled harder, but for the moment, Andrew ignored him.

He walked back over slowly, grinning as she started to whimper, pleading with him – though he couldn't understand a word she was saying. He drew the flat of the blade along her collar bone, humming quietly as she let out a terrified whine.

"I wonder how pretty you look in red, little one…" He mumbled, tipping his head a little bit. He turned the blade, letting it press into her skin, but not letting it pierce just yet. Smirking, he moved a little bit closer to her, and then stopped short as a voice rang through the room.

"Drew, honey? C'mon down for dinner!" Andrew scowled for a long moment at the intercom above his head. He stepped back from her, and put the knife back on the table. He checked the ropes keeping them tied, giving them a surprisingly charming smile – which neither was fooled by.

"I'll be back, lovelies. Don't you go anywhere, got it?" He grinned at the two of them and walked out of the room, flicking the light off, leaving them in pitch darkness. He closed and locked the door behind him, looking up at the short flight of stairs that lead from the hidden room to his bedroom. He took the stairs quickly, looking down at the 'hidden' door for a moment. Then he pushed the dresser over it, unlocked his office door, and wandered leisurely towards the kitchen.