A/N: I wrote this for an English assignment at school and wanted to share it. The assignment was as follows: Write a short story about someone who has to flee their country in fear for their life. Title: A refugee's story.

At least it was something like that, but I can't remember it all. As the Whovian I am, I had to at least put in an element from Doctor Who, so if you watch that show, you'll probably recognize it. Here it is, hope you like it.

Lou Hames had never wanted to leave Germany. She never asked to be ripped from her family to get away from the dangerous place that had been her home, but that is how it was. She did not want to be stuck there either. Now the girl was moving quickly and quietly, trying to keep away from the guards that were stationed nearly everywhere in the city. She had to get out of there before she was noticed.

Finally, the girl found the fence that separated the city from the rest of the country. Looking to both sides to check that no one was watching her, Lou climbed over the fence as fast as she could without using too much energy. Soon she would be seen and then she would have to run. Save your breath for the running, she thought to herself.

After walking a few metres, Lou heard yells coming from the city. She turned around; the guards had noticed her leaving and a couple of them were coming after her. It was time to start running, and that's what she did. The young girl ran as quickly as she could, not really knowing where she was going. She knew she had to leave the country, but she needed to find the nearest border. Hopefully it wouldn't be too far away.

As light as her feet were, Lou soon had to stop for rest. She looked behind her; it looked like she had managed to outrun the guards, so she could sit down for a while. There was a small building where she sat down, hiding behind it. Taking out some food from the small bag she had with her, she slowly started eating. She really needed the energy by now.

After maybe ten minutes, the refugee heard someone moving around on the other side of the building she was sitting behind. Sure they were the guards that were looking for her, she crept down behind a bench, willing herself to be invisible. Now she could only be completely still and hope they wouldn't notice her.

They didn't notice her. The guards looked around, but didn't see the girl hiding behind a bench and kept on moving. "She seems to have moved quickly," said one of them.

"Maybe we should give up and let someone else take care of this?" suggested the other one. The first guard shook his head.

"No. We will find her. She has to rest at some point; she cannot have gone far," he replied. Then they continued walking.

The two guards had only moved a few metres before they heard a sigh of relief. They turned on the spot, narrowing their eyes as they moved toward the bench. This is it, Lou thought. I was so close and I ruined it. They're coming to get me. Maybe they'll kill me. It would be better than living the rest of my life knowing that I almost got away.

As the guards closed in on her, finally knowing exactly where she was and knowing that they practically already had her imprisoned, Lou closed her eyes and hoped that it would be quick. "Look what we have here," said the first guard – just before he fell to the ground. The other guard fell to the ground beside him before he could even react.

Behind them stood a tall man in a long coat with a cheeky grin on his face, a gun in his hand. He hadn't shot the guards, Lou realized, he had just hit them very hard in the head with his gun. The man stretched out his free hand to Lou. She took it, slightly in shock, and let him help her up.

"Jack Harkness, and who are you?" said the man in an American accent, sizing her up. Lou stared at him, and then frowned.

"Are you flirting with me? You just saved my life and now you are flirting with me?" Lou couldn't believe this man. Jack Harkness pouted – he pouted – and said, "I'm just saying my name!"

"In a flirty way," retorted Lou. Jack laughed. "Yeah, the doc told me to stop doing that," he replied. "So do I get a thanks for saving your life?"

"I'll thank you if you help me get to the border," said Lou.

Jack shrugged. "I can do that," he told her. "Just follow me."

The two started walking.

"What's your name, by the way? You never said."

"Lou. My name is Lou."

"That's a nice name."

"Thank you, Jack Harkness."