it's the way that
you said my name
and the way you smiled
that very first time,
and you -
you captivated me,
because you were
from every other
boy i knew;
you were an
i couldn't understand,
but suddenly,
you were here
and you stayed.

it's the way that
you intimidated me
and the way you
hardly spoke,
except for the
whisper of my name
and still that
same old, lovely
but you -
you left me
because i wasn't
the typical girl
and you were not
the typical boy
and i knew -
we could

and it's the way that
you loved that
beautiful, perfect girl,
who was not so
perfect, after all,
when she broke
your heart
and the way you cried,
that made my heart
ache and i longed to
your pain away,
and you spoke
of loneliness
like i didn't (wouldn't)
understand, but i do,
it's the same loneliness,
when i know you are
but there is that
one. small. stubborn
spark of hope
that maybe,
one day,
just one day,
you would be,

a/n: i thought my year long hiatus needed to come to an end. luckily, i had inspiration.