My first story to be published here, I apologise for the shortness of this chapter, but I promise the others will be longer. Hope you all enjoy (WARNING THIS IS A YOAI STORY, don't like. Don't read) Constructive criticism is welcome!

Hand Picked

Greg Harvey's work life is ruled by his overbearing boss, who makes him work ridicules hours, and subjects him to endless streams of paperwork. His private life is ruled by his dog, Doug - who has taken it upon himself to handpick Greg's boyfriends. So what happens when Greg gets a new boss – One which Doug quite likes?

I still remember the day I bought Doug.
Doug, my black bad tempered, angry, snappy Scotty dog, who loved me just as much as I loved him.

Shame he didn't love anybody else though.

I was once again apologising to Derek after Doug led a full scale attack on him whilst we were kissing on the sofa.

Derek is my boyfriend, well; at least he would be if a certain angry Scot would stop getting in the way.

"-Look Greg, I like you, but this isn't going to work." Derek said standing halfway out of the front door; I had a hand on the door and a foot covering the gap between the door and the wall to stop a growling Doug from advancing on his attacks. "I'll call you." He continued.

Yeah, right. I thought. He leaned in to kiss me, but Doug's growling intensified and he pulled away quickly.

"Bye, Derek" I said with a small, sad smile which he returned as he left.

I all but slammed the door behind him and stormed into the sitting room. I could hear Doug's claws scrabbling on the wooden floorboards as he followed me, he walked quickly, tongue hanging out of his mouth with a stupid grin on his face. I flung myself onto the sofa, lying down and covering my face with my hands. I let out an agitated sigh, how many boyfriends am I going to have to go through before Doug stops trying to eat them?

I felt Doug pawing the sofa, trying to use his tiny legs to scramble up on top of me, but I was ignoring him. Eventually he clambered up onto my stomach and I peered out from under my hands, scowling.

"No, Doug. I'm angry at you, you bastard. You completely ruined my evening." He stayed sitting there, a stupid grin still planted on his face. He shuffled forwards, nudging my hands with his nose, his beard tickling my hands. "Get off, Doug." I said. He continued to ignore me. "I'm not forgiving you. Believe it or not I actually liked Derek." Doug gave a small cough at that, as if scoffing at me and saying 'as if'.

I sneered at him as I sat up; he just sat there with a smug grin on his face. Could dogs even look smug? I guess so.