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Chapter 4

The son a bitch was…. Married?

I sat cross legged on my bed, the duvet curled round my legs as I tried to process the information. The mobile was in my lap, I had dropped it like it was poison the moment I got off the phone to Mari.

Mari, his wife.

I ran my fingers through my hair again, gripping and pulling it slightly.

Why did this have to happen to me? Why can't I ever get the good guy?

Then I had another thought.

Doug was right to try and mutilate him…

I can't believe I admitted that.

I heard the shower turning off and was brought back to the reality at hand. I would deal with this calmly and discreetly. I would not over-react, cause a scene, or act like a teenage school girl who found out her Jock boyfriend had slept with the whole cheerleading team behind her back….

No, I would deal with this professionally and maturely.

I looked up as Derek appeared in the doorway, his bare torso covered in gleams of water where he hadn't dried off properly. He had one of my towels draped low across his hips. I was almost distracted.


"You son of a bitch!" I snapped at him.

So much for not over reacting

"You're married." I announced, glaring at him, refusing to break eye contact. He looked down at the phone in my lap, and turned a shade of white that was even paler than the towel he had on.

"I-Uh, it's no- It's not what you think." He stuttered.

"Oh really?" I said, getting pretty angry now. "Because from where I'm sitting, after getting off the phone with your wife. It seems to be exactly what I think." He just stood there, mouth open, his face pale.

"Greg, please. Honestly, it's not like that… Mari and I, we're going through a rough patch…" he justified.

"Quit the excuses Derek." I snapped, getting up I grabbed his clothes from the floor and walked over to the window, opening it I didn't think twice, and threw them out.

"Greg!" he shouted, grabbing hold of my arms. "What the hell!?" he leaned into me, fire burning in his eyes. "What the fuck did you do that for?"

"I'm not your bitch, Derek." I shouted back. "you can't just pick me up, and drop me whenever you feel like it, just because you and your wife are going through a 'rough patch'" I shrugged him off and pushed him away from me. "I am not your pet, nor your lap dog. When you say 'jump' I will not now, or ever ask 'How high.' Go find some pretty twink to fuck around with. I don't want you here, you asshole."

So much for not acting like a betrayed school girl,

Fuck that! This guy deserves everything he gets.

Before I could do anything he grabbed my chin and kissed me. I struggled against him, refusing to let him have his way. Eventually I pushed him away, and wiped my mouth like he had poured poison onto it.

"I said get the fuck out."

"But Greg-"he whined, sounding like a toddler that had been told it couldn't have another chocolate.

"Just get out Derek. Go home, to your wife, and your straight life. And leave me alone." I pulled on a pair of jeans and walked down the hallway. Opening the door wide, I gestured for him to leave. He made his way slowly down the corridor, gripping onto the towel that was still hanging dangerously low on his hips. I managed to tear my eyes away, but not before he noticed. A small smile played on his lips as he leaned in close and whispered,

"I'll be back, Greg, you know you still want me. I'm the hottest thing you've ever had, and will ever have. Whether I'm married or not."

Gah, I want to murder this man… surely they can't put me in prison for doing it… its technically a charitable action, I'll be clearing up the street of sleezy scum.

"Go back to your wife. I'm sure she misses you." I said quietly. He stepped outside holding onto his towel, and whatever dignity he had left. I closed the door and leant against it.

All I could think was: Why me?