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People keep telling him he imagined the whole thing.

That it's a 'coping mechanism', that he's explaining everything away. But the only witness to his claims is dead, so no one's going to believe him.

It's true, though, you gotta believe that it's true.

He's seen things. They've all happened by now, but he's still seen them. He saw everything to this day.

After that it's blank, but he's been expecting this. He's been expecting them to take him, find him broken down and defeated and just take him.

Abducted as a child, that's what they say he was. But that's not true, he wanted to go. He's not going to use his voice anymore, though, that's his sacrifice for everything he's lost. So he just stares at them and shakes his head in denial of everything they say.

They tell him they lost an agent to one of his friends.

Which is bullshit, he was there. He watched it happen. Their agent-and he had a name, it was Victory, they could have said that-threw himself in front of his 'friend'( who he hated, and also had a name: Purgatory)to save Purgatory's life.

Neither of them wanted that to happen, it just did.

Like when he lost it, that just happened. When he saw his only friend(Animal, though even thinking that name makes him hurt) lying close to dead in the aftermath of his losing it…that just happened.

They're telling him everything that happened like he wasn't watching. Like he doesn't know he's the only survivor.

Aw, but he's broken down, that's what they're thinking. They're thinking he's lost his mind, his memory and every little detail of his life.

Oh, he wishes that could happen. He wishes he could relearn things. He wishes he could forget the names of the three men that technically abducted him but untechnically were his best friends.

But he can't.

So he sits in dead silence and listen to them try to break the code that is his mind.

He's not worried, because they never will.

He wishes things weren't the way they are now.

And they didn't used to be.

He used to be a king.

But now he's just torn and frayed.

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