Cherry was…well she was a school bitch. But if you were considered her friend, the nice, caring, but sassy side came to life. She is beautiful, she has brown wavy hair, she had pink full lips that I am sure many of the players would like to kiss, and her body just looked good in every type of hip clothing.

I pop a spoonful of my cereal into my mouth, and chew slowly, savoring the cool feeling of silky milk and granola in my mouth.

"Let's go" My brother Derek says, placing his bag on a stool, and walking over to the sink to swig down a glass of water. I narrow my eyes, and swallow my cereal.

"You're in a bad mood mister" I say pointing at him with my spoon. He sighs, and turns around to look at me, his head cocked to one side.

"And your in a bad mood, as always" He says rolling his eyes, and leaning against the counter, tapping it with his fingers. I widen my eyes, and drop the spoon back into my bowl. I stand up stiffly, and plop the plastic bowl in the sink. I sigh, and mess with my bra uncomfortably.

"To tight a bra?" Derek asks, chuckling. Almost seeming to forget his remark about "going".

"Shut-up. You don't know how it is to wear a bra" I say grabbing my back-pack and walking towards the door. I hear him bouncing off of the counter, and walking quickly to grab his bag.

"You have no room to talk" He says catching up to me. "You don't have a di-"

"Oh yeah? Would you like that kneed, or would you rather " I say gesturing to his zipper, and turning to face him. He widens his eyes, and puts his hands up in defeat. I smirk, and whip the door open.

He pulls up into the school driveway, and turns the engine off as he grabs his things, and stuffs the keys into his jean pockets. A few groups of football players are circled around a car, talking and laughing. One caught my attention, he was leaning over the white Mazda, and his adam's apple sticking out a little as he cranes out as he smiles. His brunette hair puffing out at the top where his beanie wasn't positioned on his head. He glanced over at our car, and nodded his head and winked at Derek. I roll my eyes, and grab my bag, hooking it on my thumb. I situate my denim shorts, and pull out the sucker I was sucking on as I flatten my white tank-top that showed some of my cleavage. I open the door, and shut it. I plop my sucker back into my mouth, and walk around the car. All the boys seemed to check me out first, before saying their hi's to Derek. The one with the beanie looked at me, his eyes glinting with amusement. I narrow my eyes at him, and my black high-heel boots click against the gravel as I walk up behind Derek.

"Dude who's the hot chick?" A cute blonde says, looking at me. This was my first year at this school, Derek had gone here before, but I had gone to a different high-school since I was 14. I am seventeen now.

"She's my sister" Derek says dumbly, frowning. I frown, and take my sucker out. I hear a few silent "oohs" and I narrow my eyes at all of them. The blonde reaches his hand out, expecting me to shake it.

"Hey, I'm Louis" He says smirking. I stand still,

"Sorry, I don't shake with players" I say narrowing my eyes, and putting the sucker back into my mouth. Derek glances at me wide-eyed. He silently says to me,

"That is not a good start to make friends" He says with gritted teach, and almost closed lips. I shrug, and raise one eyebrow, acting like it was no big deal. Derek rolls his eyes, he seamed a little embarrasses. Okay, I would at least introduce myself to make him feel better.

"Damn! I'm hurt" Louis says placing a hand to his heart. I roll my eyes,

"I'm Cherry" I say twisting my sucker. Louis chuckles deeply.

"What? Have a problem with it?" I ask, taking my sucker out. All the boys seemed to be looking at me, including the brunette.

"No, I was just thinking of how beautiful the name was" Louis says, his eyes sparkling.

"Was? OMG I'm hurt!" I say, placing a hand to my heart….or you could say over one my breasts! Louis seemed a little taken back, and he stepped back a little, smirking.

"Your hard to get along with aren't you?" He asks, still grinning. I boil with anger. Derek nods at him "no". And Louis frowns.

"Oh! I almost forgot! You wanna hear a secret?" I say grinning evilly. Louis looks at Derek, eyebrows raised. Derek shrugs. I walk over to him, and lean up to his ear, and just as I was about to breath on it, I knee him in the groin. I frown and walk away, Louis doubling over in pain. I frown, and see all the appalled faces of the football players. I crack my sucker and chew it off the stick. I near a trash can, and flick the white soggy stick into it. I whip the doors open, and walk in, forgetting my fear of being the "new" girl. As I near class, I lean down to get a sip from a water fountain. I almost spill water over myself to see a VERRYY attractive boy standing glancing at my cleavage. I stand up narrowing my eyes at him.

"Hey" He says, still leaning against the wall. "You new?" After I didn't reply, he smirks. "Well you can count me as your first friend" He says crossing his arms, and stepping closer to me. I roll my eyes, and turn to walk to the door of class,

"Yeah, forget about it" I say, and also see all of the football players walking to this class too. After being assigned a seat in the front-middle. I sit down and pull out my English text-book. And after I actually looked up from reading it, I realized I was sitting next to that brunette. My heart flutters, and I smirk at him. He glances up at me, eyebrows raised, and smirks too. Then leans back over his studies again. I almost liked the way he didn't rive of me. I mean most people did, and it go really obsessive. I felt like I could have no time to myself, and the thought made me shudder.

"Everyone please go to page 14-A, and we'll start this dagonn'd class" Mr. Usher says placing a piece of chalk below the board. After taking a few notes, I glance around the room, a girl with red hair and a stuck-up looking nose (you can see how I think of people) and green eyes seemed to be all jittery, and was glancing everywhere rapidly. She was looking at me, then at the various attractive boys in class. And after seeing me look at her, it looked like she was going to burst into tears. She glanced back down at her page, and wrote something very hard down on her page, her knuckles turning white. I knit my brow together, and shake my head slightly. I go back to taking notes. After English, I grab my book, and stand up. I brush some of my hair behind my ear, and set my lips in a thin line. I see the red-head walking out of the room quickly, like she wanted to be everywhere but here. I quicken my speed, and catch up behind her. She jumped a little at my appearance, and side glanced me. She was a pretty girl, and she seemed to be a little anxious at the time. I was surprised to see her turn abruptly to me crossing her arms over he book, and clenching her teeth. My eyes widen a little at her move.

"Okay, what do you want?!" She says in my face. I shove my face back into her,

"I don't want to be mean, I saw how anxious you were glancing at me- I didn't do anything wrong did I?" I ask, almost shocked at my niceness towards her.

"Uh- you….nothing! Now leave me alone, and all of my admirers, okay?" She says, and turns away quickly.

I don't follow her.

"Hey, how has the first class gone for you?" Derek says, a few players tagging along and looking at me. I roll my eyes, and look at the floor.

"Feeling a little sad? Are you missing friends you could have had, had you not kicked them in the groin?" I snap my head ahead, and set my jaw in a line. Derek seemed to realize what he had said, and looked at the Louis, and another boy, mouthing "uh-oh". The other boys shrug. I atop, and turn around heading the other way down the hall.

"Oh- Cherry. Come on! I didn't mean it like that!" He says throwing his hands out to his sides. I turn to him,

"Oh no, it's not you" I say shaking, smiling cheesily. He frowns, knowing I was being sarcastic. "Don't worry" I add fluttering my eyelashes. Then I frown, and walk away. Leaving Derek to hang out with his buds. I hear the blonde murmur to Derek,

"Shit Derek, she must be hard to snag. I was thinking of asking her out….but…" And I roll my eyes. What a dork! BY lunch time, I had gotten googily eyes from most of the popular boys, and the one looking at me cleavage had not stayed away. How dumb can they get at this school? I look for Derek's table, and see him sitting with the Blonde….ugh…and then I see the brunette, his muscles showing so handsomely. I sigh, and walk over to their table. Derek seemed really surprised when he saw me walk up, and the only empty spot was next to Derek and the blonde. But I willed myself not to knee him again. Louis seemed a little scared when I sat down next to him, but he grinned and went back to eating his fry. I sigh, and pull out my phone after it buzzed. It was from mom….. I ignored it. After realizing a silence had come across the table, I glance up at them, they were all looking at me. My eyes wide, I glance around, even the brunette was looking at me.

"What?" I groan, running a hand over my face. The boys look at each other warily. I look at Louis.

"Louis, I'm sorry I kneed you in the groin. It felt so satisfying though." I say frowning, looking into his green eyes. Derek looked taken back from my apology,

"Wow, wow, wow! What happened to you?" He asks, they seemed to all be relaxing now, munching on food. I turn to him.

"What?!-" I was going to say more, but I had nothing to say. Isn't this what you wanted dork?

"I-" I place my hand out as if to stop him,

"Derek" I sigh, looking into his eyes, taking in his figure, "Please just shut-up!" Say calmly. He looks at me, his face turning to a pleading look,

"Fine" He grumbles, and looks at me again. "What about food? Aren't you going to get any?" He ask, eating a slice of pizza.

"I'm not hungry" I say shaking my head. They all go back to talking about football, favorite bands, and finally they started talking about girls. They all didn't seem to care I was sitting there, listening to them full-hand. After hearing the word Red-head, I stand up abruptly, some of them glancing at me. And I storm off, even though I had no idea where I was going. I feel a hand on my wrist, a big warm hand .wrist. Who could it possibly be? I new no one here! I try fighting it, and I kick at it a little, my toe grazing it, but it didn't make in imprint on the manly skin. I finally look up, to see the same boy that was checking me out at the water fountain. He was extremely handsome, and his hair puffed up like it was running thru the wind. His skin was flawless, and his muscles seemed to show so sexily, he seemed like a GOD! I frowned when I saw him, and my lips stuck together lightly. He pulled me out of the cafeteria, and into the hallway, and then he went to a nook in the wall, and pulled me in with him. I glare at him, almost slightly grateful he had gotten me out of there, but my anger bubbled like a volcano.

"Hey, babe" He says leaning against the wall. I still look at him,

"You're a little too close for my comfort" I say lightly placing my hand on his abs…..lightly….just enough not to be awkward. He glances at me, smirking. "You know…..I have a bubble. I need my space" I say. He raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah, like this is too close" He says pointing between us. I nod,

"Too close" I say leaning against the wall.

"So I could never get any closer" He says, leaning hotly against the wall. His thumb hooked around his studded belt. Why was he so HOT!?

"Well, depends" I say crossing my arms. I cock an eyebrow, and lightly take my weight off of one of my legs.

"Ah. So what do I have to do to get closer then this area" He says gesturing between me and him.

"Ew" I say waving at him. He grins.

"No really, I want to know" He says, his head arching towards me a little more.

"Um, well….you gotta be" I purse my lips together in a duck face. I place my hand on my chin. I look into his eyes, "Sexy enough for me" I say grinning, pulling m hand back to me.

"Aren't I "sexy" enough" He says leaning in. I gesture to a circle with my hand,

"Uh, circle! Remember….I have a bubble" I says defensively.

"Oh, right" He pulls back, and leans heavier against the wall. "You never answered my question though" He says smiling his white pearls of teeth. My belly went flip-flop as I mouthed the words. What was I supposed to say to that?

"Uh- your attractive" I say sassily.

"Isn't that sexy?" He asks, frowning slightly.

"No, it's attractive!" I say playing dumb.

"I have a question" He says crossing his arms, staring into me.

"What" I say, crossing mine even tighter.

"Would you want to go to a party tonight?" There was a pause. "With me?" He points to his biceps. I smile,

"You mean my brother's party?" I say laughing a little. He raises his eyebrows.

"Derek Schueler's party? HE'S YOUR BROTHER?" He asks, looking a little excited, but sad that he couldn't actually ask me out because it was "my" party. I purse my lips into a duck face and nod.

"So I guess I'll see you there!" I say trying to scoot out of the nook. He nods his head,

"Guess so. I am pretty sure Derek is bringing me to you house after school then" He says blankly. I shrug and walk away.

My last class was chemistry, and we were supposed to have teams, and I was NOT looking forward to teaming up with one of the players that almost made up half of the class. I glance around at all of the large tables that where going to be seating two or three people in one team.

"Everyone please line up against this wall!" Mrs. Shawyer says pointing to the east wall of the class room with he pen. We line up, I was squashed between the red-head, and a greasy haired E.M.O kid flipping his black hair around. It was almost unbearable.

"Okay" Mrs. Shawyer says, looking at her clip-board. "Here we go" she half mumbles.

Once she had named off some of the people, the red-head had grouped up with the greasy haired kid and some other brunette girl.

"Cherry! Rowan! And Louis!" She names off briskly, why was she so excited? It was probably because her pay was now on, and no more just making it thru the summer budget. I sigh, and walk to the table she had pointed to with her blue expensive pen. She checks a few things off with it, and goes back to resting her large glasses on her nose, and naming more names. I roll my eyes at the name Louis, but just keep on walking stiffly to the table. I loudly flop my large book down, and my notes book down. And sigh, waiting for the others to come an sit. I was extremely surprised when the Rowan, the brunette walked up to my table. He smirks, and I frown at him. Then I frown at Louis.

"Please don't be in a sour mood Cherry" Louis says, putting his puppy-dog eyes into play. I sigh,

"Get used to it" I say smirking.

"Why are you always in this kind of mood?" He ask, putting his hands out over the table.

"Louis dude, you were this sour when you came switched schools" Rowan says almost in disbelief.

"Oh trust me, she's always in this kind of mood" I here my brother say from the table beside ours.

"Derek! I AM NOT!" I almost whine. Derek nods his head "yes" again, and I slap him on the shoulder. He jolts to the side, trying to miss my blow. I turn back to my group. They where both almost on the brink of laughing, trying to cover it up.

"Don't even think about it!" I say to them referring to them laughing. I think about the brown haired boy who cornered me at lunch ti- shit! I didn't even know his name! I would have to ask someone, or him at the party!

"Can you at least be nice to us, consider us your friends?" Louis says, looking me straight in the eyes. I glare back, and could tell Derek was looking at us, eyebrows raised. I roll my eyes,

"Sure" I say bluntly. I here a gasp from Derek, and I whip around in my chair, his eyes widen in amused fear.

"Derek Schueler, stop gasping at my niceness. After all, isn't this what you wanted!" I say thru gritted teeth.

"Everyone please turn to-" I and I am sure everyone knows what she is going to say next.

I walk to my locker and pull out my books and stuff them into my back-pack. I flip it over my shoulder, and walk out to the doors of the school. I reach outside, and pull out my phone. Nothing. After a couple of minutes, I hear a car with loud music on pull up in front of me, my brothers. I roll my eyes, and little and smirk. I see Louis in the front seat, and se Rowan and that dark-haired hot guy in the back. I slide in next to the hot guy, and sigh, putting my back-pack down near my knees. I glance up at the boy, and he looks at me. I look back down.

"Hey sis" Derek says, putting the car into gear.

"Hey bro" I say, grossly saying the "bro" word.

"Uh, I don't know if you guys have met, but this is Mason" Derek says, turning slightly to the hot guy sitting next to me. I smirk,

"We met momentarily" I say, "But I didn't know his name" I say, acting like he wasn't there.

"Could you by any chance make him your friend?" my mouth gapes open at Derek's word, "Well, at least be nice to him" He says realizing his phrase sounded stupid. I glance at Mason, and he was raising his eyebrows in confusion. Derek beet me too the words,

"She can be reallyyy mea-"

"Derek! Shut-up and let me talk!" I say annoyed. I look up at Mason,

"MEAN!" Derek fits in at the last second, smiling, knowing what was coming at him by the time we got home. I whip my head back to him,

"Derek" I whine. "Your going to get it bad when we get home!" I say slamming my pointing finger into my thigh. Mason chuckles, and I roll my eyes. My daily habit. I rest my head on my fist as I look out the window, glancing at the town rushing by. The boys talking about various things.

"Hey Cherry" I here Derek say, I pop out of my thoughts. "Why did you not like us talking about that red-head" He asks, edging my anger on, he looks at me thru the rear-view mirror, smirking.

"What the fuck Derek?! Are you just trying to get me mad?" I say, not answering his question.

"Answer the question" He groans.

"No!" I say, acting like it was the most stupid thing I would ever do in my life.

"See" Derek says, talking to his buddies, "This is how Cherry usually is, she's mad all the time for no reason" Derek jokes, there were a few chuckles. I was fuming by now, and before I did anything more, I just go back to my window-looking. When he pulled into our driveway, I gragb my things as quickly as I can, and pop out of the car, clamming the door behind me. I hear them getting out after me, I was stirring up ideas about how to get my idiot brother back…

I finally come up with an idea, and smirk. It was the first day of school, and I didn't have any homework, yes! But we did have one sheet of chemistry, time for my master plan! I walk to the kitchen, and gulp down a glass of water. I run upstairs, and plop on my queen sized bead with fuzzy pink covers. I love my room! I finally urge myself to stand up, and get my outfit on, whatever I was going wear anyways… I throw a few things out of my drawers, and ignore the loud music my brother had just put on downstairs. People would be arriving soon. I find a long black, cleavage showing blouse, and short-short denim shorts. I put on some make-up and filed my manicured nails slightly, I looked pretty hot I must say so my self!

"Cherry can you come down and greet people?" I hear Derek yell from downstairs.

"Not in a lifetime!" I yell back at him, running down the large staircase. I reach the tiled floors.

"Please!" He whines, hunching over.

"no!" I say annoyed. I walk to the kitchen, and steal a chip. I hear Derek groan,

"Why the hell do you need someone to greet people, they have eyes!" I say walking out of the open kitchen. I see the boys playing video games on the TV. Then I see Derek's back-pack. I walk up behind them, a glum look on my face, none of them look up, but merely turn their hand's holding the controllers in anticipation of living inside of the game. I cross my arms and run my tongue over my bottom row of teeth. I narrow my eyes, glaring at Derek. After a little while, he seemed to have realized I was there, but I could also tell he was driving his pretty well, and he was too engulfed to look my way. But after my gaze burned him like the hot fired tip of a metal, he couldn't help but glance at me. Hi hand tilted to one side, the other boys "Oh! Oing" things, as if they were so close to winning. His glance seemed to have let a cheer run out of Rowan's mouth as he lifted his controller in defeat.

"I beat you bro!" He yells at Derek. Derek glanced wide-eyed back at the screen.

"Shit! I ha that one!" He says throwing the controller to his right on the leather couch. "Sis! Why did you have to burn your eyes on me like that, I felt like you were burning my brains out!" He says a tint of annoyedness. I smirk, going to sit next to him,

"Gosh Derek why do you have to blame everything on me!" I say in a baby voice, knowing I had meant to make him lose. There was a rasp on the door. I glance at Derek, he looks at me, and then grins.

"The party's started bro's!" He says running his hand messily from the back of his to the front, and boosts himself out of his sitting position. I roll my eyes, and look at Rowan, he looks at me. I look at his beautiful hazel eyes, and then look away, getting myself up and out of my warm spot on the sofa. I walk to the door, to see about ten people walk in, some a few girls, and a lot of attractive boys. I was in for this now!

12:33 PM:

Everyone seemed to be just about happy right then, and they were also running out of the house to throw up the contents of alcohol and pizza along with it. I had had a few drinks myself, and I was feeling a little buzzed, but mostly I felt fine. I was at my house anyways, if I was really feeling it, I could just go upstairs and sleep if I really had to. As I poor myself a cup of alcohol punch, the red cup cools down as the mixture fills it. I take a sip, and not my head to the music. I walk past a couple people making out, and see some guys with their shirt off. Oh sooo sexeey! It was hard for me to find a guy I could start making out with, so I would wait until I was asked to be with him, or something along those lines at least! I walk around the room, trying not to listen to the sticky sound of people making out. I lean against a board the was near a door, that lead to my dad's office. Of course my parents where off on vacation, without us. I take another sip, and right as I was about to take another, I find myself looking up to a massive body, standing checking me out. Before my eyes actually adjusted to actual dimness, I squinted my eyes.

"Hey" He says deeply. He leans on the door to my left. I follow him with my gaze, but before I thought he was anyone else, I saw a flash of blue eyes. And some blonde hair messed up and spiked sexily along the way. He was tall, and his muscles shone a little. I hadn't recognized him from our school, who could he be? He was good looking is all I know! I clear my throat, and leans in closer, his breath smelling of alcohol.

"Who are you?" I ask, my words slurred for some reason, almost as if my jaw was too tired to actually mouth it correctly.

"Jason, who are you?" He says, trying to act nicely. I scoff, I didn't like his type.

"never mind dude" I say and walk off. I must have caught the attention of a guy with his shirt off, his abs showed so well, and I swore I saw him surrounded by girls at school, but just didn't bother to get to know him or anything. I walk over, acting like I didn't know he was there, and lean against a wall close to him. He brown hair was spiked up fluffily in the front, and his jaw set so handsomely on his face. I see him looking at me, and he sees me looking at him, he tilts his head down a little, and puts his hands in his pockets, and grin walking towards me. I smirk and shuffle a little in my spot. And before he got too close, I gulp down the rest of my punch, the taste fowling my tongue. I drop the cup to the floor as he approaches, and open my mouth slightly, looking at him heavy under my lashes. I stand up straighter, and cock on foot out.

"Hey there babe" I hear him say, lace trimming his deep voice. I smell alcohol.

"Hey" I say looking up at him, and then at the jealousy creeping on Jason's face as he watches us. I had a tinge of sadness for him, but it all disappeared. I look back at the guy standing in front of me. His head reaches down to my level, and our jaws meat as he kisses wetly at me jaw, I smirk. I press my hands lightly on his abs, and I feel him relax as he makes his way to my mouth. His mouth meets mine, and I groan inwardly, as he works his mouth over mine. He reaches his hand's down to my waist, and then closer to my butt. I open my mouth, and his tongue works in, and I do the same to him. I rap my arms around his neck, and he puts his on my jaw line. I suck in, and thru gasps of kissing and breath manage to ask the question,

"Who….are…" I say, and then go back to kissing hardcore with his. I feel his lips tighten in a smile. But he keeps on kissing.

"Danny" He says, and then reaches down to my butt again, squeezing it a little, I groan. He reaches up to my shirt, and hikes up under it, my eyes shot open, and I meet his gaze. He pulls me to a out black lather large chair, and pulls me on top of him, me sitting with my knees on either side of him, my breasts on his biceps.

I dig in.

Around 3:13 AM, we had stopped kissing a little, and people started to drunkenly walk out to their cars. The place cleared out. And I had no I dea how we made it up to my room, but somehow, I was up in my room, Danny pushing my onto the bed. And almost pouncing on top of me to get more of "me". After a little of this and that, we stopped.

"Do you have-" I ask before he cuts me off,

"Yeah, a condom" He says, breathing on my jaw-line. I smirk,

"Wanna-" He cuts me off again,

"Yeah" He says sucking on my jaw again.

"Would you stop cutting me off!" I say jokingly. And he just chuckles. It actually made things less awkward when I didn't have to finish the sentence, and he new exactly what I was talking about. He reached under my shirt, and I half pulled it off, and so did he. Of course he was already half naked, so it was easy for me to sit up, my black push-up bra on, and unbuckle. He starts kissing me again. His jeans still hanging on his hips, I tough his abs again, and roll to where the pillow where, getting comfy. He stops and pulls off his jeans without my help. I wiggle a little, and then look back at him. He chuckles and lays down beside me. And that's when it all happened. Me taking off my shorts, and my underwear, and you know, the usual!

I wake up, and roll over, but before realizing my head was on top of an extremely warms bumpy surface. I sit up, and my eyes dizzle with happiness as I see the guy naked in bed with me. He was still sleeping, his flawless body almost glowing in my light room. It was Saturday, and I could sleep in as long as I wanted! I get back under, and slip my bra on again, and my pink and black underwear on again, and I cuddle in next to him. And almost like an irruption of thunder, I hear him chuckle, his throat vibrating, his large body shaking. I jump up. And see him smirking, now his eyes open.

"How the hell can you get such a deep chuckle?" I ask between breaths, he scared me to death!

"This sexy stuff" He say grabbing his abs and then his bicep muscles. I roll my eyes, and lay back down. He laughs again. After another half and hour or so of sleeping, and an occasional kiss. I finally will myself to get up, and see if my brother was here. I get up, and wrap the loose sheet around me as I make my way to the door.

"Uhh, why you leaving me babe?" He asks, and I just chuckle cheekily.

"Be right back" I say almost closing the door,

"Good" I hear him mutter, and then I shut the door quietly. After checking all of the rooms, and not seeing anyone, even my brother downstairs. I felt a pang of relief. I run back upstairs, and open the door, and jump back on the bed, squealing.

"Don't wet your panties!" I here him say, as he engulfs me into his body, tickling my side. I laugh so hard, my eyes start to water, I lift my head up, and let out one beautiful laugh before he stops, and as if he can't help himself, throws himself on top of me, and starts kissing me all over again. I laugh again, and let him do what he wants, I finally fall asleep.

"Cherry!" I hear someone mumble to my side. I keep my eyes closed, and turn to the voice,

"MMm" I groan, and half open my eyes.

"Wake up" I hear him grumble, figuring it was Danny.

"Nooo" I grumble. Snuggling in next to him. He groans, smiling, and rolls over to put his arm and part of his body over me. After laying for a little while, I realize my sudden hang over start to kick in, press me palm over my forehead.

"Shit" I say, trying to relax my face muscles. "God bless it" I mumble, rolling on my back again.

"Huh?" I hear him, almost not even a question.

"My frickin' head-ache" I say sitting up and leaning up against the bead-board. Danny looks at me, and puts on a blank, bliss-like expression. We just stare for a little. I snap out of it a little, and glance at the clock. 7:45 am. I jump to reality, Danny eyes widening and his body lurching a little. I stand up, with only my bra an lacy underwear on, and pull on some tight dark-blue jeans that were lying on the floor. Danny just watches me, I glance at him.

"We are already late! You shit-head!" I say, throwing his jeans to him, having no idea where is shirt was. He sighs, and jumps up out of bead. Hugging his pants. He pulls them on, and realizing I didn't want to have any more cuddle, he groans. I roll my eyes, and walk to my dresser, looking for a top. I pull out a light pink tank-top, and grab my pink jacket. I run to the bathroom. I hear Danny jog out of my room, obviously going to look for his shirt.

"Danny!" I yell from the bathroom. I here him come back into the room, and probably just wanting to see me without a shirt on, open the door, smirking.

"Yeah?" I sigh, and put my hands to my hips,

"Do you want me to look for a shirt in Derek's room? Your is probably dirty-ish" I say after putting my jacket on. I look at him, and wjile fixing my white socks, walk out of the rest-room. Still looking at him. He shrugs,

"Um,-" He starts to say,

"Why don't you just come with me" I say after stumbling a little and fixing my sock forward. He smiles, I smile and nod back at him, my it fading. He follows me out of the room, and down a carpeted hallway, to an ajar door. I peek in, and not finding Derek's sleeping body, rummage thru his drawers. After finding a grey loose fitting shirt. I walk up, and place it, crumpled on Danny's chest,

"There you go" I say nodding, grinning. He smirks and nods, putting it on.

We pull into the school parking lot ten minutes late in Danny's MX-5 Miatta Mazda. I quickly grab my back pack, and Danny hops out of the car, bouncing a little at he shuts the door and locks it. He looks back at me, and I run too him, we jog to the doors together. We reach the doors, and Danny open the door, I nod at him, to say thank you. A little raspy from running, I tuck a silky loose strand of my hair behind my ear, and walk with Danny to our first class. The hallways eerily quiet, with an occasional bustling of teachers walking down halls, or cleaners with their rolling carts. I reach my class, and Danny waves at me, as he heads for his class the opposite direction. I gasp a little for air, and walk into class. The teacher looks at me, eyebrows raised, and looks me up and down.

"Cherry, what is your excuse for being late?" She says, folding her arms, and cocking her leg.

"No excuse Mrs. Beerder, my brother wasn't hear in the morning, and I didn't have a ride, so I had to catch a ride with Danny Freeman…..he lives close by" I lie, shrugging. I was a pretty good liar, I must say, and she seemed convinced. The only true things of the story was that I'd gotten a ride with Danny, and Derek wasn't at home to take me.

"Derek is your brother I suppose?" She says glancing at him sitting at his desk, running a hand thru his dirty blond hair. She cocks an eyebrow at him, asking him to speak up.

"Uh, yeah. I wasn't there to take her there. Uh- my fault" He says looking at me, and then back at the teacher. She nods at me, and I go take a seat. Some of the girls in class still a little buzzed that I had ridden with THE Danny Freeman. Of course they didn't know the lot of it! Ha!

After taking notes, and getting several nasty looks from the girls in class. I gather my bag and start to walk out the room.

"Hey! Cherry" I here Derek's voice behind me. I turn around, my eyes searching for him.

"I'm sorry Derek, that was the only thing I could say- I messed up" I say pressing a hand to my forehead, shaking it from left to right. Derek was now standing right in front of me. Looking at me,

"Eh it's okay. I'll deal" He says waving me off. I glance at him, as if to reassure he was telling the truth, and he smiled. I walk off to my next class. And then my next, until it was one class before lunch, the class Danny was in with me. And even better, he was sitting right next to me. As I walk out into the vast white hallway, I hear fast footsteps behind me. I glance back to find the red-head walking up behind me, furry in her eyes. She looks at me, and then stands in front of me.

"How dare you get a ride with MY boyfriend!" She says, placing a hand between her breasts. I step back, like a big gust of wind had hit me. Had he really cheated on her? What wad Danny thinking?!

"Whoa, whao. Slow down!" I say placing both of my hands out in front of me.

"You little bitch!" She yells at me, gesturing to the ground with her finger. That got me started,

"I don't even know you! And you don't know me either! So shut your hole and leave me alone!" I say walking around her. She stay where she was, and yell at me from behind,

"Slut!" She says, and I hear her shuffle away. I almost didn't hear the last word. Was she really his girlfriend? He's turning out o be a bitch now! I shake my head, and enter the cafeteria, finding an empty table to eat alone with, after getting my fries and salad. I settle down, and look around. I spot Danny, and see his get up. Who knows where he was going. Obviously the red-head hadn't gotten to him yet. He jokes with his buddies a little more, and then I see him make his way over to me. Oh great. I look away from him, and take a big mouthful of salad.

"Hey" I hear him say as he takes a seat across from me. I look at him, and then back down at my food.

"Mm" I almost groan, and then pick at my food a little. He furrows his brow a little, and reaches out to get a fry, I wouldn't have minded if he wasn't with-

"What the hell is up with you?" Ask him, dropping my plastic for on my tray, before his hand could reach the fry. He pulls his hand back, eyes widened in worry,

"Oh- I didn't know you didn't want me-" He stops, and sees my raging with anger face.

"I could ask you the same thing" He says sitting up straight in his chair. I roll my eyes, and soften my figure a little. I look back down at me lap.

"You must have some GUTS to-" I cut myself off before I could say anything more. "Are you…" I wait a little, and chew on my thumbnail.

"What?" says after a little while, his brows furrowed. Leaning forward in his seat. I narrow my mascara coated eyes,

"You… slept with me even though you are having a relationship with that red-head?!" I say, my voice rising in pitch a little more. He looked taken back, he leaned back in his seat, eyes widened,

"What are you talking about?" He asks, leaning back forward again.

"My excuse for being late was my brother not home to take me, and you drove me to school because you live close! Then after last class, that fire-head comes fuming over to me and yell at me for "driving" with her boyfriend!" I hiss at him, teeth gritted.

"Cherry! How the hell do you think so lowly of me! I would never do that! She fucking trying to get you to not be with me" He says, face a little bit redder.

"What?!" I say confused.

"Look, I am sorry if that ruins our relationship, but all of that is bullshit that cam out of her mouth, and never believe it. Got it?" He says, putting his hands with intertwined finger closer to me across the table.

"That better be fucking true" I say calmer now, leaning closer to the table. He scoffs,

"It is" And then looks back into my eyes. I narrow my eyes, and look at him sideways, I raise my eyebrows.

"I almost don't believe you" I say, before he jumps up, and sits next to me. A little shocked, I lean away from him, in pure instinct. He grabs my arm, and leans into me. And before I know it, his lips are on mine, trying to force his tongue into my privacy of mouth. I groan annoyed, try pushing him away, before letting his tongue shoot thru and work around. He leans back, and puts a sorry look on his face.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't conceal it" He says dropping his hands.

"I can tell" I say eyes wide, leaning away from him still.