Ginny Hanisch liked to think that she was a smart girl. Not overly-straight A's-advanced classes smart, but… smart enough. Smarter than most the kids in her regular classes, anyway.

Of course, being the result of a high school hook up, and the child of two drop outs didn't really inspire much confidence in her. In fact, most people tended to find it completely unbelievable that she was as smart as she was. They called her "Jinx" claiming that she put spells on her work so that she would get good grades.

Not that she wasn't unpopular or anything-she had many friends, and those whom she didn't consider friends, she was quite sure considered her a friend. And if it wasn't that, most everyone at least felt the urge to stick up for her (since she was apparently to weak or something to do it, herself). And, luckily, in her school, theater geeks such as herself weren't picked on nearly as much as television portrayed. Hell, they were probably some of the most popular kids out there-seconded only to the athletes (but really, you could never beat those.)

But still, Ginny had one flaw-okay, two. It was Biology and Geometry (or, any Math class, really). She just didn't get it. Things that were set in stone one minute, only to be changed the next, twisted and malformed into something else. Like, all the different ways you could answer a problem in Geometry. How the hell was she supposed to know when to put that little line thingy over letters?! And what the hell were the letters even doing there in the first place?! If you asked her, the only letters that should be in any kind of math problem were "X" and "Y"-the others could just stay in English where they belonged.

Ginny sighed, tapping her pencil on her desk as she waited for Mr. Johnson to start passing out the test papers, already. The notes she'd quickly scribbled on her desk were quickly beginning to fade and if she didn't start soon, she'd have to trace over them, again.

Look, no it wasn't cheating. It wasn't as if she had put answers on the desk, just little reminders. Like, letters to represent the order of Organization, and things like in Mutualism, both organisms gain something. It wasn't as if she'd written everything down-just the things she was certain she'd have trouble remembering. Look, sure it may have seemed wrong but everyone did it-except for the nerds, of course-and the last thing Ginny needed was to have to attend Biology Recovery, switch lunch periods and lose her Study Hall for a week. So, cheating a little bit was a small price to pay.

The test was finally passed back to her, and Ginny was so excited to get it, that she ran her arm furiously across the desk-and effectively erased all the notes she'd taken. She groaned softly when she noticed, passing the tests to the person behind her. Well, this was just great. What the hell was she supposed to do, now? Mr. Johnson had her actual notes so she couldn't try and scribble them back down.

She would have to work from memory.

1) Name the elements of organization in order.

Ginny bit her lip, as she tried to remember-how many had there been? Twelve? Ten? Nine? No… more than nine, at least ten, but no more than thirteen. She tried to remember the letters in her head, and then hesitantly started to write down her answers.





Organ System






She counted them over, nodding to herself as she did so. Ten. Perfect. That had to be at least close enough. Hopefully, close enough that Mr. Johnson wouldn't notice that it was wrong-if it was.

2) Bacteria live in your digestive system, and lives off your undigested food. They create a vitamin that we need. What type of relationship is this?

Ginny felt like hitting her head-she could only remember two of the relationships, and she was sure that this wasn't it.

Paratism she wrote.

Needless, to say, she failed the test. To tell the truth, she wasn't really all that surprised. She'd been expecting it before the test had even been passed out to her. It was inevitable.

But it couldn't be all bad. I mean, she'd finally get to have lunch with her best friend-she hadn't been able to do that in the entire year, month and week she'd been in high school. Well, okay, so twice-but that was because she'd gotten to choose when she'd eaten, because it had been homecoming week. Other than that, she had to settle for her… well, probably more like fifth or sixth best friend.

Still, she wasn't happy about having to leave her nice, quiet study hall, in return for a boring classroom full of people who simply didn't care. Yeah, that was going to be fun.

Ginny walked into the classroom, sighing and pushing her curly red hair out of her face as she did so. It wasn't a very big room, and only held a few chairs-ten or so. Nine out of the ten were full, and the only seat that was open was next to a boy with bleached blonde hair, and pierced ears. Ginny blinked, shaking her head, and then sat down next to him.

They glanced briefly at each other, before turning to the front. The teacher wasn't in yet due to the fact that the bell wouldn't ring for another two minutes. Which meant that Ginny had two options; either, she have an awkward conversation with this boy, or she take out her script, and memorize her lines.

She opted for the latter.

Her school was putting on a production of 12 Angry Men, only, their director had changed it up, so that there would be girls in there, as well. She'd only gotten her script the day before, but the way she saw it, the sooner she started memorizing lines, the better.

"You're actually in the play?" Ginny glanced up, looking towards the boy, which was where the voice had come from. He was looking at her, then snorted, and looked away, "Only nerds are in plays."

Ginny narrowed her eyes, before glancing away, "Well, sorry that not everyone in this class can be as careless and cool as you are."

The boy yanked the script out of her hand and looked it over, "This sounds boring."

"Once again," Ginny grabbed the script back from him, "I'm sorry." then she narrowed her eyes at him, "Who are you, anyway? What gives you the right to comment on what I like to do with my free time?"

The boy smirked, "My bad. I'm Ian. Ian Darcy. And you are?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "Not that it's any of your business, but I'm Ginny Hanisch."

"Really?" Ian raised an eyebrow, "Jinx? The witch who puts spells on her homework so that she gets good grades? That Jinx?" he laughed, "What happened, your powers flake out on you?"

Ginny groaned, "First of all, I'm not a witch, and second of all, Biology has always been my worst subject-while, aside from Geometry." she shook her head, "Now, could you please shut up, because you're really starting to piss me off. And I've never hit someone before, but I'm really considering breaking your nose."

Ian laughed harshly, "Yeah, right? You? You probably wouldn't be able to break a sweat."

Ginny scrunched up her nose in a sort of silent, sarcastic laugh. Then she turned back to the front, tapping her fingers impatiently on the desk, and hoping that the class would start soon so that it would end soon and she would be able to leave Ian.

Unfortunately, when the bell did finally ring, the both had to go in the same direction towards the cafeteria. Ginny speed walked down the hallway so that she wouldn't have to deal with him any longer. Tomorrow, she would have to get to class earlier so that she could sit next to someone who didn't make her want to kill things.

"Juni!" Ginny paused slightly so that her best friend, Mindy could slip my backpack off my shoulders. Then, without even glancing back, and she ran to the lunch line before it could get too long. And by too long, it really just meant no more than five people.

"Hey, Jinx." Ginny smiled at Peter, her best guy friend, who'd just seemed to appear behind her, "I didn't know you were in this lunch period."

"I'm not." Ginny smirked, yanking on a chunk of his long blonde hair-it was a habit of hers, she had to do it every time she saw him, "I'm just here until Friday."

Peter laughed, "You failed the Bio test, huh?"

Ginny rolled her eyes, "I didn't fail it… I just got an F."

Peter rolled his eyes back at her, "Yeah, cuz that's totally different. So, are you gong to sit at my table?"

"Do you sit with Mindy?" she asked, taking her tray of breaded chicken patty on a bun.


She turned to him, and pinched his right cheek, "Then what do you think?"

"I think that Ian Darcy is probably in that class with you, and you're going to die before the week is over if you have to sit by him."

Ginny raised her eyebrows in surprise at him, "How did you know I had to sit next to him, today?"

Peter shrugged, "Didn't. I just figured I'd warn you before you get caught off guard. Guess I was too late."

Ginny sighed, glancing away, "Yeah, about thirty-one minutes too late."

She paid for her stuff before making her way back to the table where she could see Mindy's crazy curly blonde mop. Mindy never ate school lunch-hadn't touched one since they were in the second grade. And since Ginny was always starving by lunch time, she'd always run to the cafeteria so that she was one of the first ones there. So, it didn't come as a big surprise that they were the only ones currently seated at the lunch table.

"Had fun talking to Pete?" Mindy smirked, wriggling her eyebrows. She'd always had this thing with hooking Ginny up with a guy since she'd never had a boyfriend-and for some reason, always figured that Peter would be perfect.

Ginny snorted, "As if." then she smiled teasingly, "Actually, yes, I did. But as I have said a million times, Min, we're just friends."

"Your mouth says 'just friends' but your eyes say, 'kiss me now you fool!'" Mindy then began to make obnoxious kissing noises, shaking her head slightly as she did so.

"You're a freak." Ginny chuckled, taking a bite out of one of her sweet potato fries. It was coated with so much ketchup that she could barely taste anything else, but that was how you had to eat them. Otherwise, you just wanted to puke.

Then she groaned, sliding her head into her hand so that she could begin to tell Mindy about Ian, "Ugh, I had to sit next to the most annoying guy in Biology Recovery, today."

Mindy raised an eyebrow, "Really? Annoying how?"

"He made fun of acting." Ginny pouted.

Mindy gasped, dramatically, "How dare he?!" she cried.

Ginny rolled her eyes as she tried to keep from smiling, "Look, Min, just because you prefer to be backstage with the rest of the Techies doesn't mean that some of us actors don't take it personally when someone talks about how stupid plays are."

"Oh, that's right." Mindy hit her head, "I almost forgot-sane people don't make fun of the stuff that Jinx the Witch is in to."

Ginny rolled her eyes again, "You know just as well as I do, that I'm not a witch."

Mindy chuckled, "I know. You just like to prove people wrong."

That was true. Ever since she was little, people were certain she'd grow up to be just as big of a disappointment as her parents. They didn't want her to attend college because they didn't want a daughter who was smarter than them-hell, they wanted her to drop out of high school the second she turned eighteen! But she wasn't going to. She was going to graduate and go onto college and make something of herself. Just because she liked to prove people wrong. And if that wasn't reason enough, then she didn't know what was.

"Hey, we got a new kid here, today?" a familiar voice sounded from behind her. Ginny winced at the sound of it.

Mindy smirked up at the newcomer, "Of course, Ian. I told you that she would be joining us until Friday."

Ginny turned around to see the Ian from Biology Recovery standing behind her with a tray in his hand and his black leather backpack swung over one shoulder. She clenched her hand into a fist under the table, effectively crushing the fry she was holding.

"Wuddup, Jinx?" Ian smirked as he plopped down in the seat to her right. Ginny inched away from him as he did so. Damn, well that was just her luck.

"Nothing much has changed since the last time we saw each other." Ginny forced out through clenched teeth, "Five minutes ago."

Ian chuckled, "Guess not." he leaned back in his chair.

Mindy, for the most part, seemed to be able to put two and two together, so she didn't even comment on the fact that the two of them knew each other. Which made Ginny glad, because she really didn't want to have to explain that he was the annoying guy she was talking about. Especially since the two of them seemed to be friends.

"So…" Mindy glanced down at the script that Ginny was still holding, "I'm guessing you got the part."

Ginny glanced down as well, then at Ian, then back to the script, and finally she tucked it away before he could get a hold of it, "You were there, Min. You saw me get it."

"I know," Mindy shook her head, "But I just couldn't believe it."

"I take that as an insult." Ginny huffed, playfully.

"So, where was that side of you in Biology Recovery?" Ian asked as the two of them left the cafeteria. Unfortunately, he just so happened to be going the same way to their 6th period, as well.

Ginny rolled her eyes, "It was shoved up my ass the second you started talking to me."

Ian narrowed his eyes down at her, "Do you have a problem with me?" he asked, his tone now dangerous and threatening instead of teasing and flirting.

Ginny rolled her eyes again, "No, you only made fun of me and my hobbies-of course I don't have a problem with you." she said, sarcastically, "What made you think so?"

Ian thought about that for a second, before rolling his eyes, "Whatever. Stop being such a whiney ass. It's not like what I said wasn't true. Being in plays is so… stupid."

"Why?" Ginny asked, her eyes narrowing, "A play is just like a movie, only you're seeing it live and in person." she crossed her arms, "Have you ever even seen a play?"

Ian shook his head, "No, and I don't ever plan on it. Like I said, plays are stupid."

"Well," Ginny turned away from him, with her nose in the air like some kind of prude, "Then I guess we have that settled."

Ian narrowed his eyes, "I suppose we do."

"Good." Ginny stormed away from him, "I'm glad we got this all figured out."


Ginny ran out of the classroom as fast as she could, practically sprinting across the school to the Biology Recovery room. She didn't want to have another experience like yesterday. Lunch hadn't been so bad, since she'd had other people to talk to, but if she had to sit right next to him, it would be hell.

Luckily, almost all the seats were still open when she arrived. And Ian occupied one of the taken ones, which meant that he wouldn't be able to see where she sat when he came in and then sat next to her. Ginny took a seat at the front opposite corner of his, and focused all her attention on the whiteboard.

The chair next to her moved and someone sat down next to her. She didn't glance over to see who it was-what did it matter? It couldn't be Ian, so she really didn't care.

A few minutes later, Mr. Johnson came in, and began to teach. Ginny focused 100% and tried to make sure she soaked up everything she could. She really wanted to get back to her regular lunch schedule and get as far away from the blonde haired boy as possible.

"Alright, kids," Mr. Johnson said, "Now, turn to your partners and discuss what you connects every organism."

"What they eat." Ginny muttered, not looking over at the person next to her. That was a thing she did-she never looked at the person she was sitting next to. If she did, it would insinuate that the two of them had some kind of relationship.

"You're smart, Jinx." a familiar voice said sarcastically next to her, "How the hell did you get into Bio Recovery?"

Ginny gasped, turning to see that it was Ian who was sitting next to her. She groaned and hit her head against the desk, really pissed off.

"Oh, god." Ginny groaned, rubbing her now sore head, "You have got to be kidding me. Why the hell are you sitting up here? You were in the back before class started."

Ian shrugged, "No matter. You do know that you can switch seats before class starts, right?" he smirked at her pissed off expression, before pulling a book out of his backpack. This caught Ginny off guard-she never took him as the type of a guy who actually read in his free time.

But the book he was reading surprised her even more.

"Ruined?" she asked, incredulous, and she stared at the book, her eyes wide.

Ian raised an eyebrow at her, "Yeah, you got a problem with it?"

Ginny shook her head, "No, it's one of my favorite books in the world. I just thought… that it wouldn't be one of your type of books."

Ian scoffed, "Yeah right. Ghosts and curses and cousins trying to kill cousins? I love this type of book!"

"Ohmigod, yeah!" Ginny smiled, leaning forward, suddenly really excited without really thinking about what she was saying, "I have to read it all the time! I'm like… addicted or something! I seriously think I go through withdrawals!"

Ian chuckled, "Why, I don't think I'm that into it. I'm more into the Romanov history. You know, with the last Czar of Russia?"

"Whoa, seriously?!" Ginny's eyes grew even wider, "Are you kidding me? I'm totally into that history, as well!"

Ian rolled his eyes, "Have you ever seen the movie, Anastasia?"

Ginny rolled her eyes back at him, "Yeah, it was the most historically inaccurate movie I've ever seen in my entire life."

"Oh, I know!" Ian nodded, "I mean, they had her age totally off! She was-what? Eight?-in the movie when she was totally like twelve or thirteen when they were assassinated!"

"Yeah!" Ginny agreed, "And the years were off, as well! Like, by ten years! And her sisters weren't that much older than her-especially Marie! She was like-the same age as her!"

"And Anastasia's body wasn't ever even missing!"

"And Rasputin wasn't the one who killed them-it was Lennon! Rasputin just predicted when they would die!"

Ian rolled his eyes, "God, that movie makes me sick."

Ginny giggled, "Of course. That movie is probably the worst movie in the entire world." she stuck her finger in her mouth and made a gagging sound, "I threw up the last time I tried to watch it." then she rolled her eyes, "Can you believe it's one of Mindy's and Wendy's favorite movies?"

"Well, I don't know who Wendy is, but jeez! I didn't think Mindy would be so stupid as to actually like that movie! The only good thing about it was the music!"

"And the romance between Anya-" Ginny stressed her name and the fact that it wasn't 'Anastasia', "And Dimitri."

Ian rolled his eyes, smiling, "Oh yeah, can't forget that."

Ginny smiled and nodded, "Yupp." then she rolled her eyes, "Wendy-she's my… like… third best friend-says that it's just one of the theories of what happened to her."

"Theories?" Ian scoffed, "Dude, her body was never even missing! It was Marie's and Alexei's! Did you tell her that?"

Ginny shook her head, "I wanted to, but the bell rang before I got the chance." she shuttered, "Who would make a Disney movie about the slaughter of an entire family? It's just plain sick and wrong."

"Because it makes money." Ian shuttered as well, "Still the thought makes me so sick, it grosses me out."

"I say it's disrespectful." Ginny said as the bell rang, signaling it was time for lunch, "It was the slaughter of a family-a sad and awful story. To make a comedy out of it belittles the family."

"You know," Ian said, the two of them walking out of the classroom, "It's really just the story of Anna Anderson, except that she actually turned out to be Anastasia."

"Ugh." Ginny shuttered again, "I swear, I think I'm getting sick just thinking about it." then she cut off, eyes widening as she realized something. That her and Ian had actually had a conversation that hadn't included yelling at each other.

That couldn't happen. Soon, she would find herself actually liking him. So, she sped up her walk, speeding ahead of him towards the cafeteria.

It was after school, and Ginny was searching through the library, searching for The Little Mermaid 2. It was her favorite Disney movie, ever, and she'd been dying to watch it ever since that conversation she'd had with Ian that morning. God, that had been the oddest thing that had ever happened to her. She'd never expected to have a civilized conversation with Ian Darcy. Sure, it had been about a movie that sucked ass, but still. Awful.

"Almost ready?" her friend, Cassandra McVoy asked, leaning up against the shelf of movies.

Ginny nodded, before sighing, "They don't have it." she shook her head, "And I really needed a pick me up."

Cassandra raised an eyebrow, "You had another conversation about Anastasia, again, huh?"

Ginny raised an eyebrow back at her, "How did you know?"

Cassandra shrugged, "Because you always have to check out The Little Mermaid 2 after you have a conversation about it." she smirked, and crossed her arms, "You really don't like that movie, do you?"

Ginny shuddered, "I feel sick. Let's stop talking about it."

Cassandra laughed, "Okay, whatever you want."

Ginny stepped into the Biology Recovery room, sighing as she did so. It was the third day, which meant that she was halfway through the week. Just two more days, and then she wouldn't have to deal with Ian, anymore. She wouldn't have to deal with the confusion of whether or not she hated him or liked him.

By this point, she'd accepted the fact that she wouldn't be able to run away from Ian during the class. If she tried, he would just chase her down-that she was more than certain of. So, she just plopped down in the back next to him, with her mind completely set on ignoring him for the next twenty-five minutes.

Of course, that didn't meant that he didn't want to talk to her.

"Want to complain some more about Anastasia, today?" he asked, smirking evilly.

Ginny shot him a glare, "What's up with you?" she asked, "Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"

Ian raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I mean that you spent all of Monday and a good portion of yesterday trying to piss me off, and now you're being nice to me just because we found two things we have in common?"

Ian narrowed his eyes at her, "What are you talking about? I've been acting the same way around you this whole time. You're the one who suddenly started acting different."

Ginny snorted, "That's only because you've been tricking me, trying to play with my mind. So please just shut up, and let me be for the next three days."

Ian shrugged, "Fine, I was just wondering if you wanted to have… this." he held up a copy of The Little Mermaid 2.

Ginny squealed, and snatched it out of his hands, smiling hugely, "Ohmigod, you have it? How did you know I wanted it?!"

"I heard you talking to that brown haired friend of yours at the library last night." Ian explained.

Ginny raised an eyebrow up at him, "You were at the library last night?" she raised an eyebrow, "How is it that you're so smart, but you have piercings, bleached hair, and are in Biology Recovery?"

Ian shrugged, "Just because I'm smart, doesn't meant that I'm good at every subject-or that I like every subject." he shot her a smirk, "You should know stuff about that, Jinx."

Ginny groaned, "Could you please stop calling me 'Jinx'?"

Ian raised an eyebrow over at her, "Why? I think Jinx is a cool nickname."

"It's awful." Ginny groaned, "When I was little, everyone was afraid of me. They said that the fact that I was so good at school when my parents were such failures was unnatural. They all actually believed that I was a witch." she shuttered, "That nickname brings up bad memories for me. That's why Mindy calls me 'Junie' instead."

Ian knitted his eyebrows together, "Oh, I'm sorry."

Ginny rolled her eyes, "I don't want your pity. It was a long time ago."

He smirked, "Well then, I suppose I'll just go on calling you 'Jinx'."

Ginny shrugged, "Whatever. It's not like I'm going to see you at all after Friday, anyway."

Ian blinked, looking surprised, as if he hadn't remembered that this class only lasted a week, and in a couple of days, Ginny would be back to her regular lunch period, "Oh, yeah." he sighed, "Man, I'm going to miss being able to make fun of you."

Ginny snorted, "Yeah, whatever." she propped her head in her hand, listening intently at what Mr. Johnson was saying.

"Your welcome, by the way." Ian muttered in her ear as they left the room.

Ginny raised an eyebrow up at him, "For what?"

"For giving you the movie."

"Oh," Ginny looked down at the dvd she was still holding from the beginning of class-she'd completely forgotten about it, "Yeah. Thank you. Why did you have it, anyway?"

Ian shrugged, "My little sister used to love it. She doesn't anymore, but she has this thing about selling her stuff. She's paranoid that someone will buy it just to destroy it or something. So she was more than happy when I told her that you wanted it."

"Oh," Ginny muttered intelligently, "Well, then tell your sister thanks for me, then." she smiled up at him, "Want to come watch it with me at my house and see if it's as historically inaccurate as Anastasia."

Ian smiled back down at her, "Sure."

Ginny blinked, she'd meant it as a joke-she hadn't expected him to say yes. But now the invitation was out there and had been accepted, so there was no way she could take it back.

This was just great.

"So, this is your house." Ian said, putting a hand on his hip as he looked up at it.

Ginny nodded, "Yeah, and my older sister is home and studying for college entrance exams, so you have to be quiet, okay?"

Ian nodded down at her, running a finger across his lips, turning them at the corner, and then pretending to throw away the key. Ginny had to keep herself from sighing-god he was so immature.

"C'mon." she sighed, pulling him into the house. She didn't want to have to deal with all this shit, at the moment. Why the hell did Ian have to be such a kid?

"Sara!" Ginny called out after they'd shut the door, "I'm home!"

Her sister appeared in the kitchen, which her room was just right next to. Sara had Ginny's curly hair, only it was more of a reddish brown than red, and she also had the same brown eyes as Ginny. Aside from the hair color, there was also one big difference between the two of them-Sara was immensely pretty. As in, incredibly pretty-no, that wasn't even the right word. She was beautiful. Downright over the top beautiful. Other than that, everything about them two of them were more than likely exactly the same. Their parents had had Sara when they were fifteen, so she wasn't expected to do well, either, but-like Ginny-she liked to prove people wrong.

"Mom and dad home?" Ginny asked, glancing around.

Sara shook her head, crossing her arms, "No. They're both out at some friend's house for the night."

Ginny sighed, and hugged her arms to herself. This happened a lot, her parents were very rarely home during the night. They just peeked in shortly after school got out to make sure everything was going okay, and then they were gone. Sure, they always came back by the time Ginny had to get up in the morning for school, but it seriously felt like she didn't even have parents sometimes.

"Okay," she nodded, before tilting her head back towards Ian, "This is Ian Darcy." she saw a smirk start to cross her sister's face, so she quickly added, "We're going to watch The Little Mermaid 2."

Sara raised an eyebrow, before shrugging, "Whatever. I'll order pizza and bring some down to you when it gets here."

Ginny nodded, "Thanks, Sara." she started for the stairs, "We'll be in my room."

Ian-who'd been following her down the stairs-paused, his eyes wide, "Wait, we're going to your room?"

Ginny stopped and raised an eyebrow up at him, "Yes, why? Is that a problem?"

Ian shook his head, "Uh… no. No, I guess not." he began to smirk evilly, "Are we going to have fun while we're down there?"

It took Ginny a second to really get what he was trying to say. When she finally did, she let out a disgusted gasp, and bitch slapped him across the face.

"Ow!" he cried, "What the hell was that for!"

"I'm a virgin!" Ginny hissed, "And I plan to stay that way until I'm married!"

Ian held up his hands, "Okay, okay! Never mind! Jeez, when you say something like that, you can't blame a guy for jumping to that conclusion!"

Ginny sighed, before continuing down the stairs, "Whatever. Never mind. Let's just get going."

She led him to her bedroom, before pausing slightly at the door. She didn't usually let anyone in her room, so she was suddenly very nervous. What if he thought her decorations were stupid? But then, she started to wonder-why the hell did she even care? It wasn't as if she was expecting to see him again after Friday, so it shouldn't really matter if he liked her room or not. Besides, it was like she had anything embarrassing up there, so he couldn't like, tell the whole school and have them all laugh at her. She was just being silly.

"Ugh, this movie is so stupid." Ian groaned, halfway through the movie, the vague smell of pizza still lingering on his breath.

Ginny glanced up from where she'd been laying her head on his stomach, "This is a good movie. You're an idiot."

Ian laughed, causing her head to shake slightly, "And you're a child."

"Oh, yeah?" Ginny sat up so that their faces were just inches apart, "At least I'm not the one who's failing half my classes."

Ian sat up so that their faces were even closer, a slow smirk spreading across his face, "And how did you know that?"

Ginny smirked even wider, "Because you told me while we were waiting for the movie to start. Remember?"

Ian chuckled, a deep, throaty chuckle, "Oh, yes, I suppose I… did…."

He had paused and was now looking at her lips. It was then that Ginny realized just how close they were. Just a flinch from one of them and their lips would be touching. She began to move back, blushing harshly, but he grabbed a hold of her by the back of her neck and yanked her forward so that thir lips were crushed against each other.

And the scary part? She didn't even feel like stopping it.

It was Friday, the last day of Biology Recovery. Which meant that after lunch, her and Ian would never have an excuse to see each other, again. They'd sort of hung out and gotten along during lunch yesterday, but nobody could know that they were getting along. They came from too different parts of the food chain in high school. Ian belonged to the bad part of town, and Ginny belonged to the smart, drama type. They didn't mix.

Ian didn't say a word to her when she took her seat next to him-and she didn't say a word to him. What were they going to say? Goodbye? Because there was no way she could talk to him, now. Not when it was the last day they would be able to hang out anymore, especially after that kiss from Wednesday. Because it didn't make sense-she hated him. So, how come she was depressed that she would never get to see him, again?

So, she pulled out her script, and began to read.

They didn't say a word to each other the entire day.

It was the opening day of her play. No matter how many plays Ginny had been, she still couldn't get used to the first day jitters. She took a deep breath, before stepping out on the stage, ready to start acting.

And nearly gasped at what she saw.

Ian Darcy-the boy who had sworn to never attend a play in his entire life-was sitting right in front with the biggest goofy smile on his face.

Ginny got over her shock, quite quick though, and continued on with her line, not glancing out at him. When she did, though, he winked, and made a slight kissing motion, and then held up the sign for 'F'.

And Ginny couldn't help but smile back.

The next day they had a test in Biology. Now, unlike the last test, Ginny had actually studied for this one, so she had faith that she would actually do well on this one.

1) What connects all organisms in the world?

Ginny smiled, she knew the answer. It was that they all ate each other. For instance, birds eat mice, mice eat bugs, and bugs eat grass.

They all live on planet Earth. she wrote.

Hey, getting a couple more F's really wouldn't ruin the reputation her parents had made for her.

Especially if Ian would always be waiting for her in Biology Recovery.

Gabrielle: Now, I know this is qualified as "finished" but there will be more chapters up. This is basically seven different short stories-one for each subject in school. The next one should be published within the week (so long as I don't get a part in the play going on at my school)