Alright, here's chapter 4 as promised!


CHAPTER 4- Surprise!

Kris's P.O.V.

Okay, in all honesty I wasn't trying to show off how much I've changed, but I have to admit… I looked hot.

I was in one of my older band T-shirts, so it was snug and a bit short, and over that I wore a distressed, cropped jean vest. Then I had my frayed jean short shorts and my black military boots. The only jewelry I wore were my forever-present earrings, that's three on each side, and my mom's vintage ring.

It was something I kept, to try to remember her. I never could. It was very beautiful and old. It was an arrow that wrapped around your finger. It wasn't shiny anymore. In fact, it was sort of rusted. But strangely enough, I liked it that way.

I wasn't trying to impress my family, honestly. I wanted to rub it in, at the least. You guys must be so lost. Well, let me explain.

The last time I saw any family members from Florida was six years ago before my 'transformation'. Six years ago I didn't look anything like I looked right now. Back then; I was pimpled face, had braces, glasses and still had baby fat. Now I wear contacts instead of glasses, the braces are gone (finally) and I have perfectly straight teeth, and to top it all off, I haven't had one pimple in years. Seriously, I don't even have marks or scars. Talk about a miracle. And, well, you guys know what happened to the baby fat.

So yeah, I underwent a serious change. The point is, six years ago, a couple of my cousins were really mean to me. Instead of supporting me and being nice to their youngest cousin (yes, I am the youngest) they teased me.

My other cousins are the twins, Jacqueline and Alexis. They also happened to be the ones closest to my age being less than a year older than me. They were the only people I used to tell my problems to. Besides my Aunt Shania, of course. Seriously, she is the sweetest, most understanding lady you'll ever meet. I missed them the most. But let me tell you I did not miss Matt and Nathan (my mean cousins) much.

Well, enough with the rambling. Back to the present.

By now I was less than ten minutes away from arriving at the old beach house, if I remember correctly.

I looked at the scenery. It didn't look any different from the time I had been here last. Same tall palm trees, same white sand and blue tall waves. The sun shined like it always did. Can't wait to go tan. I'm getting seriously pale. The people haven't changed as far I could see. Same girls in bikinis that were way too small. It didn't help that you could see they've had too much work done. Completely fake. And of course there were the surfer dudes who thought they were hot stuff. Probably all a bunch of a-holes.

Sweet, sweet Miami a beautiful place, filled with shallow people.

The car was pulling up in front of the house by then. I chuckled as I saw Jacs jumping up and down. She hasn't changed at all. I couldn't wait to see the look on their faces.

Third Person's POV

Matt and Nathan honestly didn't know why they were inviting Kristen, of all people, to Florida. His mom said it was because it was time they reconnected with her. Matt and Nathan only knew her as the ugly, annoying little kid who they used to make fun of. They were in for a big surprise.

"Mom, mom, mom, mo-" Jacqueline was trying to get her mother's attention.

Shania sighed, "Yes, Jacs."

"When is Kris going to be here?" Jacqueline was one of the more excited ones to see Kris again.

"She'll be here when she gets here," Alexis was very close to straggling her twin. She was excited to see Kris again but her sister made her not want to be here. At all.

Jacqueline, Alexis and Shania were happy they finally got to see Kris after six years. Unlike Matt and Nathan who were thinking of the million other things they could've been doing instead. Their thoughts ranging from going to the clubs to checking out beach bunnies.

"Now boys, I know you aren't exactly thrilled to see Kris again because you claimed she 'annoyed' you but please, at least try to be nice," Shania told her two sons who weren't looking ready to be nice to anyone.

"She did annoy us!" Nathan protested who was the more outspoken of the two.

"Please," Alexis said sarcastically, "Kris is one of sweetest people I know. You guys were just too stuck on your prejudices about her looks to get to know her."

Nathan opened his mouth like he was about to say something but decided against it knowing he would never be able to win against his sister. Not that'll he'll ever admit

it. Matt just stood quietly to the corner not saying anything.

"Kris might not be the prettiest flower in the bunch," said Jacqueline, trying to put it nicely, "but she has inner beauty. Unlike two guys I know." She said that last part under her breath, going unnoticed by the two boys.

"Umm, guys," Alexis piped up, "you're acting like she's still eleven years old. Remember, it's been six years, she probably changed."

"Please, she couldn't have changed that much." Nathan snickered at the idea of an older, still fat, still pimpled face Kris.

"Well, we'll just have to wait and see," their mother said reasonably.

"Oh! Oh! I see a car!" Jacs was jumping up and down in excitement, "She's here!" She practically screamed as the car parked.

Everybody had smiles on their faces, some real, some fake. Than Kris stepped out of the car that just pulled up and as if rehearsed, everybody's jaws dropped as the youngest family member stepped out of the car.

Kris's POV

I smirked at all their faces. This was going to be fun.