Chapter 5

Nathan's POV

"What a babe!" I thought as I saw one of the HOTTEST chicks I have seen in my entire life step out of a black Audi 7. I literally felt like my jaw hit the floor when I saw her step out of the car. "Who is she? Is she staying here with Kris? This summer might not be so bad after all." I was talking to myself mentally as I checked out this girl's amazing body. My eyes trailed up her curvy figure and finally landed on her face. "You know she kinda looks like Kris, if Kris was older and hotter and less of an annoying geek and… come to think of it… where is Kris? Is she BEHIND the hot girl or…"

Realization dawned on me as I realized that the hot girl WAS Kris. Then ultimate horror enveloped my entire being as I realized that I had just checked out my baby cousin! I called her "hot" and fantasied about things that should not be done with BABY COUSINS! I was sure that my shifting emotions were written clearly all over my face when my mom turned to me with a worry in her eyes.

"Are you okay baby? You look a little green." She said as she stepped forward as if to take my temperature.

"I think I'm going to be sick." I said while walking into the house, away from her motherly concern. I really thought I was about to throw up soon. I needed some time to clear my head so I rushed as quickly as my nauseous body would take me to my room and locked the door, tight.

Kris' POV

As soon as I stepped out of the car, I couldn't hold back the arrogant smirk that crept onto my lips. They were all "gob-smacked". All my cousin's mouths were hanging open and Aunt Shania was smiling lovingly at me. Nathan's reaction was the best! His face was contorting with all these different emotions but I didn't even take time to analyze what they were. I was too busy trying not to double over and start laughing like an idiot. Honestly, it was absolutely hilarious and it took all my strength not to crack up then and there in front of everyone. The best part was when he ran into the house looking like he was going to be sick. I couldn't help the snickers that escaped my lips after that.

Jacqueline was the first to recover. Then she attacked me.

"I missed you so much!" Jacqueline practically screamed in my ear.

"Jacs… can't… breath," I managed to gasp out. She may not look it, but she has some serious strength.

"Sorry," she looked sorry for a second. Then she started rambling, "OMG! Look at you! You look like a freaking supermodel! You have to tell me how you did it. And OMG! It's been years! Why haven't you come before? But whatever. You're here-" I tuned out the rest of her rant. She's even louder than I remembered, and I didn't think that was possible.

I eventually put my hand over her mouth, "Jacs! Breath, calm breaths. We have two months to catch up. You don't have to tell me every detail of your life for the past six years, right now." She just nodded excitedly.

"You're lucky you don't have to live with her," said a familiar voice from behind. "Sirk we've missed you so much! We don't see you for six years and suddenly you turn into this freaking model! Whatever happened to my innocent little cousin?" Alexis said. I went up to her hugged her tightly.

"Sorry Sixela, but you can't exactly expect me to come up here every time I want to see you guys. And I'm still your little cousin. Just not as innocent." They laughed. It was a little sad that they didn't know how not innocent I was. "But I really did want to come and see you guys more often, but I have school and work and…" an abusive father who would never let me do that. Obviously I didn't say the last part, but I was thinking it. I never told the girls about my dad. The only person I ever told was all the way back in New York.

You must be wondering why Alexis and I were calling each other by our names spelt backwards but I really don't know why; it's just something we've done since forever.

Joy filled my heart (Ugh, I can't believe I just thought that) as I listened to my cousins talk about what they had planned for us to do while I was in Miami. I loved these girls so much. They were my favorite cousins, sorry Matt and Nathan… not really. They were identical twins. They had the same dark brown, straight hair, the same full pink lips, the same petite body structure and the same dark brown eyes. The only thing that was different were their personalities. Seriously, in personality, they are polar opposites. Jacs is a total girly girl and shopaholic, who knows absolutely nothing about sports and everything about how to apply make-up. While Sixela is a complete tomboy, who mastered about ten different sports and doesn't give a crap about clothes or shoes, unless they're soccer cleats.

"Kristen!" my aunt's cheerful voice came from right behind me. She gave me a gentle squeeze. "You look amazing! You are going to have to give me all your secrets." She winked at me.

I laughed, "I'll make sure to do that," if she only knew.

Usually, I would flinch at the name Kristen, but coming from Aunt Shania, it wasn't as bad. She always insisted on calling me Kristen for some reason, and I kind of got use to it coming from her lips, and her lips only.

"Hi aunty, I missed you guys so much, you have no idea!" I said as I embraced her.

"We missed you too. Something tells me that having you here this summer is going to be quite the experience." She said as she looked at me with anticipation clear in her eyes. There was something in her voice that made it seem as if we might not be thinking about the same thing but I shook it off. It was probably just me being weird.

"Okay we'll show you to your room. Where are your bags?" Jacs said, looking around as if she was expecting the non-existent bags to pop out of the sky like one of her Greek gods or something. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Jacqueline has a weird addiction to Greek gods and goddesses. Gosh this child needs help.

"This is it." I said gesturing to the large duffle bag and guitar case in my hand.

Jacqueline stared at me in horror. "You're JOKING right. That can't be where you have all your shoes, makeup AND clothes! Please, tell me the guitar case has shoes or clothes and not an actual guitar."

"Sorry, but there is an actual guitar in there and first of all I don't wear makeup and second, yes Jacs I am serious. Trust me I have everything I need," I told her with a smile.

"Oh girlfriend. New priority for the summer, TAKE YOU SHOPPING! We'll go first thing in the morning so we can get this over with." She said taking my bag.

"No Jacs seriously it's okay. I have –"

"NO BUTS!" she said cutting me off " The only butt there will be is yours going to the mall with me! That's final!" with that my over-dramatic cousin stormed off to take my bag to what I guessed would be my room.

Alexis rolled her eyes at her sister's antics and led Aunt Shania and I up to the house. I noticed my other cousin Matt was no longer on the porch. He probably went to check on his brother. Thinking about Nathan made me laugh out loud when I remembered his hilarious reaction to me. Alexis gave me a funny look but shrugged it off.

I set my guitar down carefully on the couch before she led me up a flight of wooden stairs in the open house. We walked down a long carpeted hallway on the second floor and she walked into the room at the end of the hall whose door was left ajar.

I walked in behind her and stopped in my tracks as I took in the sight before my eyes. My room was huge with a door leading out to the balcony, which was on the opposite side of the room to the door. I had a queen-sized bed, a desk with a laptop already waiting for me to use it, what looked like a spacious walk-in closet and the walls were painted light turquoise. Turquoise just so happened to be my second favorite color. My first was black, not because of Nick and his beautiful black soft hair or his dark eyes or anything just… because-

Anyway, the point was that it was a huge upgrade since my last visit. Last time I had to share a room with Alexis and Jacqueline. It was torture! Don't get me wrong, I love them to death but those two can argue all night long about the stupidest things like what show to watch or who took the last chocolate bar. I could really get used to this room, I thought with a stupid giddy smile on my face.

The girls and I were all chatting and eating my Aunt's homemade brownies, which she made just for me. Okay. Fine, I was the only one actually eating, but in my defense, those brownies are good and the airplane food wasn't exactly appetizing, so I was starving. That's when the boys walked in.

"Well, I'm glad you boys finally decided to come out and be sociable," said my aunt, which was funny since she had her back turned so she couldn't have possibly seen the boys. Hm, I guess moms really do have eyes in the back of their heads. I wouldn't know.

"Kris." Nathan's voice was without emotion and so was his face. I thought back to all the emotions that crossed his face when I came out and wondered what they were.

"Nathan," I said just as impassively which was followed by a very awkward silence. Let me be the first to tell you, that I hate awkward silences, so I like to break them, so I did just that.

"I love ducks," I stage whispered. There was a moment of complete silence while everybody looked at me like I was nuts, then everybody bust out laughing. Yep, I have that effect on people, and it wasn't like I was lying. I really do like ducks. They're cute.

The laughter starts dying down, "I've never heard that one before," Alexis wipes away a tear from the corner of her eye while Jacs is still trying to control her giggles. Aunt Shania is trying to hide her amusment but it's ruined by the small, amused smile on her face. Nathan looks amused while Matt just looks impassive again, but there was this tiny twinkle of amusement in his eyes. I don't think anybody who doesn't know him well would be able to see it. Nick always said I could see things better than most people.

Just the thought of Nick made me feel nostalgic (that's right, I know big words). I wondered what he was doing at this very second. Did he miss me as much as missed him? I wondered if Nick was still freaking out about the almost kiss like I was. I know I looked cool and collected, but that almost kiss was always nagging at me. You'll see, as soon as I'm alone, that's all I'll be thinking about. Ah, Nick, I miss him. I'll text him tonight I decided.

"Anyway," Nathan said after all laughter had died down (seriously it wasn't that funny, was it?), "I saw your guitar on the couch. You play?" He asked shyly.

"Well, duh I play."

"Can I see it?" Nathan eyes were lit up, like this was his element. Weird.

"I'll show it to you, but she is my baby, so you'll be very careful." I was dead serious.

"I understand." There was no mock in his voice.

"You do?" I raised an eyebrow (yes, I can do that)

"Yeah I-" he started, but was cut off by Matt.

"Nate, here, is a music guru."

"And he speaks!" I got a few more snickers for that one, "Well, shall we take a look?" If he was really a music guru, I couldn't wait to see his reaction to my guitar.

The twins were to the side, just waiting. Surprisingly, Jacqueline had her mouth shut. Nathan didn't take his eyes off the guitar case the whole time and when he saw the actual guitar, he resembled a gaping fish.

"Is this what I think it is?" He questioned.

"Yup," I said proudly. The red Gibson was shining, like it was straight out of the box and the strings were newly replaced, "I present you to Rocky," (Yes, I named my guitar)

"Oh my gosh," Alexis rolled her eyes, "You're just as bad as Nathan."

Before I could retort, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get-,"

"Don't bother Shania. It's just me!" a voice shouted from the entrance.

"Oh it's Sean," said Nathan.

"Who's he?" I asked.

"A good friend of ours. He practically lives with us."

Then the second most gorgeous guy (I bet you can guess the most gorgeous) stepped into view.

"Hey," Sean, I'm guessing, gave a dazzling smile. He looked straight at me with turquoise eyes (what a coincidence). He was probably wondering Who's the hot chick? I'm so modest, I know.

I gave him a small smile and said, "Hi."


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