I'm sorry that this is such a story chapter. It was all I could think of =[

The town strip malls and plazas where different then what I was used to back in New Zealand. Then again, I believe everything was different. For moving a lot, I still was not used to anything, but compared everything to New Zealand.

"I soooooo need to Gap," protested Sam as we stepped off the bus. "It's fall, so they'll be having a clearance, and well, you totally scream Gap Boy," he added as we step foot on the plaza grounds by the bus stop. I watched as he swiped the hair by his eyes out of his face.

"Couldn't we at least go to the diner, and grab something to eat?" pleaded Martin.

"You should have grabbed something before we left, but I suppose we could. I'm hungry as well," answered Sam as he rolled his eyes and walked towards Martin, and they walked off towards the diner. "We'll be back," added Sam.

"I won't bight. I promise, besides, I know more about fashion then he does. Trust me. That boy doesn't know the difference between formal uniform and school boy uniform," he told me as walked into the Gap. Inside a Fall Out Boy song that I had not heard in years was playing.

"You do know I have never been in one of these shops, right?" I asked.

"I figured as much. I believe, this is an international chain, but that's beside the point," he tells me as we walk past the women's section. "Huh. Huh. Yes, here we go," he states as he grabbed a few plaid shirts from there sale section. I stood there baffled.

"I like that one," I told him as he grabbed a maroon and black polo. He held it up to me and smiled in agreement, as he seemed to make a yes pile.

"Ok so you like plaid, and stripes, any other style I should know about?" he asks as our eyes meet for a second. I noticed he held six plaid polo's on his arm.

"I always had a thing for polo shirts, lounge pants, a mild obsession with Hailey Williams, I believe that's it. Oh and a not so secret love interest in Darrin Criss," I reveal to him.

"Eww You just made me picture you as a Scene boy. Don't make me keep thinking that," he told me jokingly. I giggled when he did.

"Don't worry. I won't," I tell him as we finish our polo shirting and head towards the cashier to pay.

"You are going to be amazing tomorrow in classes," he tells me. I smiled. I didn't know why though, I was happy that he accepted me, even though he didn't know my big secret, and he was amazing at shopping just like he had said. I knew that the no judging policy in stores, were being broken right now. Especially with the overweight brown hair, forty something old cashier. She was watching us curiously. Afterwards, I signed the debit card paper, and told the woman to have a great day.

"That cashier lady did totally not like the idea of two boys shopping together, though it's completely normal," Jonny mentioned with a little laugh. "Anyhow, a couple more shops, and your shopping makeover will be done," Jonny, told me, as though, he did not want it to end.

"That would be great. I think," I agree as we walked by the electronic store, which had, advertised the newest games, movies and music trends. I was almost tempted to ask if we could go, but decided against it. Finally, after loitering for a couple minutes, we entered one of the two shops. An hour and a half later, we were back on the bus, headed back to our dorm.

"So how exactly was the shopping makeover?" Sam asked as we got inside the dorm and placed himself in front of his desk, and turned on his Mac.

"Amazingly, greet," I told him, as I placed the new clothes, in my clothes room.

"I'm sure that they look better anyhow," he remarked as though he were not interested.

I watched as I saw Martin leave, and I was only guessing that he headed to the student lounge again. He headed there a lot.

"Well we should get some studies done," suggested Sam. I wondered why he suggested it. Especially since, he did not seem the studying type.

"I don't have many studies to. Besides, who says studies these days?" I remark as I head towards my bunk.

"I don't know. I just say it all the time, for some reason, like the word better than homework," he said as he grabbed his trigonometry book and stood up. "I'm going to head down to the student lounge. I'll be back in a bit," he added and was gone.

"Sam has troubles with some things. Mainly me," I hear Jonny announce.

"Why would that be?" I ask guessing the answer to myself. Silence had filled the room for a couple of seconds before Jonny had said anything.

"Because I'm gay he says he's cool with it, but honestly, I'm not sure. I want to say he's having trouble accepting it," he reveals to me.

"Why don't you ask him about it?" I ask him. Secretly knowing, exactly, where he was coming from with this.

"I don't think he wants to talk about it. Some people accept it like candy, and others want to believe, that they're brainwashed into thinking that they are gay and want nothing to do with them," he tells me. I guessed that I could tell him.

Nevertheless, "I know" is all I could say.

"Well I'll let you get back to doing your homework," I tell him as I get up to go into my clothes room to get some reading done.

"No. Stay," he says in a depressed voice.