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Chapter 4

Frankly, I wasn't disturbed on how everything was even after his confession; I couldn't tell him any bit of secrets, or my hidden identity.

"My brother will be coming to see me Christmas break," bragged Martin, as he sat on his bunk with his laptop open, probably doing whatever Martin did on the internet. I wasn't sure I wanted to know.

"That's awesome," replied Sam as he turned on the TV and DVD player to watch something, which had fit his interest. I found myself not liking most of what he liked.

"Well I'm headed to the art studio, to finish my project, then more than likely, I'll head to the library to study, since, I have an exam tomorrow," I announce. I lied but they didn't know that. The reason was that I had just wanted to get out of the overstuffed room and think. It was also a good thing that neither of them had known what my schedule was. I had only had four classes, and two of them were extra reticular classes, and two basic classes. They were also four out a normal classroom scheduled day of five.

On the way to the art room, I had oddly wanted to search the web to see if I could find anything on my mother. I hadn't done that for a while, and I secretly rather missed her. Often it would suck being that I was supposed to be a normal teenage boy, and she was just another celebrity that I would pretend to never meet. Screw it. I would do that later. I keep walking to into the cool autumn air towards the art building.

Come figure now it wasn't available to use and shockingly, they now post the hours on the building. Since, when was it open between the hours of eight in the morning and six thirty in the evening? Two weeks ago, it was open twenty-four hours, so students could finish their artwork when they wanted to. I had no other option but to head to the library now and study for a bit.

"What normal high school student spends all his free time in the library? You're always here," I hear a voice behind me. I look up and turn my head to see whom it is. I had no idea.

"I'm Taine," I tell him hoping he would get the hint and leave, so I could get back to my studying.

"I know. We have English and Tech together. I'm Rustin, but most students call me Rusty. How Rusty became a name, or even a nickname is beyond me," he explained as he pulled up a chair beside me. I didn't want him there, yet, why wasn't I saying something when he did that?

"Studying for the exam, yet I see two and half, three columned pages of bands," he teasingly scolds me. "You building a play list or something like that?" he adds. His curly brown hair kept bouncing in rhythm when he moved, and then he revealed a crooked little smile, in which, revealed his sense of humor.

"Something like that," I answer back, as I see he picked up the libraries copy of Altar Boys that I had beside my notebook, and tells me that him and I are probably the only two who had ever read the book and seen the movie, and they changed a lot or left a lot out. I agreed with him.

"Well, I'm headed back to my room," I tell him as I get up to leave and collect my notebook and book.

"You need help, I'll be in the student lounge around seven thirty," he tells me as I write down my sign out name and time.

"I'll hold onto that offer," I tell him as I stand in the middle of the library doors, and then leave without another word. I already planned not go look for him at the student lounge. I wouldn't. Why should I? I was going to pass anyways. I keep headed towards the dorms.

Once again, as I entered the room, it was only Jonny. I was still used to it, even after three weeks. Martin rarely ever came to the dorm rooms, and Sam was there when he felt up to it. Out of the four of us, I felt bad for Jonny the most. It was like when he had told he was gay and what he said afterwards.

"I see you still haven't resolved anything," I snapped at him. Then I saw it. A midsized shiner appeared on his left eye. By the looks, his nose was possibly broken, and once had blood rushing out of it. The dark red bloodstains had left the evidence of that stayed behind, even after he tried hiding it.

"I came out in gym class, well after gym class, in the locker room. I guess I had it coming. A couple of the boys made it clear that they didn't want a gay in their class, and gave me a reward for it. Martin saw me as I headed down to the nurses' station, but said nothing. I sometimes wish, I knew what that boy was thinking, but he never speaks, to me anyways," he spoke. I don't think he even knew I was in the room, until he saw me, and told me everything that he had just said again, before I had a chance to say anything. He just said it all at once, as if he was broken. "No. You didn't deserve this. You are the same Jonny as you were yesterday, and if they don't like it's their damn problem," I tell him. Oddly enough, as much, as I wanted to follow that advice, I couldn't.

As we were about to speak about the problem further, Sam walked in. I wondered if he had known about the problem, as I had. If he didn't he didn't show any sign of it. If I had my way, this wasn't going to continue like this.

"What the hell dude?" Sam yelled at me as I slammed the cover to his laptop down.

"We've got to talk," I tell him, knowing he wasn't going to like what he was about to get told, or even hear.

"Why the hell aren't you the slightest bit concerned about Jonny? Being as you can see he's injured, and you looked right at him as you entered this room. I stormed. Deep down I wondered why suddenly I cared so much, and where was all this anger coming from. In all honestly, I really knew, but still.

"Wait. What I didn't even know, and being, as I can't really see him back there," he shot back. "We're roommates, I get that, and not all roommates become one fucking happy family. We all have issues and not enough personal space to sort them out," he adds. He had just smacked me in the face and he knew it.

"What's your back story then?" I ask curiously. He ran his fingers threw his hair and continued to sit silently.

"That's the reason I'm here. This isn't goddamned Dr. Phil, so it's a different story for another episode," he tells me obviously ending the discussion.

"Fine. I guess, I'll leave, maybe when I get back, we can come back in a different attitude. I get it, you can't stand that Jonny's gay, but no need to worry, people in his gym class made it clear, they didn't like it either," I tell him as I slam the door behind me and head to the students lounge.

"I thought you wouldn't show," I heard Rusty as I found him in the student lounge.

"I didn't want to at first, but I have about fourteen hours to study," I tell him.

"What was the real reason?" he asks me. I didn't trick him after all. Maybe I could stall, and create a good lie.

"It's a long story," was all I could tell him with a weak smile.

"I'm a senior and the story never changes. Breakups. I miss blah, blah, blah. All the drama. One new student comes in hoping for the best. Yeah the story never changes," he admits.

"How did you know I wasn't here to study?" I ask. He holds back and then lets out a girlish giggle.

"For one thing, you're always in the library reading or studying, so why did you bring your stuff to cover it up?"

"I had to make my roommates think I was," I revealed. I didn't want to tell him about the minor disagreement I had with Sam over Jonny. I didn't think he would want to hear it. For some reason, right then, I had wondered where Martin was, and then I came back to reality.

"The art tower is open if you want to finish your work," he offered.

"How did you know I take art?" I ask curiously.

"Art is beside Tech," he tells me. "Besides, the tower is basically the after hours for art students, when the studio isn't open," he adds.

"Nah. That's alright," I tell him. In the left corner of the lounge a group of students had created their own version of karaoke, starting with a song, I had only heard once in New Zealand, before I left to come here. Tonight we are young the group sang when it got to the chorus.

"This begins karaoke. It'll go all night," he told me as I collected my stuff. I wondered if I had been gone long enough.

"I should head back to the room," I tell him as I stand up.

"There's a Guitar Hero party on Friday night, you should come," he mentioned invitingly.

"I'll think about it. Video games, aside DDR, I kinda suck at," I tell him trying to get out of it, even though it was true.

"Alright think about it, but I'll see you there," he tells me in a half serious voice. Great.