Working for the weekend, baby
Grown up means your pulse is always ready to quicken at the slightest sign of stress,

it means you pay the mortgage
on time, and watch your
reflection change subtly
with each new grey hair in
the avant-garde mirror
you bought half off at IKEA

it means you wake up
no matter how tired you are,

it means you steal a kiss

things get awkward,

arguments are still pointless
but you have them anyway.

It means you eat a sandwich
with left over cold teriyaki,

it means you order diet soda
no matter what.

The weekend is a hurdle you
sprint to, the marathon is long
and arduous, Tuesday and Thursday
tangle in your teeth, and Friday
is almost orgasmic,
the afternoon curls her legs around
the waist of promise, lets it take her.

she croons, car ride
home from work, her eyeballs
wide in the rearview mirror

grown up, baby,