Words of the Heart's Pages

Words float off the page at your command
For our narrow eyes to stretch like an elastic band
Toward our brains these words then flow
But the brain is not the only place to go

You pursued that these words should go farther
So that in the long run them we'll remember
To help us in times of trials and sorrow
And find our way through the maze of tomorrow

Yes, in our hearts you want them to stay
We thank you that you teach us this way
But it seems that each's heart is not the last stop
Into more lily pads the words will still hop

We encounter different people each day
Some faces light up, but some faces are gray
Having that heart of words we come near
To care for and lift up these souls so dear

See, then these words aren't only little frogs
But also rolled up ribbons on their onward jogs
To lengthen their distances of the ride they rode
Onto the end but still at the start of the road

We thank you for lifting them up in the start
Off the pages of your very open heart
Now they come to you, to their home
These words, these words of a poem