My innocuous drug, a morphine butterfly,

The shiny yellow bulb in the deep abyssal sea.

Your words choke, your eyes blind

But your smile, your smile beheads me!


What brings me to you, my angel?

You delicate flower is filled with fangs.

Please stop exsanguinating me

This stranger, this lost acquaintance.


When I laugh you laugh too,

But a thousand miles away,

At a thousand different things to laugh at.

And when I cry you do nothing but laugh too.


Forget-me-nots become violent roses

When I come closer like the honeybees.

You swat me aside with your short flowery skirts

And kick me with your sparkling shoes.


Over the bleak hills, the ravines I will follow,

The flowing tails of your silk feathery wings.

Though you claw at me with your talons of steel

I promised you, when we were young,


That I would never let go.