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The worst part of growing up is high school. Remember when your mom cried on your first day of kindergarten? Imagine that thirteen years later. Good thing for Chloe her mother isn't a public crier.

"Funny how no one knew about this school"

The school in question? Boardwalk Academy/High. Try to look for it you won't find anything. Its only known by a selected few parents and students. Crazy huh? It was far away from Chloe's dramatic hometown she left, packing a few T-shirts, jeans and her best friend Marco Dimplo. Who for the record she be DImples because of obvious reasons.

"I like it" Marco said. Looking around the campus he grinned. "It's co-ed"

Chloe smiled at her childhood ally.

"You know that means you actually have to talk to a girl right?"

Marco blushed. When it came to every girl but Chloe he instantly became shy.

"Watch out Chlo they might mistake you for a guy" Marco teased.

Chloe punched him in the arm. Chloe is a strawberry blonde brunette tomboy with blue eyes. Her mother smiled at the two.

"Be safe" She warned. "And don't be too stubborn to call your mom if you need anything"

"Come on let's go" Marco dragged her arm.

Chloe knew she was talking about her. She gave her one last hug said "I love you's" then walked along side Marco to her new life. A blue haired insomniac greeted them in a monotone voice.

"Welcome to Boardwalk High if I don't get a coffee I'm going to die"

Chloe stopped for a moment looking at the girl. "You remind me of my sister"

A pierced eyebrow raised. "Does she also greet people stupidly?"

Chloe thought for a moment. "No but she does have blue hair and piercings"

Marco grabbed Chloe's arm impatiently.

"Come on let's go" Marco dragged her away.

Chloe looked around the place in amazement. "This place is amazing"

Marco nodded in agreement. The place was nice. To be honest it looked more like a mansion than a school. A large group of students all seemed to be piling up in one area. Chloe and Marco joined the crowd. Chloe looked around at the students she will be spending the next four years with.

"I hate you"

"I hate you too"

Could be heard from a unknown source. While some students remained bored Chloe decided to investigate, pushing through the crowd with Marco right behind her. She followed the sound of bickering.

"This school was a mistake"

"So was our marriage"

Chloe turned to Marco with a puzzled look. Behind the students and a weird looking bookcase she found the source. A man and women in their late thirties. The man looked younger because he was dressed like a rockstar. Unlike the women who were dressed more school like.

"I wanted to be a rockstar"

"I wanted to be a teacher"

Marco covered his ears. He hated the sound of fighting. Chloe rolled her eyes.

"I wanted to know who you two crazies are?"

At the sound of a voice that wasn't their own they both turned looking equally embarrassed. They looked at each other awkwardly. Chloe smirked. Waiting for a answer.

"Well I'm your new headmistress Ms. Weatherpot said the women

"Wazzup? Mike Landon your new master obey my commands" said the man.

He extended his hand for a handshake but jerked it away at the last minute. Ms. Weatherpot rolling her eyes.

"Grow up"

Mike laughed. Poking her in the head. "No grow down wait you already did"

Chloe and Marco exchanged worried glances. Ms. Weatherpot put on her best smile.

"Don't worry you will grow if you eat your vegetables"

Good thing Chloe likes her vegetables… And cheese.

"Yeah so are you giving the grade nine speech?" Chloe asked.

"Nah no one listens to those" Mike replied.

"I do" Marco said.

Mike laughed sticking out his tongue. "Ha-Ha you're a nerd"

Ms. Weatherpot rubbed her forehead. Trying to remain calm. She looked up at Chloe.

"Yes we will"

The four walked up to the bored teenagers who like Mike said would properly care less. But it was worth a shot right?

"Hello students I am-" Ms. Weatherpot began.

"Your mama?" Mike finished.

Chloe looked at Marco. This was going to be interesting.

"Boys on one side girls on another. Chloe Gardner?"

Chloe stepped forward. Ms. Weatherpot gave the girl she just met five seconds ago and awkward glance.

"Due to limited space were making a exception and having you on the boys' side"

Chloe raised a eyebrow. That sounded weird. Was that even allowed? She thought not.

"Why is there no room?" Chloe questioned.

As she always does when something isn't right.

"That would be my fault I took the last room"

Chloe turned around and narrowed her eyes at a pretty blonde.

"Well maybe you should move out"

"Chloe" Marco whined .

The blonde stepped closer. Looked Chloe up and down. Bit her lip smiling.

"I'd take your place but the guys wouldn't be so best friend with me if you get my drift"

Her brown eyes shone. Chloe wanted to hit her. But she moved out of the way just in time.

"Who is that girl?"

"Cecelia Wright, Jessica's sister" Marco told her.

Chloe looked at him. "Who?"

"Jessica Wright top cheerleader?"

Chloe shook her head. Patting his sympathetically on the shoulder.

"Marco? What makes you think I care about airheaded cheerleaders?"

Marco knew Chloe could care less about cheerleaders. They annoyed her with their abilty to smile through anything. Instead of replying he shrugged innocently.

"So homesick yet?"

Chloe shook her head no. But even if she was Chloe wouldn't admit it. She wanted to prove that she could be away from her mom. They were always close but someday you have to leave the nest. But at thirteen? Really? Chloe nibbled on her knuckle.

"As a hey you ninth graders our food peeps have made you a meal" Mike told everyone.

Chloe's eyes lit up. She loved food. She patted her stomach.

"Bring on the food"

Cecelia couldn't wait until she told her sister what happened. She grinned when she saw a group of people around one girl. That one girl was Jessica. My sister Cecelia thought proudly. She wished to be just like Jessica. Head cheerleader surrounded by handsome guys. Cecelia giggled. It seemed like the perfect life. Cecelia got up and proceeded to walk through the giants they called football players.

"Hiya sis" Cecelia brightly greeted.

Jessica gave a small smile. Her little sister was a great break from the overbearing popularity.

"What's up with my number one fan?"

"I told this girl off" Jessica looked concerned.

"You did what?" Cecelia looked proud.

"Yeah this girl was up in my face so I put her in her place like you would do" Jessica sighed.

Her sister idolized her in every way. Jessica was afraid she was becoming too much like her too soon. Before Jessica could respond to her sister she was being pulled away by another cheerleader. Jessica looked back at her sister.

"Let's talk later" Cecelia nodded.

She turned around to be face to face to Chloe. They both glared at each other.

"Back off or I'll cut all the brown curls off your brown eyed friend" Cecelia snapped.

Chloe rolled her eyes. "What is your problem besides your obviousness to the colour brown?"

Cecelia bit her lip smiling.

"Look it's all you"

Chloe's chubby cheeks puffed up. Her face got red. Her fist was formed. She turned to Marco.

"Let me hit her" She muttered under her breath.

Marco shook his head. Stepping in between the two.

"What problem do you have with cute Chloe?" Marco asked.

Chloe rolled her eyes. Chloe was always being called "cute" But she always wondered. What does that mean?

Cecelia smirked. Enjoying every moment of Chloe's pouting face.

"First of all your oversized T-shirt and jeans are overdated"

Chloe held her breath.

"And?" Cecelia smiled.

"Second of all I just don't like you"

"Our feelings are mutual"

Both gave a bitter "good" in agreement . Marco looked at the time happily.

"Time to eat"

The three walked towards the room with the meat. Chloe took a seat right beside where the food was going to be served. Cecelia look at seat beside Marco. Her eyes were occupied with the blue eyed spiky haired guy who was checking her out. She blushed. Chloe noticed the two interacting from a far and decided to spice things up.

"Hey Spikey! Blondie over here wants to talk to you"

Cecelia turned all shades of the rainbow. Chloe looked amused as Cecelia wanted to kill her.

"If this guy isn't my soulmate your dead"

Chloe was looking forward to it. She smiled at Marco was just shook his head. Chloe shrugged innocently.

"Did I do something?" Spiky approached the table.

He was dressed in a white T-shirt with a leather vest and jeans.

"Which lady called me?"

"She did" Cecelia blurted out.

Pointing at Chloe. Chloe gave him a awkward smile.



Marco looked at the two suddenly feeling awkward.

"Hey my name is Marco and you are?"

Spikey extended his hand. "My bad my name is Sky Summers"

Cecelia laughed without holding back. "What is that your hippie name?"

Sky turned to Cecelia. His smile became huge. His heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful. Sitting there in a tight blouse and a short skirt. Her skin was as flawless as a fourteen year old could be.

"Words Romeo Words" Marco nudged him.

Cecelia blushed. She didn't feel the same. He looked too 80's for her. Not taking his eyes off her he asked.

"What are you going to have a salad?" Cecelia nodded.

"Correct" she replied. Then added. "I'm a vegetarian"

Both Chloe and Marco laughed. Sky looked at Chloe. She was cute but he could tell she was a handful.

"Is that why your waist is the size of a Disney princess?" Chloe questioned.

Sky raised a eyebrow. She got boldness. Cecelia laughed it off.

"Can't all be fat moo cows like yourself"

Chloe just chuckled looking at Marco who knew just what to do.

"Bring on the meat" They yelled in unison.

They high fived each other, spit in their hands and rubbed their hands on their faces. Both laughed at the private joke while Cecelia looked disgusted and Sky looked impressed. The food came and Cecelia realised how mentally fat everyone was.

"How can you eat so much and stay so thin?" Ceceila asked in disgust.

Chloe grinned. Putting her fork down and swallowing her food.

"Chloe's secret" She whispered with a wink.

Cecelia rolled her eyes. Chloe was too much. Kind of got on her nerves how she was so different. Sky smiled at Chloe.

"Well I think it's great for a girl to have a good appetite"

Chloe looked up at him and smiled. They both smiled at each other for a moment before looking away. Cecelia gave Marco a confused look. Marco shrugged. There was a brief moment of akward slience before Cecelia spoke.

"So, Snow White ready to live with one hundred dwarfs?"

Chloe nodded her head. "Defenity I mean Marco has be practically living with me since birth so what's ninty-nine more?"

Marco smiled. Chloe and Marco was as close as siblings with that best friend bitterness. But most of the time it was awesome. Even now as they start high school, meet new people he hoped that their friendship would last. The food was over and so was the too polite talk.

"Off to socialize with people who won't bore me"

The mean Cecelia was back.

"Can I come?" Sky asked.

Cecelia slightly blushed and smiled. Nodding her head.


The two walked away.

Marco grinned. "Those puppy love grins remind you of anyone?" Marco asked.

Chloe grinned. How could she forget?

"Someone who kissed me infront of our whole graduation class?" Chloe questioned.

Trying hard to sound like she was about it. Chloe rolled her eyes. Thinking. There was something she did way too much. Questioning the simple smile Sky gave. And why did it make her feel uneasy? Chloe shook her head. Trying to clear her mind. Then she got a idea.

"Hey since there is no class until tomorrow want to embrace our surroundings?" Marco laughed.

Extending his hand forward. "Lead the way"

With Chloe's lead they found themselves in a coffee shop called Java King. The slogan read: First coffee is free we guarantee you will be coming back for more. Seemed harmless. C hloe looked around the something from every era look. She liked it. Chloe took a seat on a stool along with Marco. A charming young face greeted them.

"Hello Martin here you are?" Chloe smirked.

She could have fun with this.

"A socially awkward individual seeking a hot beverage from a handsome fellow" Chloe quoted with the best straight face she could.

Marco laughed sighing. "Sorry for my friend she thinks sarcasm is a second language" Marco told him

. Martin smirked. "Cute"

Chloe groaned. Why did everyone say that? She smiled.

"So what do you have?' Chloe asked more sweetly.

Martin smiled. "For you two newbie's? Cinnamon lattes"

Chloe laughed. Lattes? Really? Where were they? New York? Well in the case that the school is a unknown cornfield on the map of life. Some would say no. But that didn't matter. Chloe and Marco agreed to take a sip. Their eyes winded. They looked at each other excitedly.

They yelled in unison. "That was… AWESOME"

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