Fresh out of my brain, I give you a story with no outline or idea where it might be headed. I know the basics, but everything is fair game, and I'm open to suggestions.

The smell of burning black blood was enough to make Elizabeth's nose crinkle in disgust as its body jerked around violently, blue flames completely engulfed the creature.

Ashur raised his wand, as if a powerful sword, and cast one last spell.

"Ingis!" He let the last cry leave his strong body and escape his chapped, thin lips.

He felt the power surge from within, traveling from his core, up his thick arm, and through his weapon of choice, his wizard's staff.

White flames crackled from the stone staff's crystal sphere top and shot out.

The follower of darkness bared his fangs one last time before bursting into ashes.

Elizabeth hunched forward, no longer able to hold in her lunch.

"Sick?" Ashur smirked as he turned to her.

"Shut up! You didn't have to burn him!" The black haired mage held her hand to her mouth, whipping, and tried desperately to keep the smell from getting to her, yet again.

Ashur only laughed at his sister's expanse, and lifted his staff over his purple robe covered, broad shoulder, stretching a bit.

Liz starred at the burnt vampire's remains.

"One down, about a thousand to go." Ashur commented as he followed his sister's gaze.

"And the war wages on…" Liz tucked a raven lock behind her pierced ear.

Her golden eyes closed slowly, running her tan fingers to push her bangs out of her face.

"You kill the next one. I'm going home." Her brother stretched once again and made his way to the village.

"Don't leave me asshole! What if more than one comes?!" Liz stomped her bare foot on the green hillside.

"Vampire's don't travel in packs, stupid." Ashur smirked. "If you were a decent mage, you'd know that."

Liz only stuck her tongue out in response.

"Very mature." He rolled his mustard colored eyes. "Anyways, if a little vamp is too much for you, contact me with the spell I taught you." He paused, looking at his younger sister, who still stood there, her tongue out. "You at least remember it, don't you?"

"Of course!" she sighed.

She wasn't an idiot, after all.

"Uh huh. Sure. Say it back." Ashur eyed her carefully, checking for any mistakes she could manage to make while performing a spell he could do at 4.

Seriously, his sister was a shit Mage.

Liz sighed and touched her fingers to each other, forming a circle around the amulet around her neck, her weapon of choice, the Witch's Eye.

She chanted under her breath, and though Ashur strained his ears, he couldn't hear her.

At least she got the quiet part right. But, seriously, it shouldn't take her more than 3 seconds to open a window, not 3 minutes.

After what felt like forever, the crystal glowed with the spirits power. Instantly, Ashur's staff began to react, shaking wildly before forming it's own window.

"Happy?!" She asked, her voice echoing through the call.

"Alright, you should be fine. The village is less than a mile away. Protect our turf." He said, before adding. "And remember to be home before sun down. Even I can't handle the werewolves that appear when the moon in out."

"Alright, alright, damn. I'm not a kid."

Ashur didn't even bother to respond, just left her standing there, her arms crossed, and her hip pumped to the side.

"Butt wipe." She mumbled under her breath.

She removed her white wool woven bag off her tired shoulder, dropping onto the green grass and yawned.

She was tired.

She removed three light green orbs from her bag, placing them around her in a small circle.

"Lux." With a simple wave of her hand, a barrier of light surrounded her.

She wasn't as good of a fighter as her bother, but she'd like to see Ashur cast a protecting spell that quickly.

Liz removed her wolf fur sweater, carefully lying it on the grass next to her, leaving her in her short, white wool dress hand woven by her blinded mother.

She plotted down the ground, the protection beads around her ankles jingled in delight as she moved around.

Holding the bow her father had carved her and a light arrow in her fingertips, she

felt completely safe, staring off into the distance and watched the sun.

She had two, maybe three hours before sunset. And her only job was to make sure no vampires came too close to the human village.

Seconds changed to minutes, and minutes into an hour; still, nothing as she stared off into the distance, no sign of any dark followers, or anything for that matter.

She grew tired of sitting there, waiting for anything to move so she could fire, so she laid her against her sweater, and remained carefully in her barrier. She was completely safe inside, after all. Not even the strongest of vampires or werewolves could get to her.

Long, tan fingers weaved into the grass, as a touch of cool dew on her warm skin made her shiver in delight. She felt so at peace, peace she hadn't felt outside the village since she was about 4, before the war started and took her father's life.

She quickly pushed that thought away, thinking of him made her miserable. The only thing she held onto to remember him by was the bow that laid next to her.

If only he'd stayed home that night…Werewolves can kill even the most advanced of wizards…

It was true, because the only thing that could kill a werewolf was a vampire.

"I miss you, father…" She whispered, closing her eyes. "I miss you so much…"

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