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Chapter Two: Light My Fire

Greg woke in the middle of the night. Moonlight penetrated through the thick tree branches, making specs of light illuminate the forest floor. When he sat up, he found his camera trained on him, the red recording light on. He had left his camera turned on the whole night. He sighed, and scooped it up. Surprisingly enough, it still had most of its charge left. Greg hit the recording button. Out of curiosity, he looked at the video. The video wouldn't have been very long, maybe an hour or so, since they went to bed not too long ago.

He tossed some twigs into the fire to get it going again, since it had gone down to embers while they slept. Once there was a flame again, he set some bigger branches in. Finally, he could watch his video. He sat patiently through the whole recording, itching to see some wildlife. Even just a squirrel would suffice, after all the time he had been watching. Greg looked over at the time the video had left: Five minutes.

"C'mon, wildlife…Anything, please." He muttered under his cold breath. Greg frowned when the chirping of crickets and other sounds of the woods completely faded. Greg smacked his camera a little, the audio had ceased, "What the heck?" Suddenly, behind his sleeping form in the video, someone walked into view. He was just at the edge of the clearing. Greg's frown deepened at the sight at the man's face, but the problem was, he didn't have one. Just as Greg was about to turn the camera off, there was a flash of static, and his screen went black. He turned off the camera, and stayed up the rest of the night.

Finally, Greg wasn't alone anymore. Izzy was the first of the other three to wake up. She sat up, her hair looking like a bird made a nest in it.

Izzy blinked a couple of times, and then pushed her glasses back on.

Yawning, she asked, "What time is it?"

Greg glanced warily at his watch, "Seven-thirty."

She nodded, and then rubbed the back of the neck. She stopped at then looked over at him again, "Are you okay? You look a little…tired."

He nodded, "Yeah." He half lied, he had been up all night, and, even when he was sleeping, it was a pretty restless one, "Yeah, I'm pretty tired."

"I don't blame you, I slept horrible." Yeah, well at least you slept, Greg thought to himself.

Next, Gwyn woke up, "Shh…I'm trying to sleep, guys." She muttered.

"You managed to sleep?" Izzy said.

"Well, as much as you can sleep in a forest in the middle of October." She sat up in her sleeping bag, her sweatshirt sleeves poking out of it slightly, "What's for breakfast?"

"We've got like, ten bags of beef jerky," Izzy said while rummaging through her own bag, "Ooh! Poptarts!" Gwyn groaned, and snuggled back into her sleeping bag.

"What kind?"

"Chocolate." Izzy said excitedly, and tossed Greg a pouch. Gwyn groaned louder than before.

"Why chocolate?" She whined.

"What's the matter with chocolate Poptarts?" Greg said while munching on one.

"Dunno," Gwyn said as Izzy tossed her a bag of jerky, "I just don't like them." She tore it open and grabbed the biggest piece of meat. Finally, Nathan woke up.

"Morning." He said, "What's for breakfast?"

Izzy tossed another pouch, but this time at Nathan. He looked down at the silvery package in his hand, "Poptarts? For breakfast?" Greg and Izzy both looked at each other, and then back at him.

"Yeah…That's when you're supposed to eat them." Greg muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, it's just that my mom never lets me have them. She said they're too unhealthy." Nathan said as he nibbled on the corner of one.

Greg forced his laughter down by taking a big bite out of his breakfast pastry, "Wow…Your mom really is a pain in the ass." Gwyn nearly choked on her piece of beef jerky from laughing, and Izzy looked way to conceal her smile. Nathan scowled deeply, and his face got red.

"No she's not!" He protested. Greg laughed with the girls, and Nathan let out a loud growl.

"I'm gonna kill you!" He leapt out of his sleeping bag, revealing his Pokémon pajamas, and charged after Greg.

Gwyn stopped laughing to reprimand Nathan, "Hey, cool your engines there, Rocky!" She got to her feet to pry him off. She grabbed his shoulders firmly and yanked him, "Come on! Get off of Greg!"

Finally, she managed to get him off, with the help of Izzy. Nathan fell back on the cold forest floor, sticky with sweat.

Gwyn wasn't happy with him now, "What was that, Nathan?" She yelled.

"He-he was talking about my mom!" Nathan stuttered.

"So what?" Izzy said, "Nathan, just…cool it. Okay?"

Nathan got to his feet, "Whatever," He scooped up his clothes from the day before, "I'm going to go get dressed; I'll be right back." He walked off towards the thicker trees so he could dress in seclusion.

Greg cracked a mischievous grin, "I'm going to go get dressed, too." As he was about to get up, Izzy grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back down.

"Don't. He's already mad enough," She commanded.

After Gwyn had stamped out their fire, they headed on, deeper into the woods.

"So, Nathan, how did you manage to get out of your house?" Greg asked in a testy voice.

Nathan glanced over at the redhead, shooting him a look. He was about to ignore the question, but then,

"Yeah, Nathan, how exactly did you pull that off?" Gwyn asked.

"I snuck out." He replied.

Izzy nodded, "Impressive. Looks like you really do have a little bit of a bad boy in you." Izzy forced back yet another smile, and looked over at Gwyn, you was also forcing back a grin.

"Yep. I have to say, you've definitely changed my opinion about you, Nathan." Gwyn said, playing along. They got quiet again, but only for a few minutes.

"Are we even going anywhere?" Greg asked in his usual, bored sounding tone.

"Yeah, we are, actually." Gwyn replied.

"Where?" He asked, while Izzy and Nathan made noises of agreement with Greg.

Gwyn pulled a folded piece of paper out, shaking it in their faces teasingly, "It's a surprise."

"How far is it from here? I'm getting tired of walking."

"Maybe you should record something with that camera of yours." Gwyn suggested happily, but frowned when she saw his face darken, "Greg? Are you okay?"

"Yeah," He mumbled in a faraway voice, "I'm fine."

She stared at him for a few more seconds, "Okay…If you say so." They continued along, but Greg strayed behind the rest of the group to avoid any more talk.