Chapter Three: Everywhere

As they walked along, the trees began to thin out.

"I'm sorry," Greg said frankly, "But are we even getting anywhere? We've been walking forever." Gwyn rolled her eyes at her friend's rude comment.

"We are," She sighed, "Just be patient."

"I was, like, an hour ago." He shot back.

"Greg, just wait a little longer." Izzy replied, "But seriously, where are we going, Gwyn?"

"We're almost there. Close your eyes, guys." Gwyn said excitedly. They stopped walking, and reluctantly closed their eyes, "Prepare to be amazed…" She led them by their shoulders as they stumbled blindly, "Now." The three of them opened their eyes and gasped,

"Woah, Gwyn! How did you find out about this place?" Nathan asked as he stared at the small pool of water that was in front of them.

"Wait, did you see the big rock? It's perfect for diving." Gwyn said, pointing at a large boulder looming over the small pond. Greg immediately started stripping down, and Izzy groaned and looked away. Nathan followed Greg, and started to peel off his shirt.

"Really, guys? Go do it behind a tree or something!" Izzy yelled, still shielding her face.

Greg leapt off the boulder and into the air. He pressed his knees against his chest in midair, and landed into the water with a splash. Izzy and Gwyn cheered him on when he submerged again, his red hair dripping wet.

"Jump off, again, Greg!" Izzy called as he hopped out of the water, "I'll record it this time!"

Gwyn frowned, and looked over at Greg. He had a sickly look on his face, but quickly replaced it with a weak smile, "Okay, but maybe later. That water's freezing." He sat down on a bed of leaves, and wrapped a blue, thread bare towel Gwyn had packed. He glanced over at Gwyn, who thankfully wasn't staring at him with concern anymore, and instead, was snacking on some chips.

"I'll jump off!" Nathan volunteered, and ran up the small hill that led to the boulder.

"Alright, go ahead!" Izzy called.

"C'mon, Nate!" Gwyn howled.

Greg leaned in beside Izzy so he could watch while she recorded. Behind a boulder, where Nathan was preparing for the jump, there were some trees that covered their nice little swimming spot. It felt like time literally stopped, when he saw the man again. But something was wrong. There were…tentacles, writhing behind him. He gasped,

"Stop recording!" He screamed.

Izzy glanced around, "What? Why?"

He snatched the camera, and pressed the record button to get it to stop. Just then, Nathan jumped, followed by a large boom of a splash.

"Greg, what's wrong?" Izzy asked with concern.

"Nothing!" He snapped, and shoved his camera into his bag, "I just thought the camera might accidentally get water on it."

"Greg, we're too far away from the pool for it to even get splashed, calm down." Gwyn said.

He waved them away, "Just never mind. I just don't want to use the camera anymore." Just then, Nathan floated up to the top of the water.

"Woah! That water's fr-f-freezing!" He crawled out of the pool, shivering, and now looked like he was a light shade of blue. Izzy walked over to him with a blanket.

"We need to talk later." Gwyn said.

Greg tossed his pack back onto his shoulders. Izzy tossed him a banana to eat on the walk, and he took it with shaky hands. Greg once again trailed behind the group, swearing to himself he wasn't going to take that damn camera out of his bag until he was far from the woods. He peeled the banana, halfheartedly eating it, but someone was walking beside him. Gwyn. He took a sideway glance at her, and she had a very, very concerned looked on her face.

"Alright, what's up, dude? You've been acting weird any time one of us even mentions the camera." He flinched, and immediately regretted it, "See what I mean? Now tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing!" He snapped, "I just don't want you guys to use it anymore, okay?"

"Oh, sure, Greg! You don't want us to use it! You're afraid will break it! Yeah, right!" He wouldn't look at her, so she grabbed his shoulders and whirled him around so he would have to.

"You better tell me, dude. Or you're going to drive me crazy." She said, with a small smirk.

He let out a shaky sigh, "I-I've been seeing this guy."

The small smile Gwyn had been wearing suddenly disappeared, "That's what it's been? Your imagination?" She was scowling deeply now.

"It's not my imagination!" He screamed. Izzy and Nathan, who were up front, looked back.

"Um…" Nathan murmured in a small voice.

"You know what, we'll keep walking." Izzy muttered, and walked at a faster pace, pulling Nathan along with her.

Greg let out a long sigh, and then said in a much softer voice, "Look. I left my camera on last night while we were sleeping. And-I saw this guy wearing a suit. He's really tall and stuff."

Gwyn furrowed her eyebrows in concentration. But then, her face slacked, and she went pale, "Oh, no. He really is real, after all."

"What? Who's real?" He asked.

"What did he look like? Tell me exactly what he looked like!" She demanded fiercely. He gave her a full description of him, the suit, how he was completely featureless…

"We need to turn around. Now."