Chapter Four: Nausea

Izzy and Nathan had put up quite an argument over why they had to start for home so early, but with the help of Greg, Gwyn was able to convince the other two why. Gwyn had lied about how the weather was looking bad this weekend, and when they asked her why she didn't tell them before, she told them she didn't want to cancel the trip. After Nathan and Izzy had given up their fight, Greg had retreated to the edge of their campsite. The campsite, in fact, had been their site they had left early in the day. Gwyn stood, brushing the dirt off her jeans, and walked over to Greg, who was leaning against a massive pine. She slid down beside him, looking at him.

Greg shivered under his jockey coat, "W-what do you know about him? You know, Slenderman?" Gwyn looked up at the grey slate of a sky. She didn't like to think about him much, and now, even more so, now that she could confirm he, or it was real.

"He's-" Gwyn shivered, like Greg, "We shouldn't talk about him."

Her friend nodded, like he understood, "Good plan…god, I've been feeling so sick since we got here." Gwyn's stomach dropped. She knew this was one of the signs, the signs that meant Slenderman was after you.

Gwyn stood, "It's probably from all the food we've eaten today."

Greg looked up at her, "Gwyn, I've barely eaten a thing today."

"Well, then, it's probably from all the food you haven't-"

Gwyn was interrupted by a sickening hurl from Greg, followed by a whoop of surprise from Nathan, who was over by the fire,

"Woah! Looks like someone had a little too much beef jerky!" Nathan screamed, as if it were all a game. But in his eyes, it was. Gwyn would probably act somewhat like him, if she didn't know how much danger they were in right now. They were sitting ducks right now. She doubted very much that she would get much sleep tonight, or any at all. Izzy jogged over, crouching down beside Greg,

"Are you okay? Oh my god, is that blood?"

Gwyn forced herself to look down at the pile of waste that was splattered over a blanket of leaves. Izzy was right. Laced through the whitish vomit were streaks of red. It couldn't be anything else but blood. Gwyn patted him on the shoulder,

"I'll go get you some crackers." Gwyn walked over to her pack. As Gwyn dug through the bag of food, she realized something was missing. Something very important: the map. She swore she put it in there! Hell, she even double checked before they left the pond to see if she had it with her! Gwyn pawed through the food,

"No…oh, no." She muttered hopelessly.

Nathan's painfully annoying voice came up from behind her, "Hey, it's not the end of the world if we don't have any crackers!"

Gwyn shook with anger, and she whirled around, "The map is gone! Now will you kindly shut the hell up, so I can find it?"

Nathan took a step back, "Uh, yeah, sure. Do you want me to help?" Gwyn pushed him back slightly. He stumbled back even more.

"No…it shouldn't be far." She growled. Gwyn scooped up a flashlight…and Greg's camera.

Dusk was starting to cloud over the gloomy skies. She needed to find the map, or they would be in even more trouble. The last thing they needed was to get lost in the woods while Slenderman was stalking them. Gwyn wished she could be at least somewhat fascinated with the fact that this legend was, in fact, real. It was really interesting, but even more horrifying. The fact that the vomit and blood only confirmed her suspicions all the more…She got the thought out of her head. She needed to find the-wait, what was she looking for again? Gwyn turned on her heels, dumbfounded. She had completely forgotten why she was out here. The short memory loss startled her a little, but she decided that it would be better if she just headed back to camp. Gwyn stumbled back to camp, pressing her memory on what it was she had been looking for. Gwyn topped a hill, and looked down over it, where the camp was. Greg was still sitting against a tree, with Izzy crouching in front of him, trying to coax him into eating a cracker. Nathan, on the other hand, was playing hacky sack by himself, but his game ended when the ball flew into the fire. Gwyn trudged down the hill, and over to Greg. He seemed to have finally given in and taken the cracker Izzy had offered to him, because he was now nibbling on it. Izzy walked off, glancing at Gwyn when she walked past her.

"Did you find it? The map?" Gwyn frowned, not sure what he was talking about. But then she remembered. That must've been what she had been looking for, until she seemingly forgot.

"Oh, uh…yeah." Gwyn quickly lied. She sat down beside him again, "I brought your camera with me." He looked down, and closed his eyes.


"Don't worry, I didn't look at it. I just wanted to have it along, just in case if I saw him."

Greg scowled at her, "That was really intelligent."

"Whatever. I'm going to sleep." Gwyn droned, standing. She was exhausted. All the stress about Slenderman had suddenly drained all the energy from her. But she was sure getting some sleep would let her free her mind from it…just for a little while. Gwyn walked down to the camp, not saying a word to Nathan or Izzy, and crawled into her sleeping bag…

Izzy had seen her sister act strange before. She had seen Greg act even stranger. When she walked past Gwyn earlier, she seemed dazed and confused. Not only that, she didn't say a word to her. Her sister had been acting fine, up until now. Izzy still wasn't even a hundred percent sure the explanation Gwyn gave to them earlier was valid.

Sure, the weather wasn't the best, but it was always like this when they went camping with mom and dad. And then it all came down to Greg. Izzy pitied him, in a way. He didn't have an easy life at home, with his parents split up. Izzy looked over at Gwyn, who was tossing and turning in her sleeping bag. Whatever was bothering her, she hoped she would forget it tomorrow morning. It was dark out now, and she was sitting at the fire. Nathan had gone out to get some firewood.

Izzy glanced up the hill, and saw that Greg was still sitting by the tree. He was quite still, but he was probably just trying not to get sick again, or he might've been just resting. Nathan returned with an armful of wood. He dropped it down beside the fire, and began breaking some of the pieces in half. He tossed a couple into the fire, and then sat down in front of the fire.

"Wow, you have no idea how creepy it is out there." He shivered from the cold.

"Have you noticed how weird Greg and Gwyn have been acting?" She said, changing the subject.

Nathan did a bit of a double take, "Yeah. Of course I have. Gwyn snapped at me earlier over the map, and-"

"The map? What about it?"

"Dunno…I think she lost it, but it's no big deal, I heard her say to Greg that she found it," Nathan reassured. Izzy poked at the fire with a stick.