Sarah rolled over in her bed. It was two a.m.
Her phone buzzed.
Blinded by the light, Sarah squinted at the words.
/Are you awake?/ -Carli.
/Nah, I'm awake, just waiting to have a conversation./
/Good. I'm bored./
Sarah rolled her eyes.

/There's this new activity that most people partake in. It's called sleep. You might want to try it./ Sarah texted back.
/Righ-ight. I've never heard of it. What are you doing tomorrow?/
/Probably go running, and that...other thing./ Sarah typed.

Blizzard sprinted down the street.
Her speed was nearly unmatched, physically, at least.
She stopped in front of a store.
The door was flung open and a robber rushed out.
Blizzard grabbed their collar and threw them down.

Growling, he pulled out a knife and swung.

Blizzard dodged aside and did a roundhouse.

She grabbed his shirt and shoved him against a pole.

"A Cray? What are you doing around here?" Blizzard asked him.

She shoved him against his car and tied his hands with his belt.

Jamming him between the streetlight and car, Blizzard ran off.

Her chest pads and elbow pads were sprayed with white, so as she dashed along the street, she seemed like a speeding snowstorm.

Blizzard leaped over a low rail and ducked into an alleyway.

"What- get it!" someone growled.

Blizzard sprinted off, a coke addict running after her.

She carried a bag full of cocaine.

She rounded the corner, and dropped it.

The drug addict stopped and lifted the bag.

Two seconds later, police had him by the arms and unzipped his bag.

"You're under arrest."

Blizzard nodded with satisfaction and zipper up her jacket, concealing the armor as she ran towards home.

Carli pounded on Sarah's bedroom door. "Let me in! Now."

Sarah opened the door cautiously. "Yes?"

"I have a movie." Carli pushed Sarah aside and took a seat in front of the TV and plugged in the DVD.

"I could've gone over..."

"I wanted to get out of the house." Carli said as she changed the channel.

"Oh." Sarah sat down as Carli fast-forwarded through the commercials.

"Move over." Carli sat back and hit play. "So how many bad guys did you get yesterday?"

"About three. Two of them were Crays."
"Crays? Here?" Carli asked.

"Yeah...that confused me too. I guess they're coming back."

"Oh, did you hear about this..what was it, Whiplash?"

"Yeah. I heard about her. She's good."

"I've noticed. She made it on TV." Carli pulled a book down from the shelf. "Hey! That didn't happen in the book."

"It's a movie." Sarah said.

"Right." Carli closed the book and sat back with a huff.

Sarah laughed.

"So. Are you as tired as I am?"

"I wasn't the one running around all day, so not really." Carli grinned.

Sarah leaned against Carli. "Sometimes I wish I could have better stamina. I wear out more quickly than when I ran track."

"But you're doing more than running." Carli said.


Sarah sighed. "Ooh, he just died." she said, watching the screen."

"This is insane, I love these movies."

Carli shrugged. "I know you do, that's why I brought it."

Sarah winced when the roller coaster flipped and sent the cars to their doom.

"So, do you want to do anything after this?" Sarah asked.

"I want to go to Wal-mart. I hear a few new movies came out, and they're pretty good."

"All right." Sarah said. "As long as we can come back and finish this."

"Oh, yeah, of course." Carli said.

Sarah stood.

"Are you gonna suit up?" Carli laughed.

"Heck no, it's too bulky under normal clothes. It's biking armor, after all. It'll make me look bigger."

"And fat...ter."

"Almost like you." Sarah retorted.

"You did not just-"

Sarah laughed.