"Oh, damn." Carli said as Sarah rolled up her jeans. "And the Crays did that to you?"

Sarah nodded, staring at the bruises on her leg.

There was a cut on her thigh, and the bruise around her knee was a deep shade of purple.

"I'm assuming track conditioning is postponed..."Carli said.

"And Blizzardry." Sarah sighed. "See what I did there?"

Carli laughed. "Great, so you sprained your ankle, and you're recuperating. I'll tell Coach."

Sarah shrugged. She groaned when she moved her leg.

"Can you get me an ice pack?" she asked with a grin.

Carli rolled her eyes and retreated downstairs. Sarah flipped on the TV as Carli arrived with a towel and ice pack.

She squatted down next to Sarah and gently wrapped her knee.

"You could be a nurse, you know that?" Sarah teased.

Carli forced a grin as she wrapped her hands in Sarah's blanket to warm them up.

Sarah pulled the blanket over her leg as her mother came in.

"Okay, so, Sarah, I'm going to run down to the store, don't try to walk, okay? Carli, would you mind watching her?"

"I won't mind, Ms. Pryde." Carli grinned.


"So, what do you want for your birthday?" Carli asked, leaning against the bed.

"Ooh, a car."

"Okay...Hot Wheels. Anything else?"

"Is it just me...or is that Whiplash outside?" Sarah asked, peering out the window.

Carli squinted. "I don't...think that's her."

Sarah shrugged. "could be an impostor."

"Maybe." Carli shrugged.

Sarah flipped the channel. "I want to go run." She sighed.

"Do you want that leg to be healed or not?" Carli asked, leaning back.

Sarah sighed. "I just hope I can make the run on the 22nd."

Carli shrugged. "You will if you STAY OFF THAT LEG. What did you tell your mom?"

"I was running and twisted my knee."

"And it turned purple?"

Sarah shrugged.

Carli rolled her eyes and turned to the TV.

The next day, Sarah struggled to stand with Carli steadying her.

Sarah put a little weight on her knee before it crumpled beneath her.

"Ahh...Ow."Sarah said as Carli pulled her up.

"All right, back to bed." Carli said.

Sarah sat back, groaning.

"Maybe tomorrow." Carli offered as Sarah eased herself back.

Carli sat down and set to work wrapping the ice pack around Sarah's leg.

Sarah shifted her position as Carli covered her leg.

It was a week before Sarah could apply pressure to her knee without having it give way to her weight.

Sarah hobbled to her dresser before collapsing.

Carli pulled her up.

"Again." Sarah said.

"Don't rush it."

Sarah pushed forward, successfully managing four steps before falling.

"Okay, no more." Carli said.

Sarah took another step before Carli pushed her back into bed.

"Carli! It's a week from the big bust, and you're not letting me prepare!" Sarah said angrily.

"No." Carli replied.

Carli pushed Sarah back into the bed. "No. Sarah, I know you like to over achieve, but not today. Not for this."

Sarah struggled to rise, but Carli pressed on her knee.

Sarah released a scream. Her mother came upstairs.

"Carli? What happened?"

"I accidentally pressed on her knee. She keeps trying to get out of bed." Carli said.

"Sarah, stay in bed. You can't walk yet. Carli, do be a little more careful." Sarah's mother said as she returned downstairs.

"What was that?" Sarah demanded, wincing.

"You need to stay down." Carli said.

"But pressing on my knee? Ow..."

"Sorry, I didn't think it hurt that much." Carli offered.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Now get me ice cream."

Carli frowned and went downstairs solemnly.

Sarah kicked back when the TV switched to a commercial break. She picked up a cup of water and sniffed it.

Wrinkling her nose, she set it down.

Carli came downstairs, carrying a bowl of ice cream for Sarah.

"Here, Your Majesty." She said sarcastically.

"Thank you, peasant." Sarah laughed.

Carli rolled her eyes and glanced at Sarah's nightstand.

"So. What shall I read?"

Carli picked up a book.

"Really? Lord of the Flies?"

"Hey, it's a good book." Sarah said.