It was the day before Sarah's birthday that she could manage a quick run. She was sure she could make it to the drug bust, but one of her concerns was making it out of the drug bust.

The Crays were rather quiet, as they tried to prepare for their night run.

Sarah was impatient as she waited for them.

The first sign of movement and she was off.

Sarah pulled her hood over her head and made her way around the van.

Blizzard crept around a corner, eyes on the Crays that were hastily moving the packages.

It was nine thirty, and trails around the block indicated that there was a drug run before this one.

Blizzard ducked into an alley as a car pulled up.

From the trunk of the car, someone was heaved out from it.

The Crays laughed as their knees crumpled beneath them and they pulled them up roughly.

Blizzard stared in horror.


The Crays had caught Whiplash.

Whiplash's arms were tightly bound behind her, and the Crays flanked her as they shoved her inside the warehouse.

Soon, they returned to the car and pulled out a tall girl with reddish blonde hair.

Sarah recognized her as the reported for Channel Seven.

Her wrists were handcuffed in front of her, and they pushed her inside.

Blizzard was worried.

Should she stop the run or save Whiplash and her friend?

The answer was obvious.

Blizzard crept up to a window and peered in.

Whiplash was thrown into a corner, and the girl on top of her.

Blizzard searched the warehouse for another means of entrance.

There were none.

Blizzard peered intently at the Crays inside.

The one with the trench coat was there again.

Blizzard saw that Whiplash had said something, resulting in a Cray kicking her in the gut.

Blizzard climbed down as the first van took off.

There was a single guard at the door, and Blizzard took him out easily.

She pulled on his jacket and eased inside.

She edged her way around to hear Whiplash and the trench coat Cray talk.

"...Let her go, Ghost, you have me. What would you have to gain from having her?

Whiplash's voice was deep, even for a girl.

"Run!" came a shout from the girl.

Too late.

A crowbar slammed into Blizzard's back and knocked her down. Blizzard jackknifed to her feet and slammed him into the wall. She did a roundhouse and slammed her foot into his face, knocking him into another Cray.

A Cray grabbed her in a chokehold, but Blizzard threw him forward, flipping him over her shoulder.

"Get her!" came a growl.

"The Crays swarmed her, latching onto her limbs and overwhelming her.

Eventually, she was entangled in a ground of Crays who pinned her arms and kicked her knee.

A grunt escaped her as she collapsed.

"Well, I told you if you came back, I'd kill you." The one named Ghost said, their deep voice rumbling. "But..." he raised his hands to his head and took off his helmet. "Not yet." Came the familiar ring of their voice.

Blizzard stared at them. It was Carli, and she tossed aside her helmet.

"Look at you...all heroic." Carli laughed.

"What- How?" Blizzard asked.

"You were a girl?" Whiplash growled.

"It's not time for your questions." Carli said.

"Why did you do this?"

Blizzard demanded.

" became a nuisance. Both of you." Carli laughed.

"So you became my friend. When did you decide to betray me?" Blizzard asked sullenly.

"Sometime after you started crime fighting. I had never intended to kill you, started tearing apart the Crays. THAT had to stop."

Blizzard shook her head angrily.

"Damn you, Carli."

Carli nodded at a Cray and a knife was placed into her hand.

Blizzard was dragged forward.

"Wait." Whiplash said.

"Yes, O Puny One?" Carli asked as the blade hovered next to Sarah's throat as the clock chimed midnight.

"How did you know who I was?"

"A Cray brought me a half-burnt, waterlogged spiral notebook, naturally, I had to flip through it. If it was worth burning, there was something to be read."

Whiplash turned to the girl next to her.

They shrugged.

"Oh, look. It's time. Goodbye, Sarah." Carli said.

Whiplash lunged form her position and slammed her shoulder into Carli's side, knocking the blade away.

Sarah slammed her head into a Cray's nose and freed herself.

She tackled Carli and punched her across the nose.

Whiplash had the knife and freed herself, defending Sarah from the Crays as she released her anger.

"You-idiot-Carli!" Sarah yelled in between punches.

Carli shielded her face as she waited to make a move.

When Sarah faltered, she slammed an elbow into Sarah's face and knocked her back.

Sarah sent a kick into her gut before throwing off a Cray.

Carli snatched up a bat and wielded it, advancing.

Sarah narrowed her eyes. "I trusted you, you slug."

"I know." Carli replied, swinging.

Sarah ducked, caught her elbow, then slammed her wrist into Carli's nose.

Carli's eyes rolled up into her head and she went down.

Whiplash turned to her. "I don't know you, but I'm sorry."

Sarah turned away. "I should've seen this coming. How could I have been so blind?"

Sarah kicked a Cray in the gut, hard.

Whiplash helped up the other girl, who immediately went to Sarah.

"Thank you. I was worried that we'd be goners." The girl glanced at Whiplash. "Look, if you ever need a hand, either physically or mentally, just call. I know what it's like to lose a best friend." The girl put a card into Sarah's loose fingertips.

Whiplash and the girl disappeared, running out of the warehouse.

"It could've been different, Carli. So different." Sarah whispered.