The Mortal Sin Of Friendship (X)

I visited my high school pal Dimmer several times a year at Green College. We grew up as pretty good friends back home and making the four hour drive to see him was a nice break from my boring job working the graveyard shift at the food warehouse. I was also been taking a couple of classes at the community college while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

Green College is a small and picturesque campus in western New England and I liked getting away, partying with Dimmer, and hanging out in the college scene. Dimmer was in the dorm the first year and I crashed on the floor, feeling like a third wheel with Dimmer's roommate Manfield around a lot. Mans was a good guy but I don't think he liked having to share the tiny room with a third guy.

Dimmer got a room in a dumpy apartment building his second year and that made for easier visits as I didn't have to deal with Manfield anymore. Dimmer also started dating Lana, an attractive petite coed who was a lot of fun and she was nice to me. Every time I came out to Green College, Dimmer and Lana showed me a good time and it was a lot of fun.

When Dimmer was busy with his studies, work program, or other commitments, Lana was kind enough to entertain me and I loved hanging out with her. She was the kind of girl I would have loved to have for myself but of course that was a mortal sin thought thinking that way about your pal's girlfriend.

When Dimmer and Lana first hooked up, they were all giggly in love and lust and I envied their wonderment and ecstasy. Dimmer had always been the charmer and it was easy to see how Lana could fall for the guy. Of course, Dimmer was also full of himself and even at the start I got the impression that he was taking Lana for granted – as if she should consider herself lucky to be with him. I always found that egotistical part of Dimmer to be pompous but he was one of those guys in high school who was popular, successful, and he was always treated special.

Dimmer brought Lana home that first summer and I found myself entertaining her more often than not as Dimmer was always off doing something. I was dating Carolyn at the time so it was slightly awkward, especially since I liked being around Lana more than I did Carolyn! Not surprisingly, Carolyn dumped me not long after that summer was over!

When I trekked to Green College during Dimmer's junior year, it was pretty obvious that his relationship with Lana had started to run its course. They were at odds with one another all the time and it was clear to me that they were on the skids, or at least at a cross roads in their relationship. I could tell that Lana wasn't happy although Dimmer appeared to be brushing off their issues.

"She's just stressed out about college," he told me when I asked what was up, having picked up on the tension and stress as those two screamed and yelled at one another more often than not.

It was even worse when they ignored the other or acted all fake sincere. I kind of wished I hadn't come for my late spring visit as those two were not in the greatest of moods to entertain me. But Dimmer was staying in Greenville year round because of his college commitments and a pretty good job on the side so I didn't see as much of him back home and visiting him at Green was the only way I got to see him.

Dimmer took off one day without much notice or explanation, leaving me behind to fend for myself. Lana stopped by and she was surprised to find me alone in Dimmer's dingy apartment.

"He's off on one of his stupid crusading conferences somewhere," Lana said with disapproval.

"You mean he left town?" I asked with surprise.

"He's always finding some cause, platform, seminar, conference, protest, rally, sit in, or other distraction to keep him on the fly," Lana said with annoyance. "I guess he figured you'd be okay on your own. Just like me," she added with distaste.

"I guess," I said, annoyed that my friend had abandoned me without a backup plan. "Isn't that kind of rude though?"

"Dimmer doesn't always think about others," Lana replied sarcastically.

"I guess that's why you guys aren't getting along, huh?" I remarked.

"I just came from my only class of the day," Lana informed me. "We can hang out and do something if you want."

"Okay," I agreed, sensing that Lana wanted to forget about her crumbling relationship with Dimmer and hanging out with me would be a good distraction.

It was a gorgeous late spring day in New England, unusually warm for May and Lana suggested that perhaps we could go swimming and get some sun. She and Dimmer had taken me to Sun Rise Lake and the Blue River in the past and I figured we'd head to one of those places this time.

"Oh no, I know of a much better place,' Lana replied as we started driving. "Dimmer doesn't like it but I think it's a lot of fun."

"Okay," I said, game for any activity that would get me out of Dimmer's crummy apartment.

Lana gave directions as we drove to the hills of West County, veering off a couple of back roads and finally coming to a stop in the woods along a ridge. There were several cars parked off the side of the road.

"There's an old quarry pit beyond that hill," Lana told me, gesturing with her chin. "It's a great out of the place to swim and there are plenty of rock ledges to sun on."

"Sound's great," I replied as I gathered our stuff and walked with her over the ridge.

There was indeed a huge old quarry filled with water surrounded by various rock ledges and a grassy knoll bank. A very neat place but I did a double take when I realized that many of the people there – mostly college kids and other young people – were naked.

"It's clothing optional," Lana giggled when she saw the look on my face. "They call it 'The Strip Pit'."

I nodded, trying not to look shocked or embarrassed as I glanced around at several nude coeds and other care free types prancing about, lying on the rocks, or jumping into the water pit.
I felt slightly nervous as I stood in my Bermuda trunks and tee shirt, not sure if I was expected to strip naked or if I would be considered a prude or a pervert by remaining clothed when most everybody else were in their birthday suits. I had never seen so many naked people in public before.

Lana was setting up our spot, a couple of folding chairs, a blanket, and a picnic basket full of snacks, water, soda and some cold cut sandwiches. She was wearing a white bikini top that covered her small breasts with a gentle swell of her nipples beneath the material and a pair of shorts. She didn't have all that much upstairs but she was still an attractive and desirable college coed, even if she was my pal's on the rocks girlfriend.

"You don't have to get naked if you don't want to," Lana told me.

That was a relief. The only time I had been naked in public was in the various locker rooms of my youth and I had certainly never been naked in front of a mixed group of people like this. Everywhere I looked, I saw breasts, rears, pubic hair, and penises.

"Dimmer doesn't like me getting naked in public," Lana was saying as she organized things around our little set up. "He doesn't want other guys seeing me."

I was still 'taking in the view' but I appreciated Lana's down to earth friendly approach to the situation. I supposed we were friends and that made it a little less awkward but I was still wondering if she was going to get naked and that had me on edge.
"I guess I should have warned you," Lana was saying. "I usually come here with my girlfriends since Dimmer is such a tight ass. I like it 'cause it's a hang loose kind of place."
"Oh...gosh, well, I..sure…..great," I stammered as two absolutely gorgeous young ladies walked past us in the lovely nude.

Of course I was shocked but this was the college life and most rules were suspended. Lana lay down on the blanket and stuck her ear phones in her ear, ready to enjoy the day. I began to figure out that nobody cared if I wore a bathing suit or not but I was feeling slightly awkward being clothed when most people weren't. It's the first time I felt strange having clothes on!

I took a seat in one of the folding chairs and tried to get used to the nudity all around me. I tried not to stare or gawk or look like a pervert but it was hard not to notice so many attractive naked women. I ate one of the sandwiches we'd brought and I tried to look as normal and nondescript as I could.
After a while, Lane looked over her shades at me and asked if I was ready for a dip as the sun had done a pretty good job warming us up. She proceeded to stand and unfasten her bra top, letting it fall off to reveal her small breasts and pert nipples. Then, before I had a chance to react, she dropped her shorts and panties and stepped out of them. My friend's girlfriend was now standing before me completely naked!
I turned my head to avoid a face on confrontation with Lena's private parts as she was standing directly in front of me, maybe five feet away. She didn't seem to notice as she turned and walked toward the pit, her firm and round buns jiggling slightly as she walked.
Are you supposed to see your friend's girl naked even if they might be breaking up? I wasn't expecting this and I wasn't used to the easy going college mentality. I had my fair share of sexual relationships but I'd always had sex rather stealthy like in the back seat of a car or in someone's darkened bedroom during a party so all this free nudity stuff was new to me. I watched as Lana jumped off the ledge and disappeared into the water. She came up shaking the water from her hair and then she swam around the pool.
I knew the polite thing to do would be to join Lana and I began to toy with the idea of disrobing but for some reason I felt shy and inhibited so I just sat there in the chair watching and thinking. Lana eventually came out of the pit and returned to the blanket.

"Water's great!" She announced cheerfully as she put her sunglasses back on and laid back to dry off in the sun.

I noticed a young woman about our age walking towards the pit while talking with a couple of guys who didn't appear to be paying any attention to her body. It was like a natural thing to them even though it was all new to me. These folks were just out to enjoy the sunny day and nobody cared what anyone looked like...dressed or not.
Slowly, the idea of taking off my clothes in the open began to make sense. I found myself gathering the courage for what I knew I should do if I was going to be part of the crowd. I stood up and pulled off my tee shirt. I glanced down at Lana who was looking up at me with her firm but very small breasts enjoying the sun. I noticed that her nipples had enlarged. I dropped my Bermuda shorts and I was about to peel off the BVDs too when I glanced around and noticed that some people were watching me. I grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down a few inches but then panicked! I wasn't sure if I was ready to show a bunch of strangers my dick.

"It's okay," Lana assured me, standing once again. "Come on, let's go for a swim."

I decided to bite the bullet. Sucking in a deep breath, I peeled off my underwear and walked naked with Lana to the edge of the pit.
"Good for you!" She said proudly. "Dimmer never did that."

I shrugged and she laughed, taking my hand in hers. We both stepped off the edge of the pit and fell into the water together. When we surfaced, a laughing Lana gave me a hug real tight.

"That was great!" She exclaimed.

I felt her nipples very firm and erect poking my bare chest. It was an erotic moment to be sure even though she was Dimmer's girlfriend. For some reason, my hands unexpectedly roamed down to cup her ass cheeks below the water surface as we treaded water. We were tightly pressed together and I could feel my penis touching her leg. I wasn't hard but it was putting some thoughts into my head as I felt my cock rubbing against her thigh.

Was this a venial sin or a real mortal sin of friendship? What would Dimmer think if he knew what was going on?

"We should probably swim," Lana advised as she broke from me and swam across the pit.

I followed, hoping I hadn't gone too far with my excitement and advances. I guess I was overcome by the moment. We swam around the pool and eventually we climbed up the bank to get out of the water. I took Lana's hand to help her up and out and we made our way back to our spot still holding hands. I saw a number of eyes watching us and all of a sudden I felt proud and free. I handed Lana a towel when we reached our spot. Her pink nipples were all stiff and her pussy hair was standing out in strands.
Lana lay on her stomach on the blanket and she separated her legs a bit to allow the sun's warm rays to warm and dry her. I got an eye full of her firm young ass and her pussy lips being exposed from behind. I was bold enough to lay down next to her. She looked at me and smiled and we shot the breeze as I relaxed and enjoyed the afternoon although it all seemed sort of surreal, not just being with my friend's naked girlfriend but to be naked around so many other naked people too.

We sat on the blanket eating our snacks and watching the others frolic about. It was really an amazing day. At one point, Lana confided in me that she was pretty sure she was going to break up with Dimmer.

"He's to preoccupied and self-absorbed to even acknowledge there's a problem," she said with a sigh. "He likes being in control of our relationship which is why coming here was never something he liked doing."

"He's always been conservative in his moral views," I replied.

"I guess that's why the sex is boring," Lana replied with a sigh.

This was definitely not a conversation I wanted to venture into, especially sitting next to her naked with my dick hanging out and a clear view of her woman hood as she kept placing her soda bottle right between her legs.

"I can predict the time, place, and style of our sex like clockwork," she was saying. "It's all so…Puritan."

"I guess he's thinking about other stuff," I offered, trying to defend poor Dimmer for his shortcomings in the bedroom.

"Yeah, everything but me," Lana groaned. "He's so into college that he's forgetting to have a personal life. If he's not off on some cause he's hitting the books or working. It's like I'm just supposed to be there as part of his life."

"I'm sorry things aren't going well," I said. "Maybe he'll come to his senses."

"I doubt it," Lana replied. "Besides, I think it's too late anyway."

"Are you going to tell him about this?" I asked with worry.

She looked at me and laughed. "Now, why would I go and do something like that?" She teased.

"To get him jealous? Envious? Pissed off?"

"I would never use you like that, Barnes," she said, sounding slightly insulted. "I really like you. This is nice. This is fun. You've always treated me the way I wish Dimmer would treat me. I like being with you."

"Well, thanks," I said, feeling genuinely complimented.

"My advice is to never mention any of this to him," Lana said. "He'd go nuts."

"Probably," I agreed, recalling how territorial he was about the girls he dated.

"I'm glad you feel comfortable enough around me to do something like this," she said. "My attitude is to let go and live life once in a while. It's college for heaven sakes."

"Well, thanks for trusting me," I said. "This has certainly been a memorable experience."

Lana laughed and stood, signaling that it was time for us to leave. We dressed as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do together and then hauled our stuff back to the car. What a day! I thought to myself. What an unbelievable day!

We went back to Dimmer's apartment. He was nowhere to be seen, of course.
Lana went into the bathroom, to shower and I imagined how the water must have looked cascading all over her naked body. I noticed she had left the bathroom door suspiciously open.

"How's the water in there?" I called to her.
"A hell of a lot warmer than at The Strip Pit!" She laughed.

For some reason, I found myself walking into the bathroom uninvited. I peeled out of my shorts and tee shirt and pulling the shower curtain open to reveal Lana in all her beauty. I stepped into the stall behind her, naked.
Lana hardly seemed to react as she rinsed the shampoo out of her curly hair. I put my hands around her and begin to soap up her little tits! I knew I was taking a chance but I figured I might as well go for broke, mortal sin of friendship or not. I was relieved when Lana playfully reached back behind her and grabbed my penis which immediately went erect!
"That feels good," I said with appreciation.

It had been a long time since Carolyn.

She touched me again. I was soapy and her hand glided over the slippery surface of my cock. Then I felt the head poking into her butt cheeks. Lana reached down for the rinse and my cock slid between her legs until the head emerged in front, now rubbing against her pussy lips as I moved right up against her.

Lana turned to face me and her big brown eyes were burning into mine. We didn't have to speak now. We both knew where we were headed, mortal sin of friendship or not. I wondered what would happen in Dimmer came into the apartment now!
Lana looked up at me and she seemed unsure of what to do for the first time all day. I decided to seize the moment and I kissed her. I knew we both wanted it and I accepted the fact that I was going to do this and I didn't want to think about the consequences. We kissed and got all in each other's mouth and I felt my hard on rubbing against her belly.
"All clean?" I teased.

Lana nodded and she stepped out of the shower. The bathroom was steamed up and Lana sat on the closed toilet seat while I stepped closer, my penis bobbing freely in front of her face. I reached down and began to nuzzle and then suck on Lana's sensitive pink nipples while she reached out to fondle me while I excited her little tits, licking and caressing them as they achieved full erection.

I remembered Lana's complaints about Dimmer's boring and expected sex and I realized that it was time for me to do something totally different. I reached out, took her by the arms and lifted her from the toilet seat. She looked at me with wide eyes.

"Turn around," I whispered.
She obeyed and knelt on top of the toilet seat on her knees on the 'throne'. She looked back at me and watched as I gently spread opened her buttocks.

"Oh God, you're looking at my asshole!" She realized with wide eyed amazement.

I took her pussy lips in my fingers and slowly spread her open while she looked back at the transfixed expression on my face.

"Don't be shy," I pleaded.

"You're looking up my butthole, Barnes," she replied. "Nobody's done that before."

I stuck one of my fingers into that butt hole and she jumped with unexpected surprise.

"Ohhhhhhh," she said, almost wildly. "What are doing?"

"Something different," I assured her, reaching my hand around and grabbing a tit.

"Dimmer would never think of doing something like this," she said.

"I know," I replied. "But it's still a mortal sin."

I poked my finger in and out of her backside like a demented proctologist and she squirmed with stunned delight.

"Oh my fucking God, Barnes," she screamed out.

"Do you want me to put something else in there?" I tested.

"Can you really do something like that?" She wondered, looking back at me over her shoulder with fascination, a mixture of fright, nervousness, and excitement on her face.

"Yes," I said, as I maneuvered myself and entered my cock into her anus, pushing my shaft all the way inside her asshole with one hard push.

"Oh Fuck!" She screamed out.
I pulled myself completely out and then pushed it straight back inside. I pulled her ass higher as I grabbed her hips. She was moaning and screaming and laughing and hollering with excitement as my balls smacked her clit hard and fast as I thrust into her. Grabbing Lana's tits and squeezing them tight, I pulled on them from behind with a firm grip while pushing my cock deeper by using her tits to pull myself harder into her.
I was shocked when Lana reached between my thighs and took a firm grip of my balls and massaged them in her hand and rubbed them against her pussy with each thrust I made into her butthole.
We were both grunting now each time my hips bounced off her ass. Lana began to rock on her knees, grinding her ass against my cock. Her movements made each thrust harder and deeper as she continued to hold and stroke my balls.
Lana made no effort to stifle her loud moans and shrieks. She finally released my balls and I fingered her clit as her thighs shook.
"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum, Barnes... yes, oh Fuck... YES..." She screamed.
I watched as cum dripped from her pussy onto the toilet cover and my balls smacked even harder against her quivering pussy as I continued my trusts with my fingers working her clit, rubbing and stroking it firmly.
"This was the most unbelievable sex I ever had," Lana admitted as she tried to catch her breath.

"I thought you needed something new," I replied as I pulled my cock from her backside.

I grabbed Lana around the waist and flipped her quickly around so she was now seated on the toilet with her legs spread wide open. She brushed the hair from her face and smiled at me happily. I leaned into her and my tongue slipped into her mouth finding hers, tasting her sweet breath as she whimpered against me.
My hand found her breast and I brushed my thumb over her nipple as Lana stared into my eyes.

"I'm definitely breaking up with Dimmer now," she said with total resolve and honesty as she gazed at me, purring softly.

"I committed the mortal sin of friendship," I sighed with guilt. "I butt fucked my friend's girl."

"I don't care," Lana admitted freely. "I didn't know something like that was even possible."

"Taking it up the ass, you mean?"

She nodded. "Isn't that considered sodomy in some states?"

"I've never done something like that before either," I let her know.

She stood on top of the toilet and gave me an appreciative kiss. "Maybe you should get out of here," She suggested. "Pack up and go home."

"Maybe," I agreed, kissing her in return as I rubbed her smooth backside.

"Thank you," she whispered, her eyes filling with tears. "You've set me free."

"I'm a real bastard," I sighed, thinking of Dimmer.

"It will always be our secret," she assured me. "Don't worry about it."

We took another shower, dried each other off, and got dressed. Lana kissed me goodbye and left the apartment while I packed my bags and left before Dimmer returned, leaving a note letting him know I was heading home and I'd catch him next time.

But there really wasn't a next time. I never went back to Green College and Dimmer didn't come home much either and even when he did we didn't get together all that much.

Years later, Dimmer mentioned in passing that Lana was married with a few kids, living out in California and I smiled at the memory of her, hoping that she was happy, free, and sexually satisfied.

Dimmer, meanwhile, was a college professor at some small liberal college in northern New York State, on his third marriage to a woman ten years younger than him, and still full of himself. But I knew the truth whenever I thought about Lana.

For the record, I never committed the mortal sin of friendship again either. Once was enough.