Feeling Blue

I'm feeling so blue don't know why

I guess I hated to say bye

To my new online buddy

You say I got too close

In some ways I guess you were right

But I don't know I just feel things

At home aren't the way I wish them to be

Our different tastes in things in noticeable

So when my friend says what he likes

Sorry for being curious

I gave college football a shot

I didn't really think I'd enjoy it that much

And you know what IT IS FUN

and could become a new favorite sport

But because it's a reminder of him

I'm no longer allowed to watch

I guess the same goes for Wallander

and probably Last Summer of Wine

Which you probably don't know are on the DVR.

I guess I should understand that to you

These appear like secret signs that

I pay attention to him.

And just when I think things are going

To get back on the right track

It hurt oh so very much

When I made a recommendation

From my DVD collection

And you found it too boring and

wanted to switch it back to something

I wasn't in the mood to watch

Can I help it if what you want to see

Just doesn't interest me and prefer to

At least watch something uplifting

I guess in some ways I want us to be okay

I just don't know how to make it that way

In the end I want someone to know me

Without me having to say anything

Don't get me wrong it's not what you think

We are just friends nothing more than that.

I would prefer it was you and not someone else

But I don't know how to get passed all the sadness.

Maybe we do need time apart

I don't know it feels wrong to say that

Marriage isn't easy I don't know why this so

It's something God created and he's always right

Everything He does is wonderful and amazing

Maybe I'm the one whose ultimately wrong.

I guess I was too dumb and naïve

For actually believing in such things as happy endings.