There's something about writing.

It's gorgeous flow of words,

And every one of them means something to me.

I become connected to these words that I put on this "Paper."

Because every syllable describes my every thought.

This is how I express myself.

But today,

As I sit here and wait for the words,

I realize that they're not coming.

This is a feeling I can't describe.

I think about them, about you, about us.

It gives me the best feeling,

Because I realize that this is my own little world.

And I find myself confused, because this is new to me.

I'm frustrated, because I want to write this feeling down.

But I don't know what it is.

How can you describe the unknown?

And I'm overjoyed, because it's a good feeling.

And, as I lie my head back and close my eyes,

I sigh and try to think of more words to say.

But I can' think of any.

I wish I could succeed,

But that may never happen.

Do you know that feeling?