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'You want to go to that party, he said. You'll have fun, he said. I can't believe that I believed him!' I thought as my boyfriend and I are walking up to the castle where the party is taken place.

"Stop shaking, Caroline." Derek looked at me then then smiled, "You're going to be fine."

'No, I'm not.' I thought looking down to the ground then looking at the castle.

The castle was huge looking. It reminded me of a medieval castle, mainly the Warwick Castle in Europe. I wouldn't know what to expect since Derek invited me to a party located here and that's all the information I got about this place

"You're going to enjoy the party!" He pulls me in as we reached the big castle doors. "Just think of a good time."

The doors open to starling creaking that made anybody hair on their necks stand. It reminded me of nails on chalkboards. We walked in as a nice couple, holding hands and walking in suit with each other, but on my inside I had a bad vibe about the place.

'Why does it have to be me to be in a place like this?' I thought as I looked around the place.

The walls were like the outside exterior. The main room was empty with a large pillar then a window, with a total of three windows. The last window struck me as odd because the first two windows were the same and the last window was longer than the others.

'It was obvious that nobody lives here or has abandoned it.' I looked over to my right and saw a stair case.

I went down to check it out and I saw a table right below the stairs, balloons and streamers were around the stairs. Right across the room directly from the table was a DJ booth. A few people were there and they saw me.

"Cary!" Allison yelled as I descended the stairs with Derek slowly coming from behind me. "I thought you weren't coming!"

"I thought I wasn't either." I said under my breath looking at Derek while I said it.

He gave me the 'Sorry, I dragged you look' to me and I wasn't buying it. I wasn't having the best vibe I could muster for this place, but I had to push it to the back of my mind for Derek. If the time wasn't any better, the sun had fell and I didn't know my way back to town.

"You're going to be fine." Alli pushed my back making my black, long ponytail whip her chest making a whip like sound. "Ow!"

"I'm sorry." I turned around to her "Are you ok?"

"Yeah…" She slightly smiled then stood up, dusting herself off "I know not to make you angry… you can hurt somebody with your hair."

'That's why I have it like this and that why Derek is here!" I smiled pointing at him making him opening his mouth to speak.

'If it wasn't for me you wouldn't -"Derek began talking and I was mimicking him with my hand and I interrupted him

"Be here. I got it." I put a finger to his lip.

I felt like I was going to have a good time and the bad vibe was slowly wearing away so I decided to listen to Derek. "Now can we get this party started?"

"That's the spirit!" Derek fist pumped the air "Woo hoo!"

Unfortunately, I can't remember much from the party, but this castle had confirmed my vibes, those bad vibes will haunt me to this very day. All I could remember that I saw people dancing, then I see a person shooting, people going down, blood everywhere. Suddenly my eyes are shut.

When I wake up, I look around and I'm horrified. My friends, including Alli were shot, as I presumed. Their blood is everywhere I can see. It's splattered to the DJ booth to the surrounding walls. Their heads were cleanly shot with one bullet in the direct middle of their foreheads. When I inspected everyone, I couldn't find Derek anywhere, so I go exploring for him.

Behind the table was a door that I have saw, but didn't think much of it, I didn't hesitate to walk through it. It was a hallway with three rooms, two on the right and one on the left. The last one on the left had another hallway.

I walked to the first room on my left and I found that it looked the same as the main room… just the windows are the same. It was a little different, as well. It has two closets next to the wall on the right and a bed to the other side.

I hear noise before I came in here so I decided to check everything with caution. I look around the bed and under, nothing. I check the first closet, nothing then when I go to the last one I hear a…

"Don't hurt me!" A male voice, which sounded like Derek, yelled so loud enough that anyone can hear him.

"Derek!" I quickly opened the door and he smiles, hugging me tightly.

'Caroline!" He begins crying "I thought you were dead!"

We break enough space, but he's still holding me in his arms. We just looked at each other thinking, 'Is this really happening?' with looks to match.

"We have to find a way out of here!" I spoke looking around then I notice something out the window. "What is that?!"

"I don't know." Derek turns around to notice that there's a tall male, wearing a black suit and has no face.

He's there one second then gone the next. I'm just stunned and then the next second, the light flashes off. Before we left I decided to carry a flashlight in my pants pocket. I got it out and quickly flashed it in Derek's face by accident.

"Can you watch where you're pointing that thing, Cary?"

"Sorry." I nervously smiled and pointed the light out towards the doorway, "We should get going, and see what that thing was."

We broke off, walking together, hand in hand, out into the hallway where we saw a black mist where the door was located. I quickly shine the flashlight over to the area and the mist hissed at us. I grasped Derek's hand and the flashlight it was my life support.

Derek tapped my shoulder, I look at him and he's sheet white.

"Are you ok?" I asked then he shakes his head looking at me

"What?" He asks then realized that his hand is on my shoulder "I wanted you to look out the window… I thought I saw something."

I look out the window and see that same figure we saw earlier, but now the mist is around him. Just the same as the other two, he's gone from plain sight.

We're heading out the same door I entered and running the stairs when I see the figure standing right in front of us. We didn't know would happen next, but we knew that he couldn't eat us because he has no mouth.

As he inched closer, we backed down the stairs. The mist around him was getting thicker as he gotten closer and we backed off. When we were down to the last step, I fell backwards landing on my back, knocking me out cold.

My eyes were shifting close and opening on time to time. I could remember that Derek picked me up over his shoulders and ran like a cheetah. That was first time ever I saw him run like that! If I wasn't 120 LB; he would go faster than stopping once in a while.

When I woke up, I found myself on the cold outside ground. I palmed the ground notice e that there were feet right in front of me. I looked up, holding my breath afraid to see who it was.

"Are you scared, darling?" Derek's voice came out like an angel

"It's you!" I bounced up and tightly hugged him "I was so scared!"

He hugged me back and smiling "You're safe, cupcake."

"Thanks." I put my face in his shirt, almost shedding a tear "I'll never think that everything is explainable… because what we just experienced was nothing we can explain!"

"You're right." He said breaking the hug apart and then holding my hand "Let's go home."

As if it was on cue the sun was rising over the horizon. We saw where we parked the car and walked to it. From that day on, I'll always believe that that castle will always be haunted by that thing.

"Next time we go to a party we check out the place first?" He asked me putting a hand on my shoulder

"Before we do anything, Derek… we check it out!"

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