He was looking for a sign.

Lately life had been reduced to three meals a day served in a dining hall with the forgotten population-the elderly. Majority of them didn't even remember their name let alone what day of the week it was. And to top it off the food was bland. Today it was potatoes and some type of meat covered with gravy.

Grabbing his cane, Ethan pushed his tray away and stood. Death was better treatment than consuming that bullshit.

Outside the sky was blue, but in the distance a storm was brewing. Dark grey, black clouds were stacked and the sound of thunder echoed.

Around the nursing home, the grounds keeper did a good job manicuring the shrubs and lawn. Flowers lined the walkway. It said, 'we are a great facility leave your loved ones here with us'. It was a lie.

Inside the nurses and attendants were grumpy and just as useless as the elderly. The worst part was they treated the ones who didn't know any better like crap. But during visitation it was like you entered a parallel universe. Coated with tea and cookies, warm smiles and sweet-talk.

He winced up at the bright sun that was about to be washed away by clouds. It brought fond memories to his thoughts. His love, Olivia, loved the rain. She was such a beautiful woman with a smile that was like warm sunshine on your face, birds chirping in the summer time and a field of wildflowers all rolled into one sensation. He loved her more than life itself.

Is the today the day? He thought. On cue, church bells resonated through the air.

Ethan sighed. No, today was not the day. He sat down on a bench surround by flowers and watched bees crawl into the bulbs. Sixty years ago today he had met his soul mate in a garden much like this one. She was watering roses when he bumped into her, causing her to spill the water down the front of her pants. She had been so upset; it was her first day of work. He remembered it like it were only yesterday, sweeping him back in time when life was good.