So here I am. This is 2012, isn't it? Wow!

Look all around, will you? There's magic everywhere. I feel kind of less important now.

Hey, you know what… it's my errant spell-book. This is all its doing.

It's impossible to believe that the knuckle dragging apes could evolve into such creative beings. I know I had something to do with this. Wow!

It's gong to be a job finding that spell-book. It's like it has a few dozen minds of its own. Little schizoid!

Ah, there you are. What do you think? Do I look okay in your time? Will I fit in? Will I be popular? Oh so many questions; so little time.

I am immortal… what do I care about time. I have lots of it?

Oh, I beg your forgiveness… how impolite of me. Almost two chapters now and I haven't introduced myself to you.

My name… if it can be called one… is Mymosiamnesondorijanakimono. And that's just the first part of it. I cannot remember the rest, woe is me, spell caster to not. But you can call me Mymie… or Mym, if that's not too much of a mouthful.

Now how about you?

No wait! Let me guess.

Your name is… yeah; I see your smile and that look of satisfaction in you eyes. I got it right, didn't I?

Am I not the best?

So would you like to join me on my quest… what, you already have?

Oh, yes… you've been following me all this way. Nice!

Look there; they are the ones I have chosen to walk with me to hell.

That's what this journey is going to be… getting back that spell book.

I'm sure it's going to take us on a merry chase… hey, I created it.

There they stand. My chosen fellowship of the spells.

That one is Brando! The real big strong one with large hands. He has a real name, but it's a boring one. So I call him Brando.

She's Silverade. She's the agile one and a dead shot. Boring real name, mine is better.

He's Kilowatt, the brainy one. His eyes actually light up when he's thinking; which is all the time.

The small one is Dangerella. She's a little dynamo, very dexterous and quite a tinkerer.

And finally the Retard. Yes, I found one. And I didn't have to conjure up a name for him; he is really named Retard Forget.


"And who are you, in the transparent drapes?"

What? Did you just say that?

But that's not possible… it's a one-way communication here. You want to say something to me, use the reviews page.

"Well, are you going to answer me or what?"

What? Who is that? Show yourself?

I can't believe this. Someone's infiltrating my narrative. The nerve of some…

Don't you worry now… I'll take care of this… I always do.

I am the original spell caster.

You keep reading. I have a lot more to tell you.