Just a pebble in the sky. A little pebble in the sky. All it does is fly, fly around and around this little ball of bright fire. This fire in the sky. Fire in the sky and there is no smoke. No smoke.

Oh, hey! You're still here. I though I was hidden from everyone. This place is my little sanctum sanctorum. A kind of quiet getaway. A fortress of solitude. Yes, you get the idea. I just couldn't take it anymore. I think I'm being taken for a ride here. So I side step existence and hide here, between reality and dreams every time I feel... well, depressed.

I'm over it now. Time to get back to… to what was that again. Ah. My spell book of original spells. I'm going to find it and then bind it to me or my name isn't Mymosiamnesondorijanakimono and all the rest of it.

Stepping back into reality now. Watch out… wheeow!

"Quick, someone think of a super contrived reason for us to fight!"

"I'll fight you, Bran because you want to fight Dani, who I also want to fight!"

"And I'll fight you both because I want you to stop fighting!"

"Hang on a second, Bran, your strength has smashed everything you've ever hit, you have no way of knowing we can protect ourselves. Do you just want to attempt to murder us?"

What the Helen Brody is going on here?

"Oh, hey, Mymie. You're back!"

Hey, Retard! And you three – what's with this fighting?

"Dani, Bran and I were bored waiting for you - so we were playing Avengers."

What the schnapps is Avengers?

"Erm. Where are you from… like a hundred years ago?"

Precisely. And why are you calling each other by truncated names?

"Trunk what names?"

"She means nick names, Bran!"

And Kilo, where have you been?

"I went to look for some plot movement for this staggered soliloquy."

What was that? Argh, never mind. Now listen up, you lot. I have just picked up a pulse where the Spell Book may be hidden and I need all of your skills to help me bag it. I won't suffer any excuses. Come on, we're heading off to the Stone Age. Pack your rugged fur togas. We're off.

Oh Yeah! A-Heh heh!