Author's Note: Here I introduce 2 characters based on the rabbits in Kayknepps 25's story (at her request).

And I should probably mention that each rabbit has a military holster around their waist. It is made of leather and can hold a gun or a slingshot and a small first aid kit.

On my way back to my nest, I passed the conference room. Loud voices grabbed my attention; I stopped and angled my ears toward the door.

"Reuben! What a – um – pleasant surprise." The gruff voice of General Storm rose in pitch. An unfamiliar voice answered. I didn't dare peek in the room, even though the door was open a crack. If I was found eavesdropping, punishment would be harsh.

"I assume the troops are doing well in their training," Reuben said insistently.

"Yes, but we're making slow progress on rabbit-sized guns. We need more time."

"Guns? Guns?! We don't need outdated guns! Tell your scientists to get to work on…LASERS!" I jumped when Reuben shouted. Then I glanced furtively up and down the tunnel. No rabbits were approaching. I turned my attention back to the conference room, where I heard an indignant sniff from General Storm.

"I don't see why I should listen to you, Reuben," the general said, obviously mocking the newcomer's name.

"You don't think my name is 'tough,' eh?" There was a dangerous tone in Reuben's voice.

"No," said the general confidently. Then there was a loud explosion, and General Storm cried out in surprise.

"Where did that explosion come from," General Storm cried out, his voice shrill.

"That's for me to know and you to remember in case you ever think of defying me again."

The general rushed past me and out the door. He didn't seem to notice me, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then Reuben stepped out of the room, stirring up the wisps of smoke curling out of the room. He glanced at me and continued in the opposite direction. I noticed that the top half of his ears hung down and he was black with grey spots.

"I thought you would be at your nest right now," said a voice behind me. I jumped and my ears brushed the ceiling, showering dirt on me.

"Gah! Oh, it's you," I said, shaking my fur out. Crystal was standing there, holding back a laugh.

"Well it's none of your business if I decide to take a late-night stroll. Besides, you're not supposed to be out this late either."

"Um, I had to go to the bathroom," she said lamely.

"Get back to your nest, and don't let me catch you out this late again," I ordered. Part of me was disappointed to see her go. I shook my head. I needed to spend more time outside!

The next day it was time to learn how to use slingshots. We stretched rubber bands (a very useful human invention) around forked branches and practiced with acorns. In battle, we would use bombs. Predictably, Crystal couldn't get her acorn to stay on the slingshot. I groaned with impatience.

"If we were in battle, we would have died seventeen times already," I informed her. "The bombs explode on contact."

"I don't see you complaining when Cow keeps hitting you with acorns," Crystal retorted. I winced as another acorn slammed into my ear.

"Hi, Cottontail," said the black and white rabbit.

"What do you want," I asked, annoyed.

"You noticed me? Wow, I thought you had gone deaf! I wanted to tell you to keep a closer eye on your lop. I've seen a bunch of them whispering in the hallways and the mess hall."

"So now we're not allowed to whisper? I don't think we have many more privileges for you to take away," Crystal said behind me. Her white fur bristled in indignation.

"Thanks for the tip," I said to my friend. Then I turned my attention to training. I adjusted Crystal's hold on the slingshot, and she managed to hit a tree. Unfortunately, the acorn ricocheted and hit Cow in the eye. He glared at her.

"Sorry," she called out.

"Pollen head," he muttered under his breath. I flinched slightly at the vulgar word, but Crystal rolled her eyes. I suddenly felt angry with Cow. It was an honest mistake. There was no need for him to say that to her. Now the white lop appeared distracted. She had more trouble than ever setting up her slingshot. The branch, which was driven into the ground, snapped in two when she pulled back too hard. My ears heated as Colonel Bugs marched over to us and ranted loudly. Every rabbit's head turned to us. I noticed a purple rabbit staring at us nearby. The purple rabbit's eyes turned to Crystal and he twitched his ear twice. Crystal gave an almost imperceptible nod. I forgot Bugs' rant and began to ponder what the strangely colored rabbit was telling her. Why would a straight-ear be communicating like that to a lop-ear?