The Lonely Heart Anthem

Seeking what one would not find,

Reverence in the cold of night

Enemies stand tall and mighty

Upon the mantle of the mountain,

Ready for the impending fight.


You stand among the battered,

The soldiers who have seen too much,

You'll watch as the enemy comes nearer.

The downpour of rain—or were they tears?

It's as cold as winters touch.


It's beyond your reach,

And though you fought your fight,

You find you may have lost a friend.

You'll cry and inside the pain tears you apart,

You've lost your faith and true love, all in one night.


And the walls come crumbling down.

You'll wish to rebuild them

But the pieces are shattered beyond repair,

Turned to dust and distant dreams.

For that is the lonely heart anthem.


That is the heart's broken sound.

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