WARNING: One part is Shoujo ai.(light girlxgirl)

Rated T for flexibility.

Summary. :p

Ikeda Kotaro fell ill before the national game his Soccer team was participating in, as the captain his teammates hopes were riding on him. But in his absence the team was utterly defeated. Now a year later he is back for his Senior year and is shocked to find that the Soccer team has disbanded. When entering the old club room he sees a first year girl saying she wanted to bring the club back together again. They both join forces in order to bring the team back to it's former glory. The team captain of the girls team follows their lead, everything starts out fine but these three will meet many difficulties on the way. Follow Ikeda Kotaro, Yakamura Tomoe, and Chizu as they work to reach the top once more.

Chapter 1

Kotaro walked slowly through the front doors of Osaka Academy, a smile spread across his face as he muttered "I'm back."

He continued down to his shoe locker, dusting off his indoor shoes he slipped them on. With smooth long strides he continued down the hall, the students that pasted by widened their eyes as they noticed him and started gossiping to their friends. His smile widened at their reactions, he couldn't help himself he enjoyed the attention. He arrived at his third year classroom ready to meet his friends again after such a long time.

Yakamura, Chizu was a first year in her older sisters high school. She bopped down the hall going outside. Her long caramel hair flowed around her and her bright brown eyes was filled with determination. For years she had dreamed of joining her sister on the soccer field. But to her dismay before her first year she found the news of the soccer club had disbanded due to lost hope. She refused to accept it, her sister had loved the team she promised herself that she would do anything in her power to ensure that the team would play once again. At the end of the day she quickly went to the old club room the team had used. Upon entering she found a girl with messy hair spread out on the window sill sound asleep. Light filtered through revealing the dust that had accumulated on the equipment that had not been touched.

She walked slowly up to where the girl was sleeping and stood there looking her over. She slightly jumped at the sound of the voice coming from the slumped body in front of her.

"What do you want?" the girl asked rudely. "If you hadn't noticed this club is no longer active." she said with annoyance an icy edge to her voice.

"I know that." Chizu replied flatly a bit irked with the girls attitude.

"Then why are you still standing there." The girl said more as a statement then a question.

"I want to put it back together." Chizu answered.

"What?" The girl said turning around abruptly.

Chizu took a step back seeing the girl at her full height. She was definitely older than Chizu with long legs that made her slightly taller than average. But there was something about her demeanor that was overwhelming. She had mousy, shoulder length hair that spiraled and curled around her face. But what attracted Chizu's interest was her gaze. It was strong and steady, her eyes colored a deep amber like an orange flame sparking with life.

She had casual clothes on, white cargo pants ripped at the knees and a black tee, accompanied by a white sleeveless jacket. On her neck swung a necklace with the letters LLS, her wrist had a similar bracelet. She also noted that this girl wasn't wearing shoes, as if this was her room.

Chizu swallowed hard back to the matter at hand "I..want to put the club back together." she said again quietly.

"I'm not deaf!" She snapped back, pausing before she spoke again. "Why?"

Guess she's also bipolar.

"Because I want to play with my sister on the field." Chizu replied with more confidence. The girl paced around in silence before looking back at her.

"What's your name?" The girl asked softly jerking her head towards her.

"Yakamura, Yakamura Chizu." she squeaked a bit jumpy at the sudden change.

"Yakamura.." The girl muttered to herself, tilting her head studying her for the first time. "Your sister you say..." The girl moved back to the window sill and sat down looking out the window as the sun illuminated her hair and added to the glowing affect of her eyes.

"The boys captain fell ill right before a huge game. This school was highly valued because of it's soccer team and their achievements now it is looked down upon because of the loss. Three of the best players graduated and the others are sitting in self pity. The girls team is completely separate but in certain circumstances the two teams mix together for tournaments, since the rules vary. They lost because the guys relied to much on that knuckle headed captain who was sitting in a hospital bed. If your mind and soul isn't putting much effort they were bound to fail and they did, epicly. Even if the girls won they couldn't get their shit together and wasted the victory. So YOU want to put that screwed, filled with shame mess back into a functioning team?"

Well when she says it like that..."Absolutely." Chizu replied with full confidence showing in her eyes.

Aurgh just like your sister...speaking of which. "I think...that you should have talked to Tomoe first. I am NOT going to help you, you are on your own."

"But-" Chizu was interrupted by a deep voice that came from the door way.

"Don't you think that's a bit cruel, Chikage? And I think I heard you insulting me." The voice said.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear. I can't believe you're still breathing." The girl replied without looking, frowning deeply.

"Of course!" The person replied feigning shock. "That hurts my beautifully innocent heart! Plus I heard that insult from a mile away"

"Innocent my ass." Chikage mumbled.

Chizu took a look at the boy that came to stand beside her. He had short brown hair carefully cropped against his head, but his bangs spiked up. He was tall and lean, with a gentle face. All in all he was very handsome.

"I think Chizu-chan here has a good idea, I'm going to support her." The boy said stubbornly.

The girl turned her head slightly towards them. With an exasperated sigh she gave up.

"Do what you will, but I will not taking any part in it. Don't try anything Ikeda." she replied lazily clearly disinterested but there was an intensity in her voice.

"I never wanted you to anyway" he huffed dramatically. "BUT 'Do what you will' won't sit well with Tomoe." The boy snorted.

The girl narrowed her eyes in annoyance. "If you are done Ikeda, then please, as a friendly suggestion I think it's time to take your leave." She said in a low voice.

"Hai, hai, come on now Chizu-chan before she takes out her claws." The boy said ushering a very confused Chizu out.

"Sorry about that" The boy, Ikeda, said to her as he closed the door. "She isn't the um friendly type. Ah, I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Ikeda Kotaro, Team captain of the boys soccer team. Well..previous team..."

"Um, yes it's nice to meet you." Chizu said bowing even though Chizu heard he had been ill, the boy standing in front of her looked to be in perfect health.

Kotaro widened his eyes at how polite she was. "You are nothing like your sister." Kotaro said laughing.

"Ah, um, both of you where talking about her, are you good friends?" Chizu asked raising her shy voice.

"Not in the slightest!" another voice, Chizu recognized as her sister said behind them. Her sister was tall and lean, with slightly dark skin and long dark purple hair. Her eyes where sharp and her posture was always brimming with pride and confidence unlike Chizu.

Tomoe walked beside Chizu strangling her in a hug. "Stupid perverted alien stay away from my little Chi-chan!" she said defensively. "Mou~Where have you been I was looking for you every where."

"Itai! That hurt my feelings Tomo-chan~" Kotaro bent over pouting.

"Ē to, Onee-chan, Ikeda-kun was just helping me out with something." Chizu muttered.

"Don't worry you don't need help from that fool."

"Please, stop making me seem uncool TT_TT" Kotaro whined.

"I...Disagree I think having a captain's help would be a good thing, especially since he is thought highly of..."

"Chizu-chan! Arigatō~ ^_^"

"Don't talk to her in such a familiar way! Baka!" Tomoe Threatened stepping on Kotaro.

"Onee-chan, Please!" Chizu pleaded holding her sister back, attempting to save Kotaro's life. "Onee-chan you can stop now I think he's dead!" Chizu cried.

"X_X-somebody help me~" Kotaro whispered weakly. But as Tomoe continued beating Kotaro's limp body, none of them noticed that they had still been standing in front of the club room, until the door slammed open again. A very angry Chikage stood in the door way.

"What. The. Hell. Are you still doing here? I was taking a very peaceful nap until YOU showed up!" she yelled angrily, before laying her eyes on Yakumura Tomoe, Chizu's sister, she fell silent. Without another word she disappeared back into the dusty room.

"Who spit in her bean cured?" Kotaro muttered wiping away the blood from his head. With an exhausted sigh Tomoe stepped away from the duo.

"Why don't the both of you go on ahead, I have to talk with Chikage."

"Hmmm? Us, alone?" Kotaro asked.

"Your too stupid to try anything." Tomoe said pointedly.

Then why did you have to beat me? TT_TT Kotaro cried.

"That was dog training." Tomoe said to him with a gleam in her eyes.

"Wha-Now you can read minds!? That's it Chiz-ahem Yakamura-san let's split!" Kotaro said not wanting to ignite Tomoe's anger any more.

"Ah, h-hai!" Chizu answered chasing after him. Still in a very confused state. They both of them walked in silence for some time until they reached the front of the school again.

"There is a nice shaddy spot there, under those trees." Kotaro pointed out a group of benches encircling a fountain with multiple Sakura trees surrounding them.

"Sugoi! It must be beautiful in the spring!" Chizu exclaimed happily.

"Yeah. It's a nice sight to see...I missed it some times." Kotaro agreed silently sadness in his eyes.

Chizu sat down on the slightly warmed wooden bench leaning back and relaxing, her caramel colored hair spread behind her. "Ikeda-kun and Onee-chan seemed to know the girl I had met in the room..." Chizu trailed off.

"Yes, I'm sorry we all got into our own conversations, it must have confused you. I suppose I should start from the beginning. But first tell me your reason behind wanting to get the team back together."

"Well, I was about 12 when Onee-chan came to this High school, for as long as I can remember she was in love with soccer, she practiced until her body broke down. When she entered she became the captain of the girl soccer team and won even more competitions. I was captivated by her, the way the whole team struggled together, it..was..magical. But on the day that they decided to disband, you could really see how it affected her. The first time I saw her play I had made a promise to myself that I would some day play on that feild with her. But when..I finally got here..."

"I understand. When I had heard the news a few days before returning it was crushing. But I promised that I wanted to play again. I came to visit the room back at the gym when I saw you confronted Chikage about it. I don't want to give up either." Kotaro closed his eyes and smiled brightly, letting the sent of grass fill his senses.

"Yosh! Chizu-chan I'm going to support you in every possible way, some of the old team hasn't graduated yet. The girls team can be handled by..." Kotaro paused "Well, I think Tomoe can handle that part." He finished nodding.

"Before we get a fresh start, I know you where wondering who you met. Her name is Kuronuma Chikage, she is..." Kotaro inhaled forming the right words "A type of ghost member." He explained. "But I wouldn't worry over her personality problems too much she isn't the social type."

Satisfied Chizu just shrugged it off and stood up. Stretching she began to ramble "Well we should probably begin from scratch, talk to an adviser, posters, oh and approvement from the student council, Gathering the old members, but they might not come willingly-"

"Chizu-chan, slow down it's only been the first day, we can start on all of this tommorw, Ok?"


"Promise. Now let's wait for your sister by the gates she should be out soon."

"Ok." Chizu hummed happy with her easy progress.

(mean while)

"Yareyare, Chika you didn't need to be so rude." Tomoe whined leaning on an old desk in the storage room where the club room was situated.

"Shouldn't you pay attention to that sister of yours?" Chikage answered.

"She isn't a pet." Tomoe replied flatly. "What did she come here for anyways?"

"To reform the club." Chikage replied disinterested.

"What? Really? I mean I thought she was disappointed but I didn't know she wanted to play here so badly."


"HEY! That's mean Chika-chan." Tomoe whined.

"I thought I told you not to call me that?"

"Oooh? Must have slipped my mind." Tomoe said mischievously

"Ah, must have slipped out from your head with all that hot air the other 100 times as well. Don't worry I understand." Chikage nodded.

"I really don't think I want to be hearing that from an antisocial." Tomoe replied keeping a casual voice as they insulted each other.

Chikage gave a heavy sigh as she moved over to Tomoe, leaning on the other side of the small desk. "Sō nē, Why did your sister have to be so straightforward and demanding." Chikage complained, upset.

"Hmm I thought you only talked for a few seconds." Tomoe said suddenly interested in the ends of her hair.

"Yeah, but she had that same stupid look in her eyes as you did back then." Chikage replied looking at the ceiling.

"Must be a family trait." Tomoe stated seriously.

"Don't give stupid answers" Chikage said leaning on Tomoe's back.

"You know your cute when your like this." Tomow said leaning closer

"I hate you." Chikage said quietly resting her head on Tomoe's shoulder.

"I know." Tomoe answered smiling to herself. She loved this side of Chikage, the side only she could see.

Ok I know that this is confusing but this came to me a few days ago and I couldn't resist, hopefully the plot will come together more in the future. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.