LLS: Chapter 2

With a large yawn Chikage reluctantly woke up and crawled out from her warm bed.

"Miss, please get ready you are running late." A young women said politely from the doorway of her room.

"What did I tell you about that 'Miss this' My lady' that, I have a name." Chikage complained stretching her back.

"With all do respect M'lady allow me to point out your responsibility as the eldest daughter of the Kuronuma Satakishi household that your Father Exzander x Gladius, and the men before that with the honored name, worked for generations-"

"To uphold the family name so that in all lifetime it is respected and everlasting. I know already." Chikage mocked the history as she got dressed.

"Ahem, Yes and as one of the servers of the household the traditions and hierarchy will be upheld." The women finished slightly irritated.

"You don't need to do this every morning you know." Chikage muttered to herself as she slipped on a clean white shirt over her head. Then she reached over to grab her white cargo pants, before finishing with am orange sleeveless jacket. She had multiple pairs of this outfit each in different colors. As she was a very simple person.

"As I was just saying why won't you respect yourself in an orderly fashion." The women half yelled referring to her plain outfit and un-hemmed, ripped pants.

"Aaaaah, Come on Akko! Stop already, my pants are fine, just ripped, they look exactly like they did when I bought them! You know I hate trashy looking things! So what's the problem."

"Problem? Oh I don't know maybe your untamed hair and casual dressing when you are supposed to go to school that has a respectable uniform. Maybe the daughter of this family shouldn't dress in your shabby clothing. And- argh! Will you put on some shoes!" Akko said nearly pulling her hair out.

"It is too early in the morning for this." Chikage sighed moving towards the doorway.

"It's nine o'clock."

"So? what's your point?"

Akko defeated, just said weakly "Please just get in the car."

"Hai, hai," Chikage waved a hand at her heading down out of her room, to leave the estate for school. "Ittekimasu!" Chikage called to no one in particular as she skipped down the large stair case lined with gold. With a small jog she headed out of the heavy oak doors to the car.

"Itterrashai!" she heard the many replies from the different servers, and cooks as she left.

Out front was a large black Mercedes, her personal car as every member of the household had one. The day was hot but it had a cooling breeze. She blinked in the bright sun climbing into the black car, cooled perfectly for her. Her necklace swung on her neck as she childishly lounging across the back seat.

"Hello there Miss, all set?" The driver said looking back at her through his mirror. This was the same driver that had been assigned to her since she was younger. He was bald with a small mustache, and very kind. Chikage really liked him.

"Yeah~" Chikage replied with a long yawn sitting cross legged on the seat. She really wasn't a morning person.

"Ttaku, Onee-chan You didn't need to wait for me." an exasperated Chizu pouted as they ran out for the school day.

"I wanted to go to school with you since I couldn't on your first day!" Tomoe replied.

"It's fine! But we'll be late." Chizu continued

"Well, It doesn't matter much it's only eight forty." The school they attended was private and mostly Rich kids attended. To accommodate them, or more specifically one of them, School began at eight thirty ended at four including long lunch breaks(only for the second and third years, the first years sadly we'rent so lucky.). It's more like lounging then going to school. But it was top ranked because of how hard it is to pass the entrance exams. So most don't need to study that hard because if you got in then chances are your good to go.

"EXACTLY!" Chizu said frustrated. "I can't believe you sometimes! Aren't you part of the student council?" Chizu scolded

"G-G-Gomen ne. " Tomoe replied intimidated at how strict her sister could be. I think Chikage is having a bad influence on me. She thought as they rushed.

When They had finally arrived at the rather extravagant school gate it was almost nine, Tomoe spotted a black vehicle out of the corner of her eye, with a smile she decided to wait for the car to catch up.

"Ah, we finally made it, Chi-chan you better get going, You don't want to make a bad impression on your first day of full classes." Tomoe said in a sing song voice as she forcibly pushed Chizu toward the school.

"O-Onee-chan, wait-"

"It's fine, fine, I'll see you later, Ja ne~" Tomoe said before dashing off.

"Onee-chan!" Chizu called after her. Frustrated by being left there, she huffed and stomped into the school.

Chikage practically fell out of the car when they had arrived. She lay on the ground looking up at the azure sky.

"Still can't get up?" Chikage squinted as she looked at the figure standing over her.

"hmmmnn Tomoe~" Chikage whined.

"Come on, I know for a fact how much energy you really have." Tomoe replied. With a pout Chikage stared up at her with wide puppy dog eyes. "OK Fine, C'mon." Tomoe said picking her up. Chikage was lifted to her feet without any effort on her part and leaned onto the car, as her friend talked to her driver.

"Yo, Mr.D, must be a pain to deal with that one everyday." Chikage frowned at this remark.

"HA, No Miss Chikage, is fun to see every day." He replied laughter in his bright eyes. Another reason why Chikage liked him for using her name. "How are you Tomoe-san? Haven't seen you come by anymore."

"Hmmmn, Yeah been here and there. Miss antisocial has been ignoring me." Tomoe said back with a smile.

"Oh really? The miss? Nah can't be." Mr.D said jokingly. Tomoe opened her mouth to say something back before being cut off.

"Can we go now?" Chikage interrupted sharply.

"Haha, yeah, see ya around." Tomoe smirked letting him go back to the house.

"Good day girls." He said tipping his hat before driving off.

Still sulking Chikage began to walk slowly over to the second entrance to the school she used.

"Aw, is someone upset?"

"No." Chikage replied quickly.

"Hmmm, angry that I won't pay attention to you?"

"I said no." Chikage replied feeling a small blush come over her face.

"AHA, see, awww your so cute, don't worry you know I wuv you~" Tomoe said hugging her from behind making her blush even more.

"S-stop. Let me go!" Chikage said scowling.

"No, I don't wanna~" Tomoe whined resting her head on Chikage's shoulder.

"Che, if you don-" Chikage was about to shot back, when they heard someone coming. Immediately breaking apart, Chikage began to walk down the path ahead, before a perky girl showed up from the opposite side.

"Pres! I've been looking for you everywhere." The girl said.

"My apologies I was running a bit late. Did you complete all of the club forms I asked you to?" Tomoe replied, switching quickly back to her serious self.

"Mmm Yes, But..."

"Don't worry about that one. Fill it out anyway." Tomoe ordered.

"H-Hai!" The girl said bowing slightly, before running off to do as she was told. Stiffly Tomoe watched her go before giving out a sigh. She then moved down the path again, meeting up with Chikage who had been waiting by the door.

"Student Council?" Chikage said knowingly.

"ah, yeah." Tomoe replied leaning back against the school building."I suddenly feel very tired."

"Come on, You have to keep up the Yakamura-sama attitude. Miss Student Council President, and Captain of the Soccer team." Chikage said playfully, tilting her head towards her.

"Now you know that last one isn't true." Tomoe said back with a roll of her eyes.

"Haha, on paper yes." Chikage chuckled. "Everyone knows that you are the captain that's what makes you captain, but they don't know what is written on the team records." She finished a slight bitterness to her voice.

"Argh, this is stupid." Tomoe complained. Stretching she linked arms with Chikage. "Come on, let's go."

"Let me go." Chikage said as they walked through the doors.

"hmmmm no, I don' wanna!." Tomoe replied as the door slammed behind them.

Chizu had made it to her classroom just in enough time. Feeling exhausted she slumped in her seat. It was lunch time already and the room was in a buzz. Starving she quickly took out her bento but before she could dig in she felt a presence behind her.

"Yakamura-san right?" A tall girl with long blonde hair came up to her.

"um ah Yes?" Chizu replied looking up a bit disappointed.

Analyzing her the girl chuckled, and finally spoke"So it's really true your not like your sister at all."

"So I've been told." Chizu replied laughing nervously.

"Well that hardly matters, My name is Mari." She said holding out a hand.

"Mari...?" Chizu left off taking her hand.

"hmnhn, just Mari." The girl replied.

"O-Ok, I'm Yakamura, Chizu, it's nice to meet you."

"Yes I know, you're very cute. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." Mari said with a beautiful smile.

"Ah, Yes." Chizu agreed in a trance, this girl was beautiful, why would she be talking to me?

"Rumor has it that you're putting the soccer club back together." Mari said sitting on the desk beside Chizu. "Is that true?"

"Huh?" how did they know already?

"Some first year overheard your conversation with Ikeda senpai. And well rumors tend to travel quickly around here. It's almost like a large political social circle, this school."

"O-Oh, ah, is that so? Haha, I just really wanted to play that's all." Chizu said scratching the back of her head.

"Nn, Well, I want to join." Mari stated with a tilt of her head giving Chizu a devilish smile. "I think you'll find , my skills...ah...capable."

"W-well, we haven't gotten officially set up or approved for that matter. We actually didn't tell anyone." Chizu said sheepishly.

"But you told your sister."

"Ah yeah." Chizu said confused.

"You do know that Yakamura-san is the head of the student council." Mari questioned.

"Huh, Nani!?" Chizu jumped up startled by the news. "I mean, I knew she was part of it but the head?"

"Ah, well yeah she is." Mari said uncomfortable with the sudden out burst.

"B-but I've never seen her do any work...not even homework." Chizu said with a haunted look.

"You're kidding? The student council requires a whole lot of time."

"But she hangs around the house doing absolutely nothing, everyday.

"Is she even human?"

"I've been wondering that since the day I was born." Chizu sighed after a pause of silence. "But if she is the head, then we won't have to worry about getting the approval, she probably already took care of it knowing her."

"Yup, looks like things are going rather smoothly for you, kind of strange isn't it?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you have a lot of people helping you already, and it's only the what? Second? Third? day of school. Boys team captain, your sister who happens to be in control of the girls team and student council. You've got it pretty easy."

"I guess...I never thought about it like that before."

"Well...Things probably won't go smoothly for long. You'll most likely receive a lot of heat from the old players and teachers."

"Why do you say that?"

"Hmmm? Well the team, losing and all, is kind of a sensitive subject especially since that was what the school was best known for."

"Yeah..." Chizu had never thought about it that way. The only thing in her mind was to charge ahead, and recreate the team.

"But there is noooo need to worry, after all you have ME on your side and I am just as talented as I am beautiful." Mari finished with a flip of her silky hair.

Did I just recruit a narcissist? Well...I mean she IS beautiful but...ARGH, that's besides the point!

With a large sigh Chizu, for the first time, began to form a solid plan. "I guess we should go slow and steady so we don't tick anyone off. Tomorrow would be the best day to start. Mari-chan, would you tag along during lunch and after school to try and recruit old and new members?"

"Of course!" Mari snorted in response.

"Ah...alrighty then." Chizu ended as their next class began, but then she realized soon that she didn't have her lunch. She sat quietly through her classes in tears.

"Oi, oi, oi, Why didn't you tell me you were coming back!" A boy with spiky hair questioned sitting across from Kotaro.

"Hmmm, why didn't you come to me right away about the game Shouta?"

"W-W-well, ya see, ah...sorry." Shouta stumbled the words out, his shoulders sagging. With guilt written all over his face he looked at the floor ashamed.

"I left MY team in your very capable hands, but it fell apart. Why?" Kotaro continued bearing down on him.

He did not reply.

"Give me an answer Shouta." Kotaro hissed.

"I wasn't...I couldn't handle it okay! They all jeered at us, threw trash in our faces. We lost two of our best players! There was no hope! Our feet felt like they had weights on them. It was just...the drive.."

"Wasn't there." Kotaro finished for him.

Shouta looked at him hoplessley. "When everyone heard you had gotten sick, they abandoned us, they all said that we were bound to fail without you."

"Whose they?"

"The School! Our classmates!" Shouta yelled attracting attention.

"What do they know? What do they matter? All that matters is the team! The people that you are leading out there on the field! They will rely on you for guidance. " Kotaro matched with the same intensity.

"What was I supposed to do!" Shouta yelled weakly.

"Win!" Kotaro said the word loud and strong shaking Shouta up.

At that Shouta's grey eyes widened and he fell silent, the answer was so simple. But did he really have that kind of strength to lead? No of course not, it always belonged to Kotaro, that's why he became captain so easily in his first year. The team belonged to Ikeda. Shouta looked up when he felt a weight on his shoulder. Kotaro's hand grabbed him tightly.

"Don't give up so easily, I'm not angry or ashamed of you. Come on Shouta, join me and lets fight to the top again together!"

At that Shouta gave a weak smile obviously defeated. "Hai, hai, whatever you say oh great leader." He mocked standing up ready. With this they were close to finally getting a real team, it was a good start. But it was only a start.

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