Along the coast, there was a tall cliff.
Wildflowers grew plentifully on the flat, grassy top.
It was here, just before dawn,
that a young woman dressed in pink stood.
She was tall with long, auburn hair
that cascaded down her waist
and was braided and tied with a magenta ribbon.

She had a basket with her.
She reached down and plucked a flower,
and then she placed it gently in the basket.
This place was a place of memories for this woman.
It was the place where she had met him,
and it was the place where she had said farewell to him.
He said that he would return.

So, everyday she came here to pick flowers.
She hoped he would come,
but she would accept it if he did not.
She had her memories.
She was satisfied with them.
Then, she straightened herself and turned around.

As the sun rose over the field,
a tall figure appeared out of the sun.
He was walking slowly towards her.
When he reached her, they simply stared into each others eyes.
Then, they embraced and the sun embraced them both.