On a day where the skies are bluer then you've ever seen it before. On a day when you thought everything and everyone was on your side. On a day when even God himself, was looking up on you. On a day when your life couldn't get any better. On a day when the word itself was looking to you as your equal. On this day, It happened….

"So everything that makes me whole, ima kimi ni sasageyo…I'm yours~" The character was listening to this song, as the opening of Guilty Crown came on. This character knew he had about a minute and a half before the show actually started, so he decided to take a break from his laptop before starting. He sat up and stretched from his chair, smirked and said, "Here we go,"

Around the same time, a girl was sitting down on a chair. Her skinny fingers and hands bound to the back, with just a little cloth, her plump lips of youth were covered up by duct tape. Her sky blue layered hair must have been intriguing to some. "Are you willing to tell me now?" said a voice that was cold, but capable of kindness.

"Mmph! Muph!" her body shaking in fear as she said made these sounds.

"Good girl," he said stroking her hair. "I knew that you would open up to me sometime," he approached and went to peel of the tape. In an instant, he peeled off the tape. Her lips were dry from the lack of water, and started bleeding right away. His fingered wiped the blood on her lips so that the blood became similar to lipstick on her lips.

Dead grey eyes looked at the floor. They slowly lifted to meet his face. Her blood red lips, on her petite and attractive face, opened slowly, as her lips curled into a mocking smile and said, "You expect me to tell you? Why," she took a dramatic pause, "I would take it to the grave!" She gave a smile.

A slap silenced the air. Her face was unseen by him now, since her face was positioned on the right. He then said angrily, "Don't you dare take advantage of me! You are only a child! In the end of the day, you are a worthless soul!"