The Devil and the Angel

On a day when the snow was falling like feathers, I had met them. Sitting on the front door step, closing my eyes, I was inhaling the cold, brisk, dry air.

"Luna!" someone called. I sighed in annoyance. "What do you want Daniel?" I replied in a cool, cold voice.

Daniel approached and said, "New neighbours have moved in. My mom said that I should give them the welcoming present she prepared for them. Wanna come?"

"Speaking of which, Luna. The welcome gift is ready. Go, help yourself to the basket," my Mother said as she appeared out of nowhere. Mother has been at home for years, and seemed to make the best welcome food baskets. "Hello Daniel, thank you for inviting Luna to come too. Would you like some tarts? I have strawberry and chocolate flavoured tarts,"

I sighed in annoyance once again. "Of course Mother, Daniel would love some." Daniel was starting to drool so I just had to answer for him.

Daniel then started to blush and then answered, "Yes, please."

As Mother handed the tarts for him to eat, I was brimming with impatience. "Since you are enjoying your tart so much Daniel, I will go first...unless you eat faster," once I had finished my sentence, he was already stuffing his face in the tart.

"Okay then, let's go!" he said as he was chewing the last bits in his mouth.

After we walked out of my house, I has noticed there was some tart filling close to Daniel's mouth. So I said, "Daniel, you have some tart filling left on your face. Would you like me, to help you, remove the tart filling?"

"Yeah, sure. Do you have a handkerchief?" he asked while his face had turned a bright red colour.

"Nope, but I do have my mouth," I said as I reached over and licked the tart filling off his face. "Mmm...tasty,"

Daniel then turned a brighter shade of red and said, "You didn't have to do that!"

I then gave a mischievous smile and started running to the neighbour's house.

As I approached the front door, Daniel was still behind me. I waited and when he caught up to me he was still breathing heavily. "One of these days..." he said with a fist and a determined face. I smiled once again mischievously and knocked on the door.

After loud footsteps and someone saying, "One minute!" The door finally opened and revealed a young, handsome boy, about the same age as us (13). While his features were breath taking, something about this dark as midnight hair, and pale blue eyes, made him look as if he was someone different then what he really looked as. His aura was also quite creepy.

"Hello, my name is Luna, I live down the street. My Mother has made a welcome basket for you." I greeted and then bowed after he took it.

As I bowed, another boy appeared in the front door. He looked the same yet different from the guy before him. With blond hair and kind blue eyes, I had a feeling I would like him better.

"Hey, my name is Sebastian. This is my twin Christian," said the boy with dark hair. "If you are going to Georgiono Academy, see you there," he said with a cold voice as he slammed the door.

"Shoot!" I thought. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and then remembered that Daniel was there.

Someone then opened the door once again. It was Christian.

"Sorry about that. Sebastian has a problem with cute girls," he said with a smile.

After a while, I still didn't give him the blush he wanted, and responded, "Well then, see you at school, Christian-or shall I say, player," I then stick my tongue out, turn to leave and wave from behind. "Hurry up Daniel!"

In the background, I could hear someone say, "Shut up Christian!" and all I could do was smile.

"As Mrs. Robinson said, no injustices shall be preformed. I, as the student consul president, will make sure that your time here at Highbrook will be most enjoyable. Thank you," I stepped down the podium with a confident smile, but inside, I could feel the urge to ditch this mass mess. How I became this "President" I have no idea. I guess I was pretty, smart, and "Perfect". But no, I'm not, I have a devilish side.

"Thank you Luna. Please congratulate Luna for her last year at Highbrook," and applause was given. "And let me introduce our new Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Student Consul.