Chapter 1

"Ready...3, 2, 1, JUMP!" I thought. "Goodbye world." I whispered under my breath. I could feel the wind rushing through the side of my body. I could feel there was no ground, that I was in the air, floating. Thump It felt as if someone had caught me. Someone saved me, but who in the world would do that? I open my eyes slowly. At first, my vision blurred. As it got clearer, I saw it was a cute boy with chestnut hair, jade green eyes, and the most beautiful high cheekbones I have ever seen. Trust me, I have seen a lot of pretty people and only this person made me in awe because of their high cheekbones.

"Are you okay? Don't step too close to the edge next time," he said with surprisingly a large amount of concern in his voice.

"I'm fine," I responded with not a drop of emotion. Since he catched me like a princess being carried, I eased off his lap, stood up and walked away slowly. In the corner of my eye, I could see he was concerned and said, "Wait..."

"What. Do. You. Want." I said after I spun around, putting my hands on my hips.

"My name is Alex. Why in the world would you try to kill yourself?" he asked as he got up, brushed the dirt off his pants, and took a step closer.

"It's. None. Of. Your. Business." I snapped as I spun around and staked off. In the corner of my eye, I could see he sighed, put his hand in his hair, and whispered something under his breath. Then he walked into the archery house. I then walked back to my classroom, collecting my bag. As usual, nobody was there. They were all at clubs, getting credits along the way. I was alone. I got used to it. Ever since I was a child, nobody cared about me. Not my parents. Not my classmates. You expect that my family should care about me, except if they were child abusers. My parents are not child abusers; they just...favour one child over another in this case. The favourite child in the house is my twin Leo. Leo is a super famous model and they are always "concerned" about him.

I was once a model, until I quit. The only thing my parents were concerned about was if Leo would do the same. He never did. The reason I quit is because they would only use me, like a tissue being used, and then thrown away. Leo was famous, I was not. Leo was loved by my parents, I was not. I could name a million things my brother was and I was not. He had the same auburn hair as me, high cheekbones and the longest eyelashes ever. I was blessed with icy cold blue eyes, while he had kind blue eyes that sparkle like lakes. As soon as I quit, Leo and I pulled away. I don't blame him, but he never seems to understand what I'm feeling right now. We barely talk, even if we do talk, at all.

Leo didn't go to school, but by my classmates many crushes, he was quite a popular guy at Abbott Academy for the gifted (basically for rich brats). Because of my brother's pay check, I go to this school. I was smart, but never joined any school competitions. Trust me, those who are talented in my school are recognized. I was talented, but never joined in any clubs. The only reason I didn't even try to use my talents are because I don't want to let them use me, at all. Using me was one of the reasons I stayed away from people. If they come and ask me if I am related to Leo, I roll my eyes; give them my death stare until they understand why I like to be left alone. In my whole life, the only thing I want is for my parents to care about me, even if it lasts for 5 seconds. But it has never happened and it has already reached my 14th year of life.

Chapter 2

As I walked into our house after school, everything was the same as usual. Dad was chopping some carrots (making dinner), and Mom was yelling at Leo for not having a good boyfriend pose (practising modeling). I said my usual greeting," Salutations everyone!" Nobody even flinched. I sighed, and started walking to my room. As I passed by the living room, in which Mom was making Leo do strange poses. I stopped and stared for a bit. It was kind of funny. Seconds later, Leo noticed, and walked over to me, ignoring Mom's cry to come back and start posing again.

He then said, as he turned to Mom, "Jeez Mom, modeling isn't everything ya know. I gotta spend some time with my twin sometime right?" Mom had paled and her lips quivered. It was silent for a few more seconds, and then he turned to me and said, "How are you doing Sis? Well that doesn't matter because you know it's our birthday this month right? Our parents have..."

Riiiinnng Mom picked up. She then had a couple of words. Then she smiled, and then hanged up. "Leo, Pixie is waiting right now. Today you will have a photo shoot with...Justin Biebier." She said cried happily.

As if it was all planed out, Leo and I rolled our eyes at the same time. " Sorry Lani, I have to go," He said apologetically.

I smiled if nothing happened then walked to my room. Not surprised at all, I saw a cardboard box sitting on my doorstep (of my room). I walked over and checked for a note. As I predicted, there was a piece of paper on top, it read:

Since the ball is coming up, please wear this. I know you are going Goth, so I chose this one. Hope you like it.


Ps: If you would like to model again, come visit us. You know where I am.

"What ball?" I thought. "Maybe it was the thing Leo was trying to tell me about," I shrugged and attempted to open the box. The box was a gift from Leo's company, urging me to come back. It usually contained clothes, accessories, etc. I have a big walk-in closet, so I don't worry about having too much clothes. Every year, they would invite me in the studio to measure all my sizes. As I moved the tissue out of the way, I was amazed. The dress they have given me was a black and white, lacy, Victorian knee height dress. It came with a pair of Victorian knee height boots that matched my dress, nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and a picture of what my hair should look like, etc. But my favourite part was the Goth hat with fish nets that would go on the side of my head, topping off the outfit. I was in awe. If Pixie was here, I would hug and kiss her right away. After I put the contents away, I took a shower and then went straight to my homework, waiting for Leo and my parents to come home.

Chapter 3

When they got home, I was already waiting for them in the living room. Mom noticed that, and stood right there, waiting for my first move. As I waited for them, I could tell from what Leo and Pixie said, my parents were holding a ball at the end of the month, possibly Leo and I's birthday ball. "I'm not stupid you know." I said in a very pissed voice.

"What do you mean, Lani?"Mom asked if she didn't know anything at all.

"You guys are holding a ball, at the end of the month, for me and Leo, intended for our birthday." I said simply. "But you planned it all for Leo, correct? If I was there, I would ruin his image, right?"

Mom had paled, her lips had started to quiver, and her face had turned bright red. She then said, "I was about to tell you, but it was not final yet, and then Leo decided to spill It." giving Leo a death squint.

Leo nodded and said, "Lani deserved to know, am I wrong?"

"It would be a shame to ruin our relationship, so Lani, invite some friends to the ball. End of discussion." Mom said as she walked away, briskly.

Chapter 4

As I surfed the net, looking for book recommendations, I heard: Knock, Knock "Come in," I said as I turned my rolly chair 180 degrees.

Leo opened the door and said, "Hey Sis." He went right over, grabbed my hand and pulled me into a waltz. He then said, "Still remember how to waltz?"

I laughed rolled my eyes, and said, "Duh, do you expect me to forget, after all that training?"

"At that time, you seem to despise it. So..."he paused. "How are you doing? Our relationship is not as good as it was before, so I have to ask." He said.

"I'm fine. Thanks for telling me about the ball." I said.

"No probs. You're the only twin I have." He said as he grinned. "Oh, do you have a dress yet?"

"Uh huh, I'll show you." I said, getting up from my chair, walking to my closet. "Come on in, it might be a bit messy." I said. My closet was actually really clean. There was a mannequin at the back, where I put my dress and the accessories.

"Wow, I can't wait for you to see you in It." he said softly. We then stood there for a couple of minutes, being silent. At last he said, "It's getting late, so I will take my leave Lani." He then walked over and kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door.

Chapter 5

Time pasted by quickly, and it was soon the night of the ball. I wore the dress and everything Pixie included. I then stepped out of my room, and headed to the door. As I passed by the living room, where Leo, and parents were. Leo was wearing a tux with his hair tucked back. I stood there for a very long time. When they finally looked at me, they dropped their mouths, all except Leo. He was also the first one to respond. "You look lovely, Lani." He said, giving me a smile.

I then curtsied, and said, "Do I look like I have model material?"

My mom responded, "Yes of course, daughter. " She was wearing a purple floor length dress, with a very reviling back, and a nice pair of diamond earrings with silver stilettos.

Dad said, "I think you still look like a model Lani." He was wearing a tux and a wig and looked a bit uncomfortable.

I curtsied again and said, "Shall we get going, I would hate to miss the first waltz." They nodded. I then thought, "This was a night to remember."

Chapter 6

The ball was over quickly. I received a lot of presents, but got the things I didn't want. Everyone barely knew me, but a lot of guys asked me to dance. It was getting a little a irritating, so I went to a corner and huddled there. Then as the second last song started, I began to go back.

Then, to my surprise, someone behind me said, "So we meet again. Shall we dance?" he said as he grabbed my hands, not letting me responded. His hands were cold.

I turned to face the stranger and looked up. My eyes went wide. I felt my cheeks go cold. Under the mask, I could see his skin was pale, very pale. It was Alex. "Who invited you here?" I demanded as he made a face like he was amused.

"I did." said my brother as he approached us. "I see you met Alex, Lani." He said as he smiled.

"Yes I have." I responded, giving Alex a death stare.

"Would it be okay if I barrow your sister for a waltz?" Alex asked, ignoring my death stare.

"Of, course, anything for you, my friend." Leo said, smiling, as if he didn't notice my death stare at all.

"You know Alex?" I said. It felt as if someone stabbed me.

"Yes, his sister if a fellow model." He answered. "Now, if you would please excuse me." He said as his cheeks flushed red, and bowed then walked away.

It was then; Alex and I started to waltz. Alex then said, "Leo said you used to be a model. You're too pretty to quit without a good reason, am I right?" He said then blushed.

"Thank you for the compliment...but why do you care?" I snapped.

"Hey, I'm just trying to stop someone from trying to kill themselves." He said with a voice of concern.

"Thanks." I said with no emotion.

"Why do you want to kill yourself?" he asked softly.

In the background, I could hear the song was reaching its end. "Phone" I commanded. He put his hand in his pocket, and pulled out his phone, hesitantly. I then inserted my info and then whispered in his ear, "Text me." I curtsied and then glided away.

Chapter 7

After taking a shower, my phone went off. Wearing my Chanel nightgown, and my hair put in a braid, I picked up and said, "Lo?"

"So are you going to tell me now?" Alex said with a hint of humour in his voice. I smirked. "That's a no, am I wrong?" he said. Then I heard: Knock Knock Knock.

"Don't talk or breathe, just listen."I whispered, press the speakerphone button, and then yelled, "Come In!" The door creaked open slowly, and in came Leo, in his pyjamas. I gave a little giggle because Leo looked kind of manly in them, and trust me; Leo is not manly at all.

As I giggled, he rolled his eyes and muttered, "Don't mind the appearance."

"How can I not? Your pyjamas are far from who you are." I given, holding back more giggles. In the background, I could hear Alex trying to hold back his laughs.

"What am I then?" he said, suddenly changing his tone.

I ignored his sudden change of tone and inquired, "What are you doing here tonight Leo? You are not going to tell me about the ball because that's way over. Unless you're here to talk about Alex?" I assumed, as I heard Alex's line turn quiet.

"Um...yeah. I just want to say that he's a great guy. I did some shoots with his Sister. She's quite cute," as he mentioned Alex's sister, I was amused to see his high cheekbones go red.

I put my lips together, and inquired, "Ooooooh, Leo has a crush on Alex's sister." I was well aware that Alex was listening in the background.

Leo's face softened and pleaded, "Don't tell Alex! Please! I'll do anything Lani! Swear!"

I gave a mischievous smile, and pointed out, "I don't need anything, and I don't intend to tell anyone, but I don't know if you will keep it yourself. " I paused and continued, "It's getting late, and it's time to hit the beds."

Thankfully, he did not argue, and started to excuse himself. He kissed my forehead and said, "Then I will take my leave."

As he closed the door, Alex said quietly, "Why didn't he tell me? I thought we were best friends."

"The best of friends still keep secrets from each other." I pointed out. There was a moment of silence. Then I said, "It's late. We should go to bed."

Alex agreed and said, "Yeah...well...goodnight." and he hung up.

Chapter 8

Alex met me as I approached school the next day; he was awed when he saw me. I was kind of like a fashion icon at school. Even though we had a uniform, I came up with ways to look pretty even with a really ugly uniform. I had a black trench coat on, with white buttons, black leggings under my short skirt, some black riding boots, with a 1 inch heel, and my hair in a black knitted hat. Truthfully, I didn't care what I wore, but I had so many clothes in my closet, so why not wear it?

"Wow, isn't that overkill for school? I mean, you look great, but..." Alex paused and seemed to be too uncomfortable to continue.

Then I saw why. Heads turned, as me and Alex walked by. They started whispering because a lot of guys asked me out but I rejected most of them, plus all the girls hated me, because I was pretty and didn't respect anybody. Then I said, "I'm not dating him!" loud enough for everyone to hear. They then turned away. Once they found out the truth, they would go away, looking for better gossip. "Ignore them." I said.

"Okay. Um... so...um... do you want to meet up after school and um...talk about you know...that..." he asked as I cut him off.

"Alex...whatever your last name is. Are you trying asking me out?" I asked sarcastically. It was only a joke.

"No...Um...why would I?" He said nervously and gave an obviously fake laugh.

"You sure?" I asked. "Cause maybe I won't accept your invitation..." I continued.

"Fine, maybe I was trying to ask you out. Still, can you come? I want to know more about you." He answered, blushing at the same time.

"I'll think about it." I said and gave a mischievous smile. I entered class, gave a small wave and turned my attention back to my teacher.

Chapter 9

By the end of the day, I was still debating if I should go to "meet up". Then I decided to meet Alex, for what he has done for me. Saving me from suicide, I guess that's the least I could do.