The Honeymoon

I led Brit to the limo waiting outside the church, the ceremony had been nice, but I have to admit that I hadn't been paying much attention. I had been to busy being infatuated with the beautiful woman who stood next to me, the woman who was now my wife.

Her soft hand was in mine as I waited for her to say goodbye to all our friends and relatives that had come. Once she was inside the limo I gave my friends brief hugs and slid in after her. I'd barely shut the door before her arms were around me and her head was resting on my chest, "I love you." She murmured.

I hugged her back and kissed her head, "I love you too." I felt her smile before she nuzzled her face against my breasts, "Hey." I protested weakly. She looked up at me with big innocent doe eyes, "Wait till we get to the mountains."

She sighed and straightened, I admired her body and let out a low whistle of appreciation. She looked up at me with a smirk on her face, "I'm going to close the divider okay Carly." She called up to the driver.

Carly looked in the rearview mirror and laughed, "Try not to be too loud."

Brit flushed and pushed the button to raise the divider. I smirked to myself and took the street clothes that we had packed out of the bag at my feet and placed them next to me on the seat. "Are we changing now?" I said sliding the tux jacket off my shoulders, "Or do you want to wait?"

She looked up from her bag and smiled mischievously, "Go ahead and change now. I'll have Carly stop by the apartment after we get to the airport." I smiled and started undoing the buttons of the vest, after sliding that off my shoulders I looked over at her and caught an eyeful of flash.

"Britni." I growled blinking the lights out of my eyes, "What are you doing?" I rubbed my eyes and glared at her, "And I thought your camera was in your suitcase."

She smiled innocently at me, "I wanted to be able to take pictures at the airport so I put it in my carry-on baggage. And when you started taking off your clothes I figured I might as well get some practice." She was staring at the seat looking really cute. My immediate reaction was to forgive her but I knew she would just keep taking pictures.

"Give me the camera." I said calmly, sliding over to her with my hand open. She clutched the camera to her chest and shook her head. I scowled at her and grabbed for it. She turned her body and pushed it into her open bag.

"No." she said with a pout before turning back to face me and pushing her hands against my chest.

I sighed and ran my had through my hair, her hands slid down my torso to my hips and I realized just what position we were in. Her back was pushed up against the door and her legs were spread to accommodate my hips between them. All the blood in my body heated up a bazillion degrees and I almost let out a moan right there. Stopping myself I pushed away from her back to my side of the car shaking my head to get rid of the erotic images that were clouding it. "Sorry babe." I whispered breathlessly.

I heard her sliding over to me and felt her hand resting on my thigh, "Don't be sorry." She whispered in my ear causing shivers to run down my back. I looked over at her and cupped her face in my palm before leaning in to kiss her.

Her lips parted readily and I moaned quietly, turning my body towards her and pushing her back so that she was lying on the seat. Her legs parted again and I rested my body between them. My lips trailed over her chin to her ear, which I nibbled, causing her to moan gently. "Lindsey." She whispered. I lifted my body from hers thinking that I was hurting her. Her hands gripped my back, and opened her eyes, "Where do you think you're going?" she huffed before starting to undo my shirt.

I giggled and held myself up while she undressed me, "I thought I was hurting you." I whispered. She scoffed at me and impatiently tugged on one of the buttons. I grabbed her wrists, "Brit wait." I said quietly. I looked over at the divider, "What about Carly, I'm pretty sure she can hear us."

"Don't worry about me," Carly's voice drifted through the divider, "You guys sound really hot." I laughed and rose off of Brit, her face was cherry red and I almost felt bad for her.

I helped her sit up and leaned in to whisper into her ear, "Just wait." She shivered slightly and looked into my eyes pleading. I kissed her, and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. "Just wait."

The rest of the ride was tense, when we got to the airport Carly was smirking as she helped unload the bags. I punched her shoulder and then gave her a hug, "Nothing happened." I said with a meaningful look.

She laughed and shook her head, "Just remember, you're driving my wife and I when we get married." I groaned with mock horror and gave her another hug before rushing off to catch up with my bride.

Getting our tickets and going through customs was a breeze, it only look 30 minutes to be situated in our seats on the plane, first class for a little more privacy. I was standing near Brit's seat before the plane took off I leaned down to give her a kiss when one of the stewardesses walked by, "Oops sorry." She said blushing before ducking back behind the curtain.

I chuckled and looked down at Brit, "We just can't catch a break can we?" she smiled and reached up to cup my cheek.

"I guess not." She said with a sigh before pulling me down for one last kiss. The flight to the mountains was uneventful, Brit stayed awake to take pictures out of the plain window, I slept most of the way there. Once we landed and got out luggage back through customs we got into the rental car and drove up to our little mountain hide-away.

"Here we are." I said as I turned the car off. It was a tiny cottage surrounded by trees on all sides, all of which were covered in snow. I looked over to her and leaned in for a kiss. "I bet I can get there first." I whispered the challenge.

She smiled at me and then turned quickly out the door and ran up the steps before I could even get a leg out of the car. "I win." She called down to me. I smiled and tossed the keys at her.

"I'll get the bags." She smiled and went into the house. I smiled at myself imagining her face when she saw what was inside. Some of my buddies had come up here earlier that day and set out the table with a single rose in the center and spread petals up the hall to the master bedroom which had a note on the pillow directing her to look in the closet and change into what was hanging there. My body flooded with heat imagining her getting into the lingerie that I had picked out.

I hurried to get the rest of the bags and get up to the cottage. Once inside the door I placed the bags on the floor and shut the door. I jogged down the hall to the bedroom and opened the door quietly. She was holding the sheer silk nightie up to her body as if trying to decide whether or not to put it on. "I see you found it." I said startling her.

She smiled at me self-consciously, "Do you really want me to wear this?" I smiled and nodded.

I walked towards her and trailed my fingers down the soft material of the nightie and stared into her eyes while slowly licking my lips. "Fuck yeah." With that I turned and headed for the door, "Dinner is in 10 minutes, so hurry up." I shut the door after walking out and leaned heavily against it. It had taken all I my will power not to throw her on the bed and just fuck her were she landed.

I went to the kitchen and got the food out of the oven. After putting it on the table I sat down and closed my eyes, willing myself not to get up and go to her. I heard walking coming from down the hall and I opened my eyes and moaned quietly to myself. The nightie hugger her body and was barely think enough to block her body from my view. She came over and sat down in the seat across from me, "So what's for dinner?"

I just stared at her, practically drooling. She smirked at me and I forced my brain to function, "Fettuccini Alfredo." I said gruffly. I picked her plate up and served her and then dished the food onto my own plate. After a quick prayer I dug into the meal trying to be civilized but speedy. I'd finished my food before she was half way done with hers. "Sorry babe, I'm gonna go change." I kissed her head and walked to the bedroom. I got my outfit out of the bathroom drawer and stripped all my clothes off. I had decided to go with a purple baby doll top and some black boy shorts. After changing I went back to the front room and did a little twirl. "Do you like it?"

Her eyes were as big around as the plate she was eating off of. She suddenly smiled and winked at me, "It'll look better on our floor." I took her hand and started leading her to the bedroom stopping every once in awhile to pin her against the wall and kiss her.

As soon as we made it to the room I pushed her on to the bed and climbed on top. Her hands grabbed my back and hips trying to pull me into her, our lips trailed all over each others faces and necks biting, kisses, sucking, and licking each others skin. I reached down and started to pull her nightie off, impatient to get to her skin. She let me go and help get the wretched thin off. As soon as her pale naked skin was laid bare before me I stopped moving and just drank in the sight. Then my mouth was all over her. I kissed her collarbone and her breast and her stomach, her thighs and her calves and her ankles. Then I went back up this time nibbling the sensitive skin, her hands were grabbing my hair and my shoulder trying to drag me back up her body. Her mouth was letting loose frustrated whimpers and husky moans. "Lindsey." She gasped when I kissed her clit.

I flicked my tongue against the sensitive bulb and then delved my tongue deeper into her folds drinking in the juices that flowed out of her weeping lips. Her hands were in my hair and loud moans were coming out of her mouth. Her thighs were shaking; I started to suck on her clit and gently pushed my fingers into her crotch. She moaned desperately and I moaned back, delighting in the sound of her pleasure. I started pumping my fingers faster into her and flicked my tongue against her clit again. My fingers pounded harder and faster till I was rocking her body with the force of it. Her screams grew louder and high until she was almost screaming, I inserted a third finger and used my thumb to play with her clit. "Lindsey!" she moaned loudly before clutching my back and wrapping her legs around my waist, "Please harder." She gasped.

I chuckled to myself and started fingering her faster, her neck and back arched into me and she came with a scream. I slowed my fingers gradually and rose to my knees above her. "Was that as good for you as it was for me." I whispered with a smirk. She smiled lazily at me before pushing my chest and flipping me over. Her lips trailed down my body focusing on my breast, her hot mouth covered my nipple and I moaned. Her teeth bit gently on to the areola, my hips rocked forward and I moaned again, "Britni." She looked up at me, her mouth still sucking my nipple as her hand groped the other breast. "Please." I whimpered.

Her hand trailed down my body and played with the sensitive folds. I squeezed my eyes shut and rocked my hips harder into her hand. "Please what?" she whispered into my skin as she nuzzled my breast.

I moaned and whimpered, "Please fuck me." She smiled at me and kissed my breasts once more before plunging her fingers inside of me. A startled moan leapt from my throat, and my hands grabbed her back and hair pulling her into me. "Oh gosh." I moaned. Her fingers pumped into me harder and faster and my vision blurred in lust. I kept whisper "Oh god." Over and over again, trying to keep my self from Cumming instantly. Her thumb stroked my clit and I couldn't contain it anymore. I gripped her back and arched into her moaning and feeling the muscles in my crotch clinch her fingers harder. "Oh Britni." I moaned loudly.

I lay on my back panting, my vision blurry with a contented smile on my face. "I love you." I whispered.

She smiled at me and laid down next to me. "I Love you too."