Mid-day in the end of July, I'm in a forest with my friends. We're off to see the wise man Jenkins. Holly has a strange curious stone to show him. The trees have grown close and tall so the forest is cool despite the time. Everything is shadowed and dark, giving the place a magical feeling. The trees swish with a strong breeze, the branches scratch against one another as if they're whispering. I wonder at the secrets they share, if only I could speak to them.

I come across a curios sight, there is a tree that is different then all the others. I stop our group and we crowd around the strange tree. It's leaves are a vibrant red and the bark is a luscious gold. But that's not the only oddity, it's shape suggests it was once a woman, frozen in a pose of longing. We stare at the tree for but a moment before my friends get bored. Then off they go laughing and shouting with youthful joy.

As I left to walk down the path, a small bear steps into my path. It's a cute little thing with dark honey brown fur and big brown eyes. I reach into my pack and take out some of the berries I had packed for lunch and offer them to the little guy. He comes forward and unabashedly eats them from my palm. His whiskers tickle and I giggle out loud, after finishing the berries his rough tongue slides all over my fingers to lick up the rest of the sticky juice.

I stand up and continue down the path. The bear follows eagerly after me and we come across a pond. The waters are extremely clear and when I dip my hand in they are a cool temperature perfect for drinking. I cup my hands and take the water to my lips. The drink is refreshes my body and puts a smile to my lips. I look over at the bear, which I've decided to call Pongo, and see him staring intently into the pond as if waiting for something.

I stand up ready to move on from the pond. Pongo comes with me and we walk for a ways before coming upon a large hedge. It's at least six feet tall and too thick to see through. I walk along it for several minutes but can't seem to find any way through or around it.

I stop and stare frustrated at the barrier when I hear Pongo make a noise. He's breaking branches from the hedge and creating a small opening to the other side. I follow him through to the other side is a beautiful house with a large yard. There's a lovely girl sitting on the porch swinging on the porch seat. I go to her and swing along while Pongo plays in the yard chasing butterflies.