"Charlie…." my name was called from behind me. "Charlie stop running." The voice was closer more urgent. My knees were weakening; losing balance, I felt my legs fail me. I could hear the thudding footsteps behind me; I could almost feel the gasping breath on my neck. Suddenly a driving force pounded into my back, tackling into the soft grass. I kept my face down into the earth. "Charles turn and look at me." Her voice was commanding, but that's not why I couldn't resist, I couldn't resist because it was Her.

"I would," I said still facing the ground, "but your smashing me down." Her weight lifted slightly off of my back.

"If you try to bolt, Charlie, I will catch you again." I sighed she had read my mind. I turned onto my back but kept my eyes closed. If I could just not look at her I could hide my feelings for a few seconds more. "Open your eyes." I shook my head. Her weight, which had shifted when I rolled over, between my thighs was distracting enough, if I saw her flushed face all my good intentions would be shot to heck. "Fine," she said in her 'I'm going to make you do what I want voice' her weight shifted slightly, "I'm just going to have to tickle you then." My eyes immediately opened. She couldn't touch me now, not with her smell invading my head.

She smiled when my eyes focused on her face, and that was almost the end. I clenched the grass at my side, digging into the cold dirt, "Now then was that so bad?" even her mocking voice was hard to resist. I nodded my head and she gave me her 'stop being ridiculous' look. "Really?" I just shook my head again. "Hmmmmm," she looked down at me and gently rubbed herself against me. A groan escaped my mouth and mu hips bucked without my permission. She smiled an impishly happy smile, "Thought so." She stated. My cheeks burned. "And here I thought you had forgotten about Wednesday night." My cheeks flushed even harder. She chuckled, "Charlie" she said in a questioning voice; I looked up into her golden- flecked eyes, "its normal for people to feel," she paused looking for the correct word, "hungry." Her voice lowered and got husky in that one word, and I knew I wasn't the only 'hungry' one in this equation.

I looked into her eyes, "Are you hungry?" I asked her. Her breath caught and her weight pressed fully against me. She took her glasses off and then licked her lips. A groan forced its way through my lips.

"Starving." Was her short reply, and then her lips lowered to my face. I panicked, my hands grabbed her hips and then I used my legs to flip us over so she was on her back and I was on top. She laughed and I glared, "If you wanted to control our play Charlie, all you had to do was ask." I smirked. That's exactly what I wanted. I looked into her eyes and slowly lowered my lips to her throat.

"Hun," I asked her, "do you want me to bite you very hard or very soft?" without waiting for answer, I bit slowly down on the soft skin between her neck and shoulder. She gasped and her hands grabbed my hips as she undulated her hips against mine. "Did you like that?" she groaned again and tried to pull my face to hers. "Aah, aah, aaaah…" I said, "Not happening, if we kiss you'll take control just like you always do."

"I won't this time," she almost whimpered. I raised my head and looked at her face. She looked back, I raised an eyebrow and she grinned, "Okay that was a lie." I shook my head.

"You know I have to punish you now." She shook her head no. "Yes Hun, I do." She shook her head again; I lowered my body slowly positioning myself so that I was right over her breasts. "How should I punish you?" I lowered my mouth to one breast and closed my mouth over the area I guessed her nipple to be.

"Charlie!" she gasped and I guessed that I had been correct in my assumption. I squeezed my jaw a little tighter and released. She bucked and gasped my name again.

"I'm guessing you like that." She whimpered and nodded her head. "Good" I said, "seeing as I'm going to do it again." She whimpered louder but I just moved to the next breast. "3,2,1." I counted down before I bit down again. Her entire body convulsed and shuddered, my name rang from her lips and I smiled to myself. I had made her orgasm in record time. She was always so easy.

She clamed down and her breath evened out, her eyes opened halfway and she looked at me "Your turn." I bolted. This time when she ran after me she wouldn't catch me as quickly, "Charlie." She called in her 'come hither' voice. I kept running forcing myself not to fall for her ploy, "Please?" her plea was so heart rendering that I stopped. I turned toward her, "Charlie, please don't run…" Her big puppy dog eyes, such a soft golden brown, twisted my will into submission. She had me wrapped around her long graceful fingers and she knew it.

My shoulders slumped and I sighed explosively. "Fine." The single word changed her whole demeanor; she went from being pleading and sad, to ecstatic and just a tad smug. Her hand rose from her side and she curled a long finger at me. My feet moved by themselves. Her smile broadened again, I felt myself smile and quicken my steps in anticipation. I stood above her and she looked up at me.

"Kneel down," I kneeled, "now hands on the ground." I got on all fours; my hands were positioned on either side of her face. My heart was pounding with excitement. She reached up and wrapped her hands around my neck; she slowly raised herself until her face was directly under mine. The only thing keeping us from collapsing was my shaking arms. "Are you hungry Charlie?" she turned my question against me, so I turned her answer against her.


Her mouth moved closer and closer to mine, "Would you like me to feed you?" This was a question I wasn't prepared for. I open my mouth slightly to answer, but apparently all she wanted was an open mouth; for immediately after opening her mouth sealed over my mouth, and her tongue slid softly over mine. Her tongue pushed and played with my own for a few seconds before I had to break the connection. My breath gasped from my lungs but she just move to a different part of my body. Her lips and teeth slowly nibbled their way down my neck to my shoulder, first biting punishingly then licking soothingly.

My arms shook fiercely, if this tirade of sensual torture continued I wouldn't be able to last much longer. She must have sensed my distress because she stopped the slow torture of her mouth against my neck and looked into my eyes, "Charlie," her voice was husky, sexy and soft with passion, "I'm going to lower myself down and release your neck. Don't try to run away." She said the last part as if I actually had the will to move. As she moved to carry out what she said my arms slowly relaxed, but also got weaker. Her hands pushed against my stomach leaning me on to my side. She giggled and I looked at her questioningly, "Roll over." I got the joke and complied by rolling on to my back. "Good girl," She got up on to her knees above me, "now play sexy." I paused for a second deciding what I wanted to do. My mouth quirk in an involuntary grin when I finally decided; my hands slowly rose to her lower inner thighs softly rubbing upwards and outwards. They went over her hips to her thin waste, and then up under her arms to the sides of her breasts following the natural curves of her body. She shuddered and I guessed that I was doing a good job.

I left my hands positioned so that with my right one I could feel her heart thrumming beneath my fingertips. I squeezed gently and her heart stuttered, "Is this right?" I asked my voice surprisingly husky.

She trembled again, "Oh yeah." Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me for a few moments she then glared at me jokingly and said, "Hey now I'm supposed to be making you tremble." I smiled my, what she called, impish smile. She grabbed my hands and forced them above my head. She then worked her knee in between my thighs and proceeded to rub back and forth against my crotch. My hips bucked and I shamelessly rubbed myself against her leg.

Clasping my hands in one of hers she used her other hand to slowly trace my torso, once, twice, and then on the third time her hand slipped under my shirt

I groaned, the pressure was building in my crotch and I wanted release. She caught the cue and her hand went under my pant's waistline and her fingers pushed inside me. They twirled around my clit and then pumped inside my core. I groaned and convulsed but needed to come, "More," the shaky whisper slipped through my lips. She smirked and lowered her head down to my throat.

"Your wish is my command." She raised her hands out of my pants to unzip them and jerk them far enough so that she could move my panties out of the way and like me. My control stood, barely, but then she used her fingers that pump into me while she licked my clit.

"Darlin' stop." I moaned. She didn't, instead she just took more of me inside her mouth and sucked harder, "I'm about to come." I almost cried. Her eyes looked up at me and her lips sucked harder, as if to say 'Well come then, what are you waiting for.' I couldn't help it, I exploded and the orgasm rocked through me, making my vision go white. When I could see again I looked down at her and she looked up at me.

"You taste good." I laughed at her and pulled her up into my arms. "I'm tired." The comment was annunciated with a big yawn. She laid her head on my shoulder and promptly went to sleep. I smiled at her unconscious face and lay my head down comfortably on the grass and followed her lead, drifting slowly to sleep.