Episode Ten

I walked through the door of our apartment and set my stuff on the table, "Britni," I called digging through my backpack looking for my notebook, "kitten, where are you?" I heard rushing footsteps and turned just in time to be tackled.

"Finally." She muttered under her breath. "Hey I wanted to show you something," she whispered frantically.

I looked down into her eyes, seeing a slight impishness, "What do you want to show me?" I asked wearily.

A smirk spread across her face and my knees turned to jell-o, "You'll find out, just close your eyes." I huffed grumpily, "Come on baby, close your eyes." I sighed and closed my eyes scowling unhappily. Her hands grabbed my waist, turned me around and pressed her hips up against my ass, a low moan vibrated in her throat. "Fuck baby."

I smiled my eyes still closed, "Sounds good to me." I said while pushing back against her hips. Her hands traveled up my back making me moan and shiver and then up over my shoulders and down my arms, placing my hands shoulder length apart on the table, pressing her body fully against mine.

"Stay still." She whispered breathily against my ear, making my eyelids flutter, one of her hands left my arm and fiddled with something in her pocket. I heard chain clink and my eyes shot open.

I pushed back against the table, "What's that?" her hands wrapped around my wrist pinning me to the table, "Are those hand cuffs?" I asked surprised by the sight of them.

She didn't say anything; instead she opened one cuff and closed it loosely around my wrist, "Close your eyes and come with me." She said in a voice that brooked no arguments. My eyes closed and I relaxed against her body, "Good." She said pulling my arm and leading me through the house to what felt like the bedroom, "Don't open your eyes till I tell you to." I smiled a little at the commanding tone and stood where she left me.

"What are you doing?" I asked with a little tremble in my voice as the butterflies in my stomach sped to an alarming rate, I could hear her moving in the room shifting things around. "Brit come on, talk to me." I heard her stop shuffling and start walking towards me, my heart raced in anticipation of her touch, I could feel her stop in front of me and just wait. "Baby," I moaned leaning forward.

Her hands touched my stomach and went up to the top of my shirt unbuttoning as they went. After my shirt was completely undone she pulled it off my shoulders and around the cuff. I stood in front of her in my black lace bra and black jeans waiting. "You're so beautiful," she whispered to herself. My body flushed embarrassed, my mouth opened to tell her 'No.' but her lips covering my own and her tongue sliding between my lips stopped me. I brought my hands up to grab her belt loops and she broke off abruptly, "You're not allowed to talk." Her voice was rough with excitement; I was finding it harder and harder to keep my eyes closed.

"Okay," I whispered smugly.

Her hands grabbed my hips roughly and spun me around pushing my body against the dresser and forcing me to bend over. "I said no talking." She said before swatting my ass with a single stinging motion. My eyes flew open and I gasped staring at her in the mirror. She was smirking and looking me in the eye, she positioned herself behind me and ground her hip against my butt. My eyes rolled back slightly with pleasure, and a soft moan escaped my lips.

She pulled me up off the dresser and walked me over to the bed. She stopped right in front of it and unbuttoned my pants pulling them off my legs going down on her knees facing me in the process. She looked up into my eyes as she hooked her fingers under the waistband of my boy-shorts underwear and pulled those off too. After that she just looked at me, her eyes trailing up and down my body before focusing on my crotch, she licked her lips before staring up into my eyes again. Her tongue trailed over her lips and she leaned forward to flick it against my clit.

My eyes opened wide and a loud gasp escaped from my throat as my fingers twisted themselves into her hair. "No, no." she chuckled grabbing my wrists and pushing them behind my back and cuffing them together. I whimpered with need and looked at her trying to beg without words. She was smirking and staring at my pussy with carnal desire. Her face went forward and buried itself between my legs and my vision went blurry with pleasure and my mouth opened with a loud moan of ecstasy. My body shook with pleasure as her tongue and lips licked and toyed with my clit.

Seconds passed before the waves of ecstasy emanating from my core started becoming to hard to withstand and an orgasm rocked my body almost toppling me over but for Brit's hands grabbing my hips keeping my body upright and pressed intimately against her. She gave my clit one last lick, causing bright spots to flash before my eyes, before she stood up and smiled happily at me. "Good?" I moaned and tried to glare at her with frustration but my body was still getting over the orgasm so I don't think it worked.

She laughed and walked behind me taking her own clothes off as I watched. My pulse quickened at the sight of her skin, and my mouth watered when she took her bra off and threw it across the room to land on the bookshelf. She took a little key off the bedside table and unlocked the cuff around one of my wrists, and walked back in front of me. "Well I have to say that was a lot of fun." She said with a giant smirk and made me think of all sorts of dirty things that I wanted her to do to me and that I wanted to do to her. "But I'm not quite done." She said with a sigh. The remorse in her voice not matching the impish glee in her eyes and smile. She lifted the mattress off the bed and pulled at the cuff bending me over so that she could run the cuffs under the boards of the bed and back up through to cuff my hands together with me bent over. The chain length of the cuffs left enough room for the mattress to settle back on the boards and for me to be at a comfortable angle.

She stood straight with a small groan and walked behind me, "Fuck." She whispered, "You are so damn sexy baby." I shook my head in disagreement and earned my self another stinging smack that shocked a gasp out of my mouth.

"Uh!" I breathed with indignation, she walked around so that I could see her and smiled charmingly at me.

"Oh I'm sorry dear." She lied through her teeth with both her eyebrows raised, "Did that hurt." I just glared in response and she smirked at me. She moved back behind me and I heard her going through drawers, I tried to crane my neck around so I could watch her but I couldn't get a good enough angle to see her completely. I gave up and started jerking on the cuffs, fiddling with the clasp to see if they were like to toy ones that had a little latch that I could pull to release myself. They didn't. I heard her walk up behind me and felt cold rubber prod my thigh.

My head jerked up and I craned my neck to look at her with shocked eyes. "For this part you're allowed to talk." She said, her face slack with lust as she stared at my bent form. I could see the strap on clearly and my mouth went dry with anticipation.

"Britni.." I whispered, "what, what are you doing?"

She smiled down at me, and said "You know for someone who is so smart and eloquent for most of the time, you sure can be quite oblivious and simple worded sometimes." Her fingers trailed down my back making me shiver and moan with pleasure. They kept going lower till they were on my ass, then down my thigh, then between my legs till she probed the sensitive flesh there. "I'm going to fuck you senseless." She stated simply before pushing her fingers into my body and pumping quickly.

"Oh," I cried out with pleasure as her strokes got faster and deeper and pleasure started building up in my stomach and my eyes squeezed shut. "Yes." I whimpered my vaginal muscles clenching around her fingers as my body rocked back and forth with the force of her pumping. Colors shot across the lids of my closed eyes, bright yellows and blues, as the pleasure became more and more overwhelming until I could fight against it any longer and my entire body spasmed with release.

"Fuck." She groaned as her fingers slid out of my vagina and I whimpered with need. Before my body was even done with the orgasm she took the dick of the strap on and pushed it between my wet lips. My eyes opened and I moaned loudly as it filled me much fuller then her fingers had. She started the vibrating part of the tool, and started thrusting before my body could become completely accustomed to the dick filling me.

"Ah, fuck, yes!" I half moaned as her thrusts started off at an immediate fast and hard pace. Her hands on my hips pulled my willing body against her hips with more force then just her pounding could accomplish and I had to hold on to the mattress to keep myself from falling forward.

I could hear her grunting and whimpering with pleasure, whether from the sight of my body being fucked by her, or from the vibrating against her clit I couldn't tell and I didn't care. Her sounds were a stimulus all to themselves and I felt myself reaching my peak again and with a couple quick thrusts I came with a scream and I had to fight to keep myself standing. I didn't have to fight long before she came as well with a loud moan and relaxed her body against mine almost pushing me forward. Her lips kissed and sucked on the skin of my back and I could feel soft tears tracking down my face because of all of the overwhelming emotions. "Oh God, baby." She whispered against my skin, sucking on my spine.

Dizziness washed over my and I collapsed on the bed with a moan. The strap on slid out of me leaving me feeling empty yet satisfied. Brit walked over to the bedside table and picked up the cuff keys to release me from the restraints. "That was amazing," I whispered up at her, my eyelids heavy with pleasure. She smiled down at me pushing the strap on off before falling into bed with me.

"Yea." She moaned into my skin. I curled into her body and let myself relax and melt into her form. She chuckled to her self and I 'hmm-ed' at her questioningly. "I love it when you melt into me," she half whispered, "and I love tiring you out enough for after sex snuggles." I giggled tiredly and snuggled closer to her.

"Goodnight kitten." I muttered.

"Goodnight beautiful." She whispered back.