The pure evil' revenge

The great awakening


"This world will pay for trapping me in a deep sleep for about a few million years"said an evil being.

"and this time the world will bow before me and my army of inpures, and no one can stop me this time, not even the hero of the source of ultimate good or I'm not the Pure Evil".

After he said that he pointed at something" but just to be safe this will track the hero by his powers whether they are dormant or they are active".

When the piece turned on it started to track something, but what was it. I would soon find out.

"Plus I have the pure elementals under my control" he said as five beings stepped forward.

They looked like they were fire, stone, water, wind, and ice.

"Now" he said"let fire burn, stone trap, water flood, wind to lift, and ice will freeze. Now not even the pure good can stop me now or her little champion the one they called a hero".