The pure evil' revenge

The great awakening

Chapter 12 the pure stone

We went to the first cavern.

"This stinks" I said.

"It is better than the smell of sulfur that helped destroy my training grounds" the Elf of Power said.

" Sorry, I didn't have control over myself" the Pure Fire said.

We finally found the entrance to the second cavern.

This strangely was the deepest chamber.

"Wait, what is that sound?" I asked.

Suddenly rocks started falling from the ceiling on top of each other and formed a body.

"I am Pure Stone" the pile of boulders said.

"Pure Evil, its best you leave now or fight".

We had to choose to fight but it had to be the same as the last battle against a Pure Being only I could battle the Pure Stone.

Then I got a new power.

This time it gave me equal strength to the Pure Stone.

I quickly won.

Then an evil cloud came out of the Pure Stone and dissolved.

"How did I get here?" the Pure Stone asked"Brother what am I doing here?" The Pure fire said "Don't ask me.

The same thing happened to me.

"Let's go"I said"two down and three to go, but where is the Pure Evil"?

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