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Standing in front of you: Book 2

An Unseen Crescent City novel:

Willa Fate Field


Real magic is not pulling rabbits out of a hat, or picking a card out of the stack. Real love is not buying a lot of stuff for the one you trying to .woo. Real magic is a miracle on a snowy day. Real love is willing to everything in your power to make them happy, even if it means letting them go. Only you have the power to make magic and love in the real everyday world. It is in your hands…..

-Author Unknown




Masks, everyone wears one once in their lives. You never know who's wearing one, who's hiding something from you under it. You can't trust anyone, knowing this.

And that's what I'm facing, someone that is afraid to let people in, afraid to love, because she was hurt in the worst way by the most important people in a girl's life. She turned away everyone in fear, including the man that loves her no matter what, fearing he is wearing a mask over the face he reveals to the world.

The most important people destroyed her heart, and made it almost impossible for her to trust. Her love and life is shattered, can I fix something so broken? Or is it impossible? Will she keep up this wall to protect her heart and end up breaking the heart of the man that adores her?

No. I will show her, and everyone, that love can heal. Love can chase away the demons. Faith is not false.

Not everyone wears a mask, not everyone hides a dark secret underneath a smiling face, and not everyone is evil and untrustworthy. There are people that would rather die than hurt her, would die if they betrayed her trust. But she pushes them away. Unwillingly or not, she pushes them as far away from her as possible, to protect them and to keep them safe.

But little does she know; they're protecting her, staying in the shadows. They're stubborn when it comes to her and they are not going away, leaving her to fight this battle on her own. They are there to stay, nothing can drive them away.

Masks, secrets, and a new love will open the beautiful girl's eyes. And recreate a fairy tale that she thought was only on the pages of a children's book. At a school that should only exist inside of a fantasy novel.

This will be interesting…..I have a lot of work ahead of me.



Shake it out


You are a freak!

I am ashamed of you, why can't you be normal?

You can't do anything right!

No one wants to be your friend!


These are things that sixteen-year-old Madisyn Sawyer hears on a daily base from her parents, the only people she wanted to please, but that was impossible. Nothing she does is good enough for them.

She gets straight A's and they want straight A pluses, she sings great and they want amazing, she doesn't get into trouble and they think that she is a demon. All because she is in a wheelchair, she can't be perfect in her parents' eyes no matter what she does. Yes, Mattie isn't perfect, and she knows it.


She now was sitting at a table in the Del Norte High School's lunchroom, picking at her salad and thinking of the things in her life, and kept her eyes down when a small hand came on the girl's shoulder. Mattie lifted her eyes to the face, and her jaw dropped.

"A-A-Avery, hello." She stammered, her Irish accent shining through, and her cheeks flushed. Avery giggled, smiling her famous smile as her hand went back to her lap.

"Hey Mattie, I noticed that you're all alone and was wondering if you wanted to join us?"

The red head tucked her hair behind her ear, biting her lip as her eyes looked over the beautiful blonde's shoulder at the table by the stage, holding a laughing group of teenagers. But, she knew that the group was not just a normal group of teenagers. They were the other most popular click in the school. The Angel princess of the school wanted her to join them?


"C'mon, we don't bite." The older teen winked, still smiling that almost irresistible smile and cocked her head towards the table.

The red head chewed on her lip harder, not sure how to answer. Her parents wouldn't like it, but they weren't here and probably wouldn't find out. Was she brave enough to take that risk, though? If they did find out, words won't probably be the only thing she had to worry about. Madisyn knew that because she was there before.

Tears burned in her eyes as the past returned to her mind and she had to swallow hard to get rid of the big thump in her throat before giving the blonde her answer.

"Maybe tomorrow, I need to meet with my teacher. I'm sorry."

And before the beautiful blonde young woman could reply, the red headed teen wheeled as fast as she could out of the crowded room, forgetting her uneaten salad on the table. She had to get away before the tears fell and the memories took over.

Once the sun touched her skin, Mattie collapsed into tears, her face buried in her hand, and the memories washed over her:


The kids ran happily around the playground with smiles dancing on their faces as the heated sun beat onto them. But two sat on two different sides of the playground, looking shy and stealing glances.

Should she? Mommy wouldn't mind it if she made friends, that way Mattie would stay out of her way more.

However, she was too afraid to take a risk of angering her parents; her fear rooted her to the place she was parked. She wished she could go up to the boy staring back at the small girl, but her shyness and her fear of her parents made Mattie freeze and that made her heart hurt.

The little beauty wanted to be friends with the nameless boy, but she couldn't make her arms move and her mouth speak.

Thankfully, the boy took the first step; he smiled shyly as he walked slowly and carefully towards her, as if he was scared that she would bolt if he went too fast. She probably would if she could move.

"Hey there, I'm Eddie—Well, Edward, but that's only when I'm a bad boy." He stated as he grins the grin that the little Irish girl would grow to crave.

"I-I-I'm Madisyn but y-y-you can c-call me Mattie." She managed to stutter out, blushing at her accent. Eddie giggled and sat down on the breach next to Mattie's chair.

"Pretty name, Mattie, but can I call May?"

"M-m-may?" She questioned, looking at him blankly. Why would he want to call her May?

"Yeah, May suits you: it's sweet, cute, and short." He laughed when Mattie pouted and crossed her arms over her chest.

"I'm not short, you ballbeg." And she sighed, knowing that was bad to say, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's a bad name." She lowered her head, feeling bad but a laugh brought her head back up.

"Nah, don't be. I'm sorry for calling you short, but I think it's cute on you." That gained him the smile, the one that will in the not-so-distant future melt him right into a puddle of goo.

"Ok, Eddie."

From that day, the two seven-year-olds were close. They formed a bond that is the strongest in history, but Mattie's parents didn't like how happy the little blue-eyed boy had made their daughter and wanted it to end.

Poor little Mattie took a terrible beating and heard some things that a small child should not hear, but she didn't stop seeing her best friend, she didn't care what Ailill and Ciara Sawyer did to her, she wanted to be with him. But one night, her father grabbed her by her hair, pinning her to the wall. Mattie cried out and clawed at his hands but he only tightened his grip and growled at her as the tears ran down her red cheeks:

"Yer listen here, you little wrench, if you don't stop seeing that ballbeg. I'll kill him." Ailill threatened, not caring that he was speaking to a seven-year-old. She bit her lip to keep from crying more, but the tears came anyway.

"Yes sir….." Mattie whispered only loud enough for the hot-tempered man to hear.

He smirked harshly, dropping her like trash, and started to walk towards the door. Before shutting her in her small plain bedroom, he shouted over his shoulder:

"And when you are home, you are to clean the house and cook before you do your homework from now, understood?"

"Yes sir."

"Also you aren't allowed to wear anything but old dresses from now on; you don't need to impress anyone because all you will be is a freak." With that, Madisyn was alone. Left to cry in the dark.

Next the day, she tearfully said goodbye to Edward Xawer, though he made it hard on her she had to for him, and begun her role as the maid of the Sawyer household. For nine years, she is verbally and emotionally abused by the only people that should love her more than anything but instead treated her like their slave, with no one to turn to.

She was hoping that she would have a friend and for a while she had. She knew what she was missing, and that hurt more than any beating.

However, as the nine years passed slowly for the blooming rose, her best friend grew into a handsome young man:

He learnt of his family's line and his power. He knows the destiny lied for him and the red headed girl from his past, and Eddie will do anything for her to see him, to see her smile at him again.


The bell rang out, shocking her back to the present, and she quickly wiped her tears away as Mattie made her way back inside to grab her book from her locker. She looked up at the blue sky, feeling the tears still burning behind her eyes and before she knew it, the sound of her singing filled the air:


And all of the ghouls come out to play,

And every demon wants his pound of flesh,

But I like to keep some things to myself

I like to keep my issues drawn,

It's always darkest before the dawn.

She hummed the next line, smiling to herself, and finally realizing how much this song relates to her life. She wheeled to Mr. Hull's algebra II class, silently singing the chorus before going into the last class of her day, the last of her freedom of the day. After, she would be a slave to her parents and homework once more.

Shake it out (x4),

Shake it out (x4),

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back,

So shake him…..

Off, oh whoa.

She sighed and, with one more glace up at the now cloudy sky, the red head disappeared into the classroom.