Standing in front of You


You say it's easier,

Alone and disturbed,

You said yes and danced before


Two years and half had since she let in her friends, and you know what? She has been happier than she had ever been, truly happy. She was free finally, and she wanted the past to stay in the past, she knew that the past will always be with her but she knew she wasn't who she was now, Mattie is a new person with the past in her mind but not in the bad light:

Her parents say that the past is the past, you cannot change it but you can learn from your past, and she learned that sometimes there's evil in the world, you need to be the good change in the world to get the evil out of the place we live. We need to be the good guys and be the change, that's why she is studying to be a SVU lawyer. She knew the evil and she wants to be one of ones that put evil people where they belong. And her past gave that dream.

She smiled as she moved to the water's edge, wanting to watch the waves as the wind teased her ponytail. However, as she wheeled along the beach's water's edge, Eddie wrapped his arms around her waist and placed the red-head onto his lap, smiling at her lovingly, she giggled and cuddled to him:

"What're you doing?"

"I can't hold my love without a reason?" He said with a pout, causing her to giggle loudly.


Take a breath and listen (listen)

Open up stop wishing (wishing)

All that you've been missing's (missing)

Standing in front of you


"I suppose you can. I wanted to talk to you though, baby. Can we talk, please?" Mattie questioned as she sobered up, Eddie smiled slightly and tilted his head, causing the blonde hair to fall into his eyes:

"Of course, we can. What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, I just wanted to say thank you, Edward. For accepting me for who I am, for seeing me and not my wheelchair and scars. You waited for me for years without fail, you wanted to be with me, and you waited so patiently. You didn't give up on me, you loved me with all of your heart, and I want to thank you for everything." She whispered softly, the tears rolling down her cheeks, the feeling of gratefulness sat in her heart.

Eddie breathed a deep sigh and tucked his finger under her, tenderly pulling her eyes to his eyes:


You sway again,

Feeling good in you,

You start to remember when you didn't have to try,

And the grittier turns to dust


"I love you, Madisyn, more than anything in the world. Even if you were a purple red-eyed alien, I'll love you always and forever. No matter what, I'll be there for you to protect and love you forever with all of my heart. Even if we weren't magical beings and I didn't bonded with you; I would still want to protect you from those monsters and I'd still fell in love with you. Do you know why? Because you're sweet, kind, funny, and all the things that makes you beautiful in and outside. Worthy of true love and happiness, worth to chase, you have to know that. They were meant to die after what they did to you. I love you and that will never stop."

His speech was sealed with his semi-full lips upon hers, fireworks playing behind their closed eyes and the sweet sense of passion pulsing through their veins as their lips danced beautifully.

They pulled apart after a few minutes of loving hugs and kisses, and Eddie leaned his forehead against hers as he smiled softly, wanting to ask the question the blonde young man had been waiting to ask his love:


You can close your eyes, don't worry

I'll be here in the morning.


"Mays, my baby, I know we're young and we'll still in school, but I love you so much. I'll been loving you my entire life and I will love you for all of our existence, that's never going to change. I'll take care of you and our children, and I'll love you more than now. Please do me the honor of becoming my wife and queen?" He questioned, pulling out a violet box of his jeans'.

Mattie gasped as he moved her onto the sandy ground and he onto one knee in front of her, smiling sweetly.

He opened the tiny box, revealing a simple but beautiful ring nuzzled into the lining: the band was lined with sapphires and diamonds, leading to the centennial diamond, the sun bouncing off it. The red head stared at the ring, happy tears spilling over, before shifting her light green eyes to his blue gaze as a wide smile formed on her lip:

"Yes, Edward, I will marry you. I'd be honored to be your wife." She stated softly as she held her hand to him, the tears still rolling down her face.

Eddie grinned happily, slipping the ring onto her ring finger before he swept the red head beauty into his strong arms as he spun them both in circles:


Take a breath and listen (listen)

Open up stop wishing (wishing)

All that you've been missing's (missing)

Standing in front of you


"I love you, May."

"I love you, too."


Author—Third Person—


The blonde smiled at her father as she wheeled into the room, wearing her usual baby blue dress and a ribbon in her hair. She watched the scene that played below before going in to see her father, a smile placed on her lips. Finally, Eddie popped the question, she was so happy for her two best friends.

"Hi papa, what are you doing?" Avery asked when she entered the grand room and she put her school books down on the floor and fully reached the table her father was standing at, looking over papers. Her rings shined in the sunlight as she leaned onto the table, trying to see the papers and her stomach flipped again. Damn this morning sickness, she hoped it'd be over soon.

He finally realized she was there and widely smiled, grabbing a paper off the table.

"Just the girl I wanted to see, I need the C.C.A's help on something."

"Again, huh? Ok, what is it?"

"Not it, baby, who." God grinned wider, causing his daughter feel very wary, who?

"Oh another mate problem? Ok…who's it, this time?" Avery questioned, quirking an eyebrow. The man chuckled as he lifted the paper to her eyes.

It held two names and species, when she read them, Avery gasped loudly, well that's interesting:

"Safen J. Xawer, Fae prince, and Joni Kyo Summers, Dragon prince. I don't mind helping them, they are our friends and I'll love for Kyo-chan to be happy, but why?"

"As I said before, sweetie, for many reasons, baby, but mostly because we are Angel royalty, we must help our people. And you know they can't control the mating, who they love. The Fates are the only ones that have the power over the mating." The Heavenly Lord shifted his violet eyes to the clouds for a moment before returning his gaze back to his daughter.

The young woman smiled at her father, nodding, then returned her blue eyes to the paper.

"We'll help them, papa, don't worry. You need a push, because sometimes the love you were looking for is standing in front of you…"



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