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An angel's fears


I looked around my empty room one more time with a small smile on my lips. This will be the last day we'll be living in Crescent City for a while, and I'm happy that Mattie has a new start at a happy life with Eddie and us. She deserves a chance at happiness, when she was not given it with her parents.

But this feeling of fear won't go away, sitting in my chest like a warning:

It started two days ago, hitting me in the middle of packing. The icy feeling reminded me of the feeling I got whenever Adam or Faith would sneer at me, clueing me in that something bad was about to happen. It worried me, because I knew the war wasn't over, and the Night Creatures were planning something big to ensure their victory. And our win won't happen if we all are prepared, yes we won the battle without Eddie and Mattie, but this is different, we will need all our players to keep evil where it belonged. But could I tell her everything now? Especially when she haven't gotten to adjust to life without pain?

I sighed deeply and wheeled to the window, trying to forget the horrible feeling but it kept nagging at me, making me wonder that if waiting is a good idea. If she knew….no this isn't my decision, I should have known that. We'll just have to train more and when the time comes, I'll train May to be the best. Because I know, I know, she will be the best, I know her. She is the strongest person I know, she will win over her inner demons. If Eddie stays with her, I have no doubts in my mind about that fact.

"You look deep in thought, angel-baby." Chase's deep voice filled the small room as his arms rounded my middle, pulling me closer to him, almost standing me up on my panels. I smiled slightly, leaning my head on his shoulder.

"Just thinking."


I sighed again and looked at him with worried-filled eyes:

"The feeling keeps coming back, Angelo. They're coming and they are coming fast, they are planning something huge. What if we're not ready? What if we fail? I am freaking out."

I pulled away from the embrace, turning to the window, my blonde ponytail swayed with the motion. He breathed out a big, deep sigh and rubbed my shoulders soothingly:

"Then we'll practice harder, train them the best we can when its time. But right now, there's nothing else we can do. I feel it too, that's why as soon as we get to Twilight we need to start practicing again and the plan to get Eddie and Mattie beyond the friend zone." I nodded my agreement but apparently he wasn't done: "But now, I want to join my time with you without interruptions, ok? Please babe? No more worrying until we get there."

I smiled widely as I twisted around in my chair to meet his eyes, snaking my arms around his shoulders.

"I promise." I simply said, making Chase smile sweetly as he backed away from me a few steps, digging in his jeans' pocket for something. I looked confused but he didn't see and nervously took my hand, placing a small box and a folded note in my palm:

"What's this?" I asked, finally looking up at him after minutes of just staring at the box. Angelo just smiled shyly, urging me to open the box, or did he want me to read the note before I opened the box? And true to Chase's ways, as if he read my mind:

"Read the note first, please my princess?"

I gripped it tightly for a moment, staring at him, then I obeyed his request; gently unfolding the paper, my heart pumping hard against my chest:

U r my everything,

U can make me feel like I can do anything,

I'll protect you forevermore,

U r my future,

Marry me and make me the happiest man in Heaven and on Earth?

Let me be ur future?

I gasped, reading the words over and over as the tears slowly pooled in my tears. After a few more times reading the little note, I opened the box. Nuzzled in the silky lining was the most beautiful ring: the band was sliver, in the middle were three columns of sapphire with diamonds hugged to either side, he picked an engagement ring with my birthstone. How can I say no to this perfect man, after all he has done to show his love for me? Nope, I can't even think about saying no.

So I just smiled teary as I grabbed the ring and slipped it on. I lifted my hand to the light to see it better. Then, I looked him in his beautiful eyes and simply answered:

"Yes, I will."

He didn't move for what seemed like hours before rushing at me, sweeping me up and laughing like a madman, twirling us around. I couldn't hold it in long after that, I giggled along with him and turned my head, kissing him like nothing before.

And all I can think is:

My future is here, holding me so sweetly…..

All the fear flew away from my heart, love replaced it.


Faith Swew—First Person—


I skipped cheerfully out of North Woods, a restaurant in the outer skirts of Crescent City, as my silky black long hair blew in the wind, after my meeting with Adam about the brilliant new plan, we will win this time for sure. I grinned devilishly. Adam's words played repeatedly in my mind, making me giddy just thinking about it.

That man was the cleverest guy I've met, I was wrong to judge him quickly when we first met, which I wouldn't admit before him. I just might like him more then I think.

I grinned broadly at the thoughts as an engine purred, stopping next to me. I opened the door and climbed into the big Volvo, closing the door. The driver was an ancient demon named Zews, and it was funny really; Zews was more than a father to me than my real father, he raised me to be evil. He threw a small smile over his broad shoulder:

"Good afternoon, Faith. Had good meeting with Mr. Bieber?" He asked me, his voice soft, which made me smile sweetly.

"It was fine, he is smart. Really Adam is truly clever." I stated slowly, as I spoke, my breath fogged the window, the trees flew by fast as we traveled home.

We were quiet on the way, and that was good though, I need the quiet: I wanted to think about things, what things I didn't know, but I had an idea. Two familiar faces popped into my mind; one was Avery Bieber, my opposite, she will pray to be dead by the time I was done with her, I thought with a giggle.

And the other was Adam Bieber with the words of his plan played along with the images, in that moment I smiled a faint smile as I realized that I was falling deep in the hole named Adam, and although I knew this will make things harder, I was already too deep to get out of the hole…

I was falling in love and for the first time, I like that idea.

But I need to focus on the plan if I wanted to win. And I will win. I couldn't wait to get the plan started. This would be fun. I grinned like the checker cat in the story: Alice in Wonderland.